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Rose popularly known as Rose Blogger on TikTok was born and raised in a town called Nakuru in the Rift Valley region of Kenya ( East Africa) She is the eldest of 5 siblings one sister and 3 brothers. Rose lives with her Danish Husband in Greece, and among other things, she is a blogger and an affiliate marketer.

On Tiktok she has two accounts, one that talks about online dating, and another one that talks about affiliate marketing. In recent months Rose has become very popular with Kenyan love-seekers as she guides them through their quest to find love on dating apps.

With her charming smile and intro “Rose here with another online dating tip” Rose has helped many online daters with her tips.

Rose Blogger Has Experienced The Challenges Of Online Dating But She Was Able To Succeed


In 2014 that’s when she met her Danish husband and according to her latest TikTok video, at the time of meeting her husband, she had given up on dating. Rose had just returned to Kenya from the US with a broken heart, and she had no intention of dating again. But her Scandinavian now-husband changed all that, she simply couldn’t resist his Viking charms.

The two tied the knot in Kenya and traveled together to Greece where they currently live.

Rose started a blog giving online dating tips in April of 2018, the blog was called online dating tips with Rose, then in  January of 2021, she purchased and registered the roseblogger.com domain, at that time her intention for the domain was to move her skincare content, and to use the blog as her personal blog, to share personal experiences, but after launching the roseblogger2 on TikTok, she decided to move her online dating tips website to roseblogger.com

Recently Rose Has Faced Criticism For Her Stand  When It Comes To Interracial Dating

On Tiktok, Rose has faced a few challenges, as she tries to convince young Kenyan girls to search for love instead of searching for green cards and money on dating apps. Recently she was accused of all manner of things, but she chooses not to address those accusations directly citing, innocence and wanting a drama-free experience on Tiktok.

But on a few occasions on her TikTok live streams, she has stressed the need to educate people about cyberbullying, and harassment.

The Interracial Online Dating Niche Has Become Very Popular On TikTok, Lately

The online dating/interracial dating niche has become very popular on TikTok among Africans with everyone sharing their own tips in their own styles, this has caused some animosity among creators, with some citing being pioneers of interracial and online dating tips among Africans.

But this niche has always been there and people have been giving tips for a long time, Rose has been giving interracial and online dating tips since 2018 on her blog. What people fail to understand is that Tiktok is a very large platform, and there are many content creators in each niche, also people fail to understand how the platform works and how to read the community guidelines so one doesn’t get into trouble.

Also, the platform just like any other social media platform is full of trolls, cyberbullies, and instigators, people who would formulate lies and start spreading them. When those lies are delivered to someone who is not capable of employing logic or exercising fairness, then things go wrong.

Where It All Started

Just like everyone else, Rose first joined Tiktok during the lockdown in 2019, she didn’t know what she was going to do with her account apart from just watching videos. She decided to post about affiliate marketing and promote her website called letsworkinpjs.com. But somewhere down the line, she started using the account to learn Greek and that’s how one of her videos went viral.

She continued learning Greek on Tiktok and occasionally posted videos about affiliate marketing. In 2021 she started joining live streams where online dating was discussed, and she would give tips, and refer people to her blog. That’s when people asked her if she could create a TikTok account and start giving online dating tips, and in October of 2021 roseblogger2 was born.

So in a nutshell, that’s who Rose blogger is on Tiktok.

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