What Is A Good Introducton On A Dating Site?

When it comes to online dating, a good introduction will determine whether you’ll get a response or not. In today’s article, we will answer this question: What is a good introduction on a dating site? A good introduction should be simple, catchy, and should be polite.  When introducing yourself to someone on a dating app, it’s important not to talk too much about yourself but rather center the introduction around the things you have in common.

Also, you shouldn’t make it too serious, for example, you shouldn’t ask personal questions  for example, about their divorce, their children, or their job, instead be casual and go with their hobbies or pets the things that you have in common that they have shared on their profile. So what is a good introduction on a dating site? in my opinion, It’s the kind that compels one to reply.

What Is A Good Introduction On A Dating Site?


In my opinion including a question or two in the introduction, will compel the person to reply and I think that’s a great ice breaker, When I introduced myself on a dating app, I always made sure to ask a question, and that in most cases got me replies. Another thing that I think is very important is addressing the person by their name, and as I said earlier, mentioning what you have in common based on what you read in their bio. That makes them know that you are not just sending copy-pasted introductions to random people on the dating app.

To be honest, when I was doing online dating, if I got a message that was not addressed to me, as in the person did not use my name or mentioned anything written on my bio, I mostly ignored those types of messages because scammers also tend to send those kinds of messages. So if you don’t want to appear lazy or appear as a scammer, then read people’s bios and include something from their bio.

It also looks respectful that, you actually took the time to find out what they are looking for, not just looking at their cute pictures and contacting them lol.

Sharing A Joke To Introduce Yourself On A Dating App


Unfortunately, some jokes can be misunderstood because different people have different senses of humor. I actually got in trouble once ( sort of) because I used a joke during an introduction, and apparently it wasn’t funny to the person I sent it to. Honestly, when it comes to jokes, especially when you are dealing with people of different cultures and different races, it’s better to steer clear of jokes until you actually get to speak to the person one on one and get a feel of their sense of humor.

Another thing that people get wrong is treating the introduction on a dating app as an interview. As fun as you think your questions are, I don’t think you should make it sound as if you are interviewing your future employee. You don’t even know if the person will be interested in you anyway, so what makes you think that they will answer all your questions?

What Is A Good Introduction On A Dating App? I Will Give You An Example

OK, so this is how I would do it. Lets say his name is Alex, ( my followers on Tiktok always make fun of me for always using Alex I like the name lol) Hi Alex, Hope you are doing well. My name is Rose and I just came across your profile here I must admit it caught my attention.

From there I would talk about his photos and address the fact that I find him attractive, and I would mention one particular picture and ask him where and when it was taken. Then I would move on to things we have in common and ask a question about something. See asking questions will compel him to reply especially if he goes through your profile and likes what he sees.

After that, I would thank him for his time (it’s very important to appreciate people’s time, as they say, time is money) then I would, of course, request him to visit my profile and tell me what he thinks. I would sign off by saying that I look forward to hearing from him soon. I think this would totally work.


Online dating can be challenging especially when you don’t know how to approach someone or how to even begin introducing yourself on a dating app. The trick is to not overthink it, just be yourself, and make it simple, clear, and to the point. Don’t write a long introduction message because they might not read it all, but then don’t make it too short because it would look as if you couldn’t be bothered to put in an effort.

Anyway, I really want to read your comments, I would like to hear how you introduce yourselves on dating apps. Do you think my approach would work or am I fooling myself? lol. Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2023 May you have love, good health, wealth, and everything else you dream of.


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