What Is The Problem With Interracial Dating?

Today we are addressing this question, what is the problem with interracial dating? Well, there are many problems with interracial dating in my opinion, but I think the main problem is the misunderstanding of interracial dating, false expectations, and misinformation. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, interracial dating especially among African women and Caucasian men has become a trend.

What is the problem with interracial dating? Let’s focus on a misunderstanding when it comes to interracial dating. I will focus on African women looking for Caucasian men. The reason why many African women are flooding interracial dating sites in search of white men is that they think that the grass is greener on the other side, if you ask African women why they are looking for Caucasian men, most of them will say things like, white men are more romantic, generous, caring, and they give you what is termed as ”a soft life” meaning the guy will give you the princess treatment.

The Problem With Interracial Dating Is Misinformation


This is misinformation and misunderstanding. Unfortunately, women with this kind of mindset are tough to convince that not all white men are like that, and when I try to talk to them about these issues, I face a lot of resistance. The thing is, after living in Europe for almost 8 years now, I have a different perspective on white people and life in Europe in general.

Now lets take a look at the other side of the coin. White men who flood the dating sites looking for African women to marry are also misinformed, some tend to think that Africa is a backward continent where you will find a woman who knows nothing, a woman who can be ”trained” to be what you want her to be. In other words, it’s like getting a blank piece of paper, and you get to write whatever you want on it.

To be honest, the majority of white people, especially Caucasian Americans, who search for African women to marry, are looking for a woman who is less than, a woman that can be easily manipulated. I always have a problem with men who say that they are looking for African women because African women are homemakers.

In my opinion, these kinds of men are just looking for a maid who is attractive enough to be sleeping with occasionally, I mean lets be real here, some of these men tend to bash their American women claiming oh all American women want is material things, and complain all the time.

What Is The Problem With Interracial Dating? Misunderstanding An African Woman


Actually, I will go a step further and include Black Americans, there is a group of men who are currently trending on social media, they are calling themselves ”passport boys”, these are men who have decided to search for women overseas because apparently, they are tired of ”the BS” from American women.

We are faced with the same problem because these Black Americans are apparently looking for women who are ”cultured” women who will be respectful, will not talk back, or create drama in the household. What happens is this black American man will bring an African woman home and then after a while he will realize that a woman is just a woman, it really boils down to personality because culture doesn’t guarantee you a good woman.

And to be honest, the same culture that you are relying on is the same culture that will frustrate you because the majority of African women are raised to believe that the man should be the provider in the household, provide financially, provide security, provide emotional support, and provide everything.

This Means Your Money Is Her Money, And Her Money Is Her’s


If she gets a job, an African woman will not feel the obligation to provide anything in the household, I mean don’t get me wrong, she might do things but she will not feel like she is required to do so. Most of her money will probably be sent to Africa, to her family back home.

The reason why I mentioned that the same culture you rely on is the same culture that will frustrate you, we as Africans are raised with a family and community mindset, which means we must be helping our families and communities back home, furthermore an African would never feel safe living abroad without owning something back home like a house or a piece of land.

So when the African woman moves to America, she is going to work very hard to buy a house back home, which means you guys are going to have many financial based disagreements. I think it’s crucial that you educate yourself before boarding a plane to go to Africa in search of that woman who has 1950s values with the looks of younger Naomi Campbell.

The World Is Just A Small Village Now, Thanks To the Internet


I actually find it funny that people would get on the internet in search of that backward unexposed African woman. How in the world can you think that she is not exposed if she is on the internet? Like I remember one time I met this American guy on a dating site and yet he was asking me if I know how to compose an email lol. Dude, we are on a dating site.

Let me make things easier for you if you are looking for that traditional unexposed African girl, try the remote villages, but first learn the language because there is a possibility that her English is not very good, don’t get me wrong, because I mentioned something like this in one of my videos and some people were very upset with me.

I am not saying that the village girl is not educated, what I am saying is that with every language practice is the key, so even though she has studied English in school if she doesn’t practice her command of the English language might not be so good.


Interracial dating comes with its own challenges but when there is lots of misinformation and false expectations, then there will be lots of problems. The first thing we need to do is enter into these kinds of relationships for the right reasons. I sometimes ask our African women this question, If relocating to Europe, Canada, or the US was not an issue if money was not a problem, would you still search for these white men, especially the old white men?

Another question I ask them is, are you sure you are attracted to white men, have you interacted with white men in the past? How sure are you that when you finally meet that white man you will feel the sparks, the butterflies, the electricity lol?

We need to search for these white men for the right reasons, honestly, just this morning I just watched a video of a young woman picking up her white boyfriend from the airport and I was shocked to the core. The young woman appears to be in her 20s and the guy, and I am not exaggerating, the guy seemed to be in his 80s.

OK, let me stop there before I piss people off too much lol.

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