Kenyan women being kicked out of dating apps

Reasons Why Kenyan Women Are Being Kicked Out Of Dating Apps

Kenyan women being kicked out of dating apps

Today I would like us to discuss the reasons why Kenyan women are being kicked out of dating apps. Recently a lot of Kenyan women have complained, that their dating profiles are being banned, there is even one woman who has shared that she has been kicked out of 3 dating apps.

To be honest, I spoke about this 2 years ago and I told our Kenyan women that at the rate how things were going then, they will be blacklisted on dating apps, and it is starting to happen now. Kenyans are not even allowed to sign up for some apps for free, they have to buy a prescription.

This Is The Reason Why Kenyan Women Are Being Kicked Out Of Dating Apps

The problem is that there are so many advisers on social media and a naive Kenyan girl who has never dated outside her race or outside her culture, would probably rely on what people who are dating or married to the kind of person she is looking for have to say.

Unfortunately, there is a misleading narrative that is being spread on social media, especially TikTok. Sometimes it makes me wonder, and I think I had asked this question before, do these advisers have the best intentions? The reason I ask this question is that some of the things that these women are telling our young girls don’t make sense.

When you hear someone advising you that you have to demand money from people you meet online, going to the extent of advising women to fake diseases and even accidents to try and scam money from the men They meet on dating apps.

Demanding Money From Men On Dating Apps

Kenyan women being kicked out of dating apps

I don’t know why people think that someone you meet online is obligated to support you financially. In my opinion, building a stable connection with someone is very important, especially during the time when you are only doing things virtually.

The truth of the matter is, a person who is so easy to send money to someone they have never met in person, is a red flag on its own. I mean why would you send your hard-earned cash to a stranger you met online?

In my opinion, someone who is sending you money, especially in the very early stages of your virtual relationship, probably has a hidden agenda, either they are trying to control you financially because they have something to hide, or they are sending you money because they want to do things to you when they come to meet you.

What I mean by saying they want to do things to you when they come to meet you in person, A lot of people who get on dating apps looking for African girls or even Philipina girls, its people who maybe have already planned a holiday to those places so in reality they are going for sex tourism.

If A Man You Met Online Does’t Send You Money, He Does’t Love You

Kenyan women being kicked out of dating apps

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that a lot of Kenyan girls who are dating outside their race and culture rely on tips they get from women who are already in those relationships.

The problem is that they don’t take the time to actually do their own research to learn about the culture that they are getting into. When it comes to the issue of money exchange in relationships, it’s a very sensitive issue, especially when it comes to asking for money from someone whom you have only met online.

I recently watched a video on TikTok that made a lot of sense, it was this guy, I think he is from the UK and married to a Kenyan woman. He was addressing the issue of asking for money when you are dating, and he gave an example, he said, if you were in the UK, and you went on A date with someone.

Lets say the date went well and you end up maybe going back to his place at the end of the date you spend the night together. Now lets say in the morning, he wakes up before you and gets ready to go to work, leaves you a note saying “Thank you for last night, I will call you” Then with the note he leaves a hundred pounds.

The guy said that the woman would be so insulted, that she would probably call him and give him a piece of her mind because leaving money on the bedside table insinuates that she is a prostitute.


So what I can say, is money shouldn’t be the gauge to measure whether someone loves you or not. The best way in my opinion to deal with online dating is to take time to get to know someone slowly and to be patient.

Also, we must keep in mind that most people on dating apps are not actually thinking that something tangible can develop online, so they get online just to kill time or to just goof around. There are also other people who go online to look for women from third-world countries for the purpose of exploiting them.

I think it’s paramount to be careful and take online dating with a grain of salt, you might find someone and create something great together, but then again you might not.

Have tried a dating app lately? if so which app have you tried, and how did it go for you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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