What To Do When Online Dating Goes Wrong

What do you do when online dating goes wrong? As I keep saying, online dating can be stressful at times. It’s very easy to get lost in the world of online dating, and it’s also very easy to get stressed due to the challenges that come with trying to find love online. In This article, I am strictly addressing the issues that arise when you are just doing things virtually. I acknowledge that things can go even worse when online goes from virtual to the real world.

A lot of people keep going despite the fact that they can feel that the struggles of online dating are taking a toll on them both mentally and emotionally. In my opinion, when online dating goes wrong, you need to stop, and just reevaluate the situation from a distance, meaning you get off the dating app.

When Online Dating Goes Wrong, It’s A Good Idea To Take A Break

Online dating is not a career, you don’t have to stick around the dating apps when you are clearly hurting. When one first downloads the dating app, one is full of hopes and expectations. You might think that it will take a short time to find someone, but there are some people who have been on dating apps for years.

The problem is not finding someone, the problem is finding someone real, and someone who shares the same values as you do. When you keep trying to find that special someone but instead keep finding scammers, weirdos, and jokers, that’s when things go wrong.

There are also people on those dating apps who are so abusive, and they could actually abuse you emotionally if you let them.

There Are People Who Think Playing Mind Games With Strangers On Dating Apps Is Harmless


But in reality, you forget that that person you are playing mind games with is actually a human being and not some invisible being behind a keyboard on a computer. To be honest, the reason why people feel so comfortable mistreating each other online, whether it’s dating apps or social media apps, is because they refuse to accept the fact that the person they are insulting, or playing mind games with is actually a real person.

Or, they feel that because the person is so far away from them maybe in a different country, they can say anything to them. The problem with dating apps is that some people opt for dating apps because of a bad experience, like a bad breakup or divorce, and usually, they are not totally healed, so they bring their baggage to the dating apps.

Those are the kinds of people with bios that read something like, if you can not respect me, or appreciate me, then don’t contact me. Or, I am not interested in women who a full of themselves, who think just because they make a few bucks, they rule the world.

When Online Dating Goes Wrong, Its Wise To Look Back At The Bio Of The Person

I always insist on reading people’s bio carefully before you go too far because some people will give an indication of what they have been through whether it was on the dating up or in their real life. For example, someone who has been scammed on a dating app, will have words like, don’t ask me for money, don’t contact me if you are from. ( they will put the country where the scammer was from)

To be honest, if you are from the place where the scammer was from, then just don’t get involved, because whatever you say, will be super analyzed, and they will be accusing you of trying to scam them. Another big problem is that most online daters, are not serious, so you think that you are dealing with people who are looking for relationships, but in reality, they are not even looking to date.

Some People Don’t Even Consider Online Dating As Serious Dating


Its strange but actually some people use dating apps like social apps, where they just log in when they are bored, just to look for strangers from different parts of the world to keep them company and to entertain them. This is the kind of person who will just agree with what you say and just tell you what you want to hear.

Furthermore, they will, want you to do things on camera that would entertain them, for example, if you say you like to dance, they will ask you to dance for them. And of course, we have talked about the kind that wants to take your clothes off. These are people who just want to misuse naive love seekers.

They know very well, that there are websites for that kind of thing, but because they don’t want to pay for the services, they prey on innocent love-seekers, and once they get their entertainment, they move on, this is when ghosting happens because they have moved on to the next entertainer.

So Is It Bad To Do Online Dating?

Now I am sure after reading all that I have written so far, you are wondering is it bad to do online dating? Should I just stick to traditional dating? No, it’s not bad to do online dating, I just want to point out that it can go wrong sometimes, and it’s OK to take a break. Also, it’s very important to make it very clear on your bio, what it is that you are looking for on a dating app.

Not to mention, you must make sure that you have downloaded the correct dating app, because, like I keep saying, there are different dating apps catering to different dating needs. There are apps for casual, no strings attached kind of thing(hook-up apps) Also there are sugar dating apps, and there are dating apps for those looking for serious relationships.

Now, this is not to say that just because you have downloaded an app that is supposed to be for people who are looking for serious relationships, you are not gonna find jokers, scammers, and weirdos there, of course, you will. You just need to be careful.

But How Can Online Dating Go Wrong? What Could Go So Wrong If Its Just Virtual?


Trust me, it can go very wrong, as I mentioned earlier, there is the aspect of emotional abuse, scams, not to mention stalking, and blackmail, especially when nude pictures and videos are involved. There are some twisted people out there, people who can torture you mentally until you will need to seek professional help to heal.

So, as I keep saying protect your peace of mind, and when online dating goes wrong, take a moment to focus on other things so you can be refreshed, also be careful of the people you chat with on those dating apps. As much as you want to find love, it’s not worth putting yourself in danger.


Unfortunately, these days cyberbullying among adults has become very common on social media, and of course, it has even become popular on dating apps, especially body shaming, you’ll find, if you contact someone and you don’t fit the body type that they are searching for, rather than politely turning you down, they would take that opportunity to body shame you.

This can be very hurtful and that is why in one of my videos on Tiktok, I mentioned self-doubt. You must be careful, and you must safeguard your confidence and your dignity. I just want to say cyber Bullying is a crime punishable by law, so keep that in mind when you are cyberbullying and body shaming people.


Well, that is all for now, please I would like to read your comments here so please leave them below, have you ever been in a situation where online dating went wrong for you? answer me below.

Thank you for your time.


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