Strange Beauty products

Donkey milk skincare
Donkey Milk skincare Products

I would like us to talk about strange beauty products that are in the market today. From Charcoal mask to placenta cream yuk!  its amazing how far human beings would go for beauty especially women. I was just running errands today when I stopped at shop to pick up something and at the entrance I noticed a small stand which was marked Donkey skin products.

So naturally I got curious and went closer, I thought maybe, they were products for Donkeys, and I wanted to see what they do to donkey’s skin. I was very surprised to find that they were actually products made of Donkey milk for human skincare, there were lots of creams, lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners. See the photos below that I took.

In Africa We Use Camel Milk

I know in Africa we do use Camel milk to make beauty treatments like masks but I didn’t know that internationally there are products made of Donkey milk, then I started researching and found that Donkey milk is nothing compare to snail slime. Imagine smearing snail slime all over your face( you should see my face as I am typing this)


I don’t know about Snail cream

I swear  if the only thing that would smooth wrinkles was snail slime or a snake venom, then I’d be in trouble. This snail trend apparently was popular thousands of years ago in Greece and now the Koreans have brought it back and its spreading everywhere despite the fact that lab studies have not confirmed that it really can help your skin in any way.

Snake venom face cream
Snake venom Face Cream

Snake  venom Face cream?

Snake venom,yup, if the snail wasn’t crazy enough, snake venom, is apparently better than Botox, according to a skincare company called Sonya Dakar the anti aging properties found in their synthetic version of a cobra venom, will make you look younger within a short time. And may I also mention that they are the makers of stem cell age control cream.

Now here is something I would try

Charcoal, actually after reading about the snake and snail treatments, perhaps charcoal doesn’t sound so bad. There is a charcoal mask that has become very popular especially among young people. The goal of using the charcoal mask, is to unplug your pores and clear your skin of toxins. I would actually try this one.

Definitely will try this one 

Seaweed, sea weed I would actually try, it doesn’t sound so bad, actually seaweed contains healing properties that could be beneficial to your skin, so perhaps we could try this one what do you think? I think I will order this one I like it.

Please share with me some of strange beauty products or routines you’ve seen or heard of. leave me a comment and I will reply. Thank you for your time and for reading.


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20 thoughts on “Strange Beauty products”

  1. I think ı can get Snake venom for my mother. It is definitely interesting and I hope she can have a youthful glow with this product. Is this product hypoallergenic?

    • lol are you serous? won’t she be offended? I don’t think its a good idea to get your Mom a snake venom cream, if she wants to try, I think she should get it her self.
      thank you so much for your comment.

  2. Hi Rose,

    these products you put are interesting! They are really something different! I would like to try charcoal face mask. I already use some seaweed cream for my hands and it has effect – skin is soft and clean. Because I’m almost vegan, I wouldn’t use snail cream and the one from donkey and camel milk. I know that it has good effect, cause my aunt uses soaps from goat milk and donkey milk, but I just usually avoid those. 🙂

    I heard that snake venom and bee venom are good, but haven’t tried that also. That sounds more exotic 😀

    I’ll show this to my aunt, I think she is ready for something new, she likes this.

    Best wishes,


  3. Ok the charcoal I have, and I would try a seaweed product.  But I would never put snail slime or snake venom on my face, ewwwww!  There are so many products on the market today for our skin, so why would anyone want to choose such strange and gross (in my opinion) products.  Maybe for tradition?  Or they must really believe they have miracle cures.  The donkey products is really way beyond my comprehension.  How in the heck did anyone even think of this LOL

  4. Hi Rose!

    I found this post quite fascinating! I saw something about snail facials the other day and was pretty taken aback by it!

    I had never heard about snake venom facial cream! That just sounds really extreme to me! LOL

    I would definitely try the seaweed face mask though!

    Amy 🙂

    • Hi Amy, yes people doing strange things to their faces to look young. yes I agree with you, seaweed and charcoal mask I am for trying those, did you notice those are the only things I put link to? there was no way I was gonna put snake venom link on my site, what if someone tries and get sick? no thank you.
      anyway, thank you so much for your comments I am so happy to see that people found this post interesting.

  5. Interesting products! I suppose a lot of products that we take for granted now might have seemed strange 100 years ago.

    While there is no way I am putting snail slime on my face, I would totally try the snake stuff, seaweed or charcoal. Though my skin is dry so I am not sure that charcoal would help.

    This has been fun to read…thank you!

    • Hi Irma, wow! you would be willing to try the snake venom cream? more power to you. about your dry skin, I will be posting a list of products that are good for dry skin shortly. thank you so much for your comment.

  6. OMG, my mom used to have a snail based face cream. It was awesome though! I also know about a treatment in Asia somewhere, where they put snails on your face and leave them there to do what they want for a period of time.
    And snake venom! That is insane!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • yes Stefania, I think I saw something like that on Youtube, they leave the snails on your face, that is really weird. so did the snail cream work for your mom? I am curious.

  7. Hello Rose, I’m with you. We humans will go to any length to maximize our appearance. I am no exception. Although, I am rather tame just using a good face cleanser and moisturizer nearly nightly. I guess if one is in the business, finding the next fad and getting in first can be profitable. Elephant dung masks, to crocodile tear crows feet cure will fetch a fine profit. I thought about snake milk face cream, and never could find the udders. Thanks for the stimulating article. Doc


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