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Have you ever bought a skin cream or moisturizer and wished it had more of something, for example, sometimes I wish the cream had more coco butter or had more shea Butter. well, guess what, you can actually buy these things and mix them how you want or add them to your cream.

do it yourself skin care
diy skin care

I recently ordered a raw unrefined coco butter, I wanted to use it for my own DYI.

sometimes I just like mixing my own things to see if I can come up with something nice for my skin.

Since where I live we have lots of Olive oil, I wanted to buy something that I can mix with olive oil to use on my elbows. so I got the Coco butter and it’s amazing. It has inspired me to research more and I have come up with 5 ingredients that can be used for DIY projects.

Coco Butter

Of course I am going to start with the Coco Butter, its made by a company called soapery they specialize in natural raw organic ingredients  that can be used for food or for skin care.

The Coco Butter is hard so you have to melt it before you can use it. So I melted about 50 grams and added 2 tbs of olive oil and I have been applying this mixture on my elbows every morning.

Shea Butter

 This Shea butter is extracted from the African Shea nut, it is usually ivory in color although it can also appear yellowish. Shea Butter is particularly good for dry skin.

Coconut Oil

When I was young we used to use coconut oil for cooking and for our hair but now I can see its used in many skin creams and moisturizers. Coconut Oil smells so good, it gives you that tropical vibe.

Castor Oil

This oil is not suitable for food, but Castor Oil is good for other things like treating skin conditions and doing massages, its highly used for fertility massages and   to make castor oil packs where a cotton cloth is dipped in the oil then placed on lower abdomen.

And then a plastic piece is placed on top then a towel and then a hot water bottle is placed and the treatment is done for 40 minutes to an hour three times a week but not during menstruation or Ovulation time. These treatments are very popular in TTC forums.

Castor oil packs can also be used to treat constipation.  and of course I just posted an article about treating Dandruff with castor oil. its also used in many creams and hair products, also these days women are using it for eyelashes, it helps them to grow longer and stronger.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is very healthy to eat and to put on your skin and hair, there is a lady who was interviewed on tv the other day, she is in her 60’s with amazingly youthful skin and she said her secret is cleaning her face every evening and then going to the kitchen and taking some Olive Oil and applying generously on her face and neck.

I love olive Oil. when buying try to get the extra virgin cold pressed kind that is the best.

If you have some recipes or ideas about these products I just listed, I would love to hear your views so please leave me a comment, and we can discuss this further. 

thank you for your time


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2 thoughts on “5 Natural ingredients for you skincare DIY”

  1. Thank you for this article. I am very familiar with all of these oils for skin and edibility (except castor oil). I’m glad you said that castor oil is not for consumption. I think I had to take castor once when I was little. Ugh!

    However, I do have a question. I like these oils as a moisturizer but do you have any suggestion for a DiY cleanser?

    • Hi Lane, yes you can combine olive oil and castor oil to make a cleanser, but if you have oily skin, I would recommend almond oil and grapeseed oil, as these oils are light, unlike olive and castor oil.
      thank you for your comment.


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