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Today we are going to talk about online dating profile photo examples, your primary profile photo is a very important part of your dating profile. The photo is the first thing that people see, and I feel like, a lot of people are making a huge mistake by not paying attention to this very important part of your dating profile.

When deciding which photo should be your primary dating profile photo, you need to ask yourself these questions, what does this photo say about me? What message I am I sending out there in terms of what kind of a person I am? And thirdly, what kinds of people would this kind of photo attract?

 Online Dating Profile Examples, People Are Paying Big Money For Tinder Photos

You know as the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, so when it comes to your profile picture, let it speak the right words about you. Gone are the days when people used to just post cute selfies on dating apps. These days people are paying as much as $1500 to have their Tinder photos taken by professional photographers.

Now, when I posted about this on Tiktok, my video was received with mixed feelings with some women claiming that they had posted photos that they had taken in the bathroom and they found boyfriends. Although it’s OK, to post photos taken in the bathroom, the quality still needs to be high. What you need to understand is most apps also monitor the quality of your profile photos, so apart from being active on the app, your profile photo plays a role in your profile being recommended to other users.

In The Photo, You Should Be The Main Focus


One of the mistakes I see people make with dating profile photos, is they take photos where the background is very busy, and that takes away the focus from you. You must make sure that you are the focus. If the background is busy, you can always edit the photo and either blur the background or change it altogether.

There are many apps that you can use to edit photos, and some smartphones also allow you to edit photos. You can also remove the background for free on a website called Also the clothes you wear in the photo, could play a role in more people noticing your profile.

Which Kind Of Photo To Use As The Main Photo


Another mistake I see a lot of people make especially women are posting a full body length photo as your main profile photo, what happens in this case, is that the dating apps have a frame that the primary profile photo should fit. So when you post a full body length photo, in order to fit it into the frame, you will have to crop the photo which will make it appear blurry.

So to avoid this, always make sure that your primary profile photo is an upper torso photo. That being said, posting a photo of a floating head with no neck is just weird, just take a photo from your waist and up.

Showing too much flesh in the photo is not necessary, again as I mentioned earlier, you need to decide what kinds of people you want to attract on a dating app. When you reveal too much flesh, it screams casual, hookup, nothing serious.

I think you can look classy and sexy if you style yourself correctly.

What Are The Best Pictures For Online Dating For Men?


OK, so what’s up with guys and fish photos? Like seriously, there is this girl I follow on Tiktok who goes through Tinder profiles. Her channel is called ” why is that on your dating profile?” So anyway, the other day she was reviewing men’s profiles, and the number of pictures I saw with men holding fish was alarming.

Why is it that guys are so proud of their catch? So proud that they want their potential date to see it lol. When I see a guy with a fish, the first thing that comes to mind is the smell. Honestly, you can save your fish pictures for when you start discussing hobbies, then you can send her the photos so she can see how great of a fisherman you are lol.

How About We Ditch The Fish For Now?


For your main profile photo, just take a decent clear picture, no need to be shirtless, leave some mystery. Make sure the light is in front of you and not behind you, pose and smile. It’s that simple. Also, I know that you have the urge to pose in front of your expensive sports car. Please don’t, just as I mentioned earlier, you need to decide what type of people you want to attract.

By posing in front of your expensive car or your mansion, you are just attracting materialistic, and fake people. Let the person get to know you as a person, not your possessions. Besides, won’t you want to know if the person is really attracted to you or your car?

How Many Pictures Should A Dating Profile Have?

It depends on the app you are using. On Tinder, you are allowed to post up to 9 photos, now I know some people discourage others from using all slots allocated but I would take advantage of all the slots, that way you get to show yourself in many settings, and in many outfits( bet women would love that lol)

Also, the more pictures you have, the more authentic you appear, remember, there are many scammers on those dating sites, and the last thing you want to happen is for someone to confuse you with a scammer.


When taking a profile photo, remember that this is the first photo people see when they are swiping, so you need to put a bit of an effort, am I saying that you need to spend a lot of money on hair make-up and studio? Absolutely not, actually, I feel like very professional-looking photos, you know, the kind taken in a studio, could actually have the opposite effect.

You might seem like you are trying too hard and seem as if you are desperate to find someone, I mean if you have gone to the studio and paid a lot of money for photos, looks like you are prepared to do a lot for a date.

OK, as I mentioned earlier this topic was received with mixed feelings on Tiktok, so I really would like to read your comments. Do you think it’s necessary to put an effort into your primary dating profile photo? If so how much effort? would you pay up to $1500 to get your Tinder profile photos taken by a professional photographer? please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time.



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