The Most Asked Questions About Interracial Dating

Today, I want us to address the most asked questions about interracial dating. These are questions, I get a lot on my TikTok, mainly asked by African women who are either in interracial dating or are searching online for men from different races. I must say, these questions are asked by women who want or are dating white men online.

The funny thing is, I get these questions, then I answer them and if the person doesn’t like my answer, usually they would go to another TikTok creator and ask the same question lol. That’s because, sometimes, they are not really looking for an answer but rather a confirmation of what they think. For example, someone would ask me, Rose, should I ask my white man for money? then maybe I would say no, but they really wanted me to say yes, go ahead and ask for money. This brings me to our number one question.

The Most Asked Questions About Interracial Dating. Shouldn’t My Long Distance Boyfriend Support Me Financially? 

I find this question very interesting. A lot of African ladies, especially Kenyan ladies believe that once you meet someone online and start a long-distance relationship, the way for him to prove that he is serious about you, is by sending you money.

Unfortunately, there are some creators on TikTok who are encouraging these women to ask their white boyfriends for money. And it actually makes me wonder, could it be that they are advising you to do this so you can sabotage your relationship? could it be that maybe they are misleading you on purpose?

OK, I know, Some say that I advise women not to ask for money because I am jealous and I don’t want them to progress. But seriously let’s take a look at this situation rationally. You meet someone on Tinder, you talk to him for a couple of days, then you tell him that you have no money for internet data.

Do you honestly think that this man is stupid? He knows that you had been online before you met him, and you will continue to be online even if he doesn’t send you money for data, so aren’t you scamming? OK, granted Internet is expensive in Africa especially when you have to video call like every day. But Still, why don’t you give it some time, before you start complaining about data? Some of you have WIFI anyway, and you are still scamming data money.

Asking For Money To Buy Internet Data Is A Scam


In my opinion, some of these women are just on dating sites to scam people, you might find a girl would have 5 or even ten different men that she is talking to online and asking for data money, yet she already has a boyfriend in Kenya or whichever country she comes from.

And this is why I always ask my followers on TikTok, what are you really looking for on those dating apps? Because, if it’s a sugar daddie you are looking for, there are apps for that. OK, I know if there is a Kenyan lady reading this, she is feeling like biting my head off. Let’s take this from a different angle, if you manage to take the time to know someone, and build trust, there will come a time when you will need help and he will come through for you if he is in a position to do so.

Saying that you can only know if someone is serious about you if he sends you money, is not only misleading but it’s foolish. We have seen cases where women were sent money and then the guy came and it turned out that he was on sex tourism. Also, we’ve seen cases where women were not sent money until after the first meeting, and that’s because there are a lot of warnings against sending money to people you’ve just met online. There are so many romance scams these days so people tend to be very careful.

The Most Asked Questions About Interracial Dating Do White Men Like Curvey Girls?

This is a very easy question to answer. Of course some white men like curvy and plus-size women. It really depends on personal preference. In the same way, some prefer slim women, it’s the same way that some prefer plus-size women.

He Wants Me To Get Pregnant On His Arrival To My Country What Do I Do?


To be honest, if you are considering this, you are absolutely so irresponsible and a fool. There is no way you can convince me that having a baby with someone who is just coming to meet, and with whom you gonna be in a long-distance relationship, probably for a long time is a good idea.

Having children is not something to be taken lightly, I mean think about it, you are bringing a whole human being into this world. Also, can we address the fact that bringing up a mixed baby in Africa is not a joke? The child will face lots of challenges especially if she/he is not going to the best school, wearing the best clothes, living in a posh neighborhood, etc.

Many African women don’t think about these things, all they are thinking about is how cute the baby will be and how popular they will be on social media when they post the baby. A baby is not an accessory or a social media attraction. It’s a person, who needs security, love, care, and everything a human needs to lead a good life. Gone are the days when our grandmothers used to say “just have babies because every baby comes with his plate” NO, you have to plan ahead before having a baby.

In Developed Countries, People Start Planning For A Baby Years Before The Baby Is Conceived.

To be honest with you, anyone who is telling you that when they come to visit they would want to leave you pregnant is taking you for a fool. Because he knows very well that’s not how it’s done in his country, so you should actually tell him that you are not stupid, and until he deposits money to your bank account to support the baby and also make some type of commitment to be there for you and the baby, you are not getting pregnant for him PERIODT.

Do Embassies Require Proof Of Education, When You Apply For Spouse Or Fiance Visas?

I get this question from ladies who are worried that they might be denied visas to migrate to western countries because of a lack of education. Well when you apply for family entry visas or family reunification visas, I know for a fact that the US embassy does not require you to show proof of education. I remember when I applied for a K1 visa, on the form I did fill out my education history but I was not asked to produce certificates or any proof.

Also moving to Europe I came on a family entry visa and I was not asked for any educational papers.


Finding someone outside your culture and race is a challenging task that raises lots of questions, but when it’s done for the right reasons, things usually fall into place nicely. I am sure I have rubbed a few people the wrong way with this article but I tell it as it is, if you go to dating apps looking for victims to scam for money or for a green card, then karma will get you, trust me.

Anyway, if you have more questions, please leave them below in the comment section.

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