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DIY Olive Oil Body Scrub For Dry Sensitive Skin

There are some beauty products that if you have a minute to spare, you can make at home and you don’t need to spend big money, these are things that are very easy to make and the ingredients can easily be found in your kitchen, I am talking about body scrubs, you can make them using anything from sugar, salt, tea, coffee, and even tomatoes and cucumbers.

Today we are going to make a very simple yet very effective body scrub, we are going to make it using sugar and olive oil, we are using sugar because for a sensitive dry skin, sugar is best, we are also using olive oil because I think for dry and sensitive skin, Olive oil is very effective in soothing and hydrating the skin. So for this recipe, you will need

  1. 1/4 cup olive
  2. 1 cup cane sugar, brown or white, whichever you prefer
  3. a few drops of lavender essential oil or your favorite essential oil
  4. A mixing bowl

The easiest recipe ever

This is the easiest thing you’ve ever made and yet it’s amazing for dry skin, it will leave your skin feeling so good, so all you have to do is to put the essential oil in the olive oil and mix well using a whisk, and then using a spoon just mix in the sugar and that’s it you are done, how simple is that?

Then just spoon your scrub into a jar and it’s ready to use just scoop the amount you need to use and then close the jar and store in a cool dry place until next time you want to use. Always use a clean spoon to scoop the amount you need for use.

You can use this scrub on your face as well as the rest of your body, just apply it onto your skin and gently rub it on, then rinse well, do not use body wash gel after scrubbing because the whole point is to get the olive oil to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Here is a photo of my scrub that I made the other day

diy olive oil body scrub

When using it on the face, try to avoid the eye area because you don’t want the sugar getting in your eyes and also the skin around your eyes is very delicate so you really don’t want to scrub that area ( well, I don’t scrub that area I usually use a foaming cleanser)

Your skin will feel very moist and fresh too, and remember, when you are drying your skin, don’t be rough just dub gently with a soft towel. There probably won’t be a need to apply cream or lotion but if you still feel like you need to, then go ahead and apply some, just make sure you are using natural products.

Things to keep in mind before using this body scrub

You need to do the scrubbing in the shower because you don’t want to make a mess, because the sugar will fall as you scrub, and also because the scrub is very oily, you might have to put the towel in the washer after using it, so keep that in mind, Remember that you only need to exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type, for sensitive skin I recommend once a week.

I have found out that most people who complain that their skin is dry, and this includes me, sometimes is because our skin is reacting in a bad way to the products we are putting on it, for example, I have found that if I try something new like cream and maybe my skin doesn’t agree with that product, the reaction I get is that my skin gets very dry and irritated.

So before you treat dry skin, just make sure that you haven’t changed body cream or moisturizer, it could be that your skin is actually not dry but irritated by a new product that you are using.

Find a product that your skin likes and stick to it

The trick is to find a product that your skin really likes, and stick with it I know I should follow my own advice because I do get bored with a product and want to try something new and this is when my skin gets irritated, the problem with me is I get tired of having the same scent so I would buy something maybe because it smells nice and then I get a negative reaction.

So I have found a solution to this problem, and my solution is to make my own body butter, which I can change the scent by adding a different essential oil every time I am making a new batch, this has worked for me so far, although it does not mean  that if I find a nice natural moisturizer that smells amazing, I won’t buy it.

But I do try to make sure that the ingredients match the ones I use in my own DIY body butter, for example, I use Olive oil a lot so I try to find products that contain Olive oil, my skin seems to love olive oil and Cocoa Butter so I look out for those ingredients.

I say, investigate and find the ingredients that your skin likes and then try to buy products that contain these ingredients, and if you have time, try to make your own body butter, find my recipe here.

Having dry skin is very frustrating, you really don’t want to wake up feeling like your skin is a desert, it’s not a good feeling, I remember there were times when I used to have a jar of moisturizer on my bedside because I used to feel like my skin was so dry especially on my hands, so the first thing I did when I woke up, was wash my hands and put moisturizer on, keeping in mind that sometimes I would also apply in the middle of the night.

I hope you will give this recipe a try, as you can see it’s very easy to make and it only takes like 5 minutes, and it’s really good for dry skin. I would like to hear your thoughts on this recipe so please leave me a comment below.

Thank you so much for your time


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