homemade face scrub for sensitive skin

Homemade Face Scrub For Sensitive Skin(Apricot And Sugar)

Today we are going to make the best homemade face scrub for sensitive skin. When you have sensitive skin, you really don’t want to use products that could irritate your skin, so today I would like to share with you my DIY face scrub recipe that is 100% natural and gentle plus its really easy to make.

Most people who have sensitive skin, they try to stay away from scrubs because scrubbing your skin, can irritate the skin and cause breakouts, even though there are some products out there for sensitive skin, sometimes its nice to make your own because you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

When I have time I like making my own skin care products and I have experimented with different kinds of ingredients and I do have few products that I can confidently say they really work for my skin, I have made body butter, and I have also made a few body and face scrubs using ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen.

Apricot and sugar face scrub recipe

  homemade face scrub for sensitive skin
This is the face scrub that I made

So today we are going to make an apricot and sugar scrub, this scrub is so good and so easy to make plus it smells so nice that you will be so tempted to just eat it and you can actually eat it because its just apricots and sugar, OK so I had a little taste I won’t tell if you don’t 🙂 but Seriously, just use it on your skin.

So you will need 2 apricots and 2 tablespoons of sugar, in my recipe, I use white caster sugar because for sensitive skin you don’t want to use the very coarse kind of sugar, my previous recipe which I did with brown cane sugar and olive oil was too rough for sensitive skin.

And all you need to do is grate the apricots, try to buy the not too ripe fruit so it can be easy to grate them and also you will be able to squeeze off the excess juice, because you don’t want the sugar to dissolve too quickly, you still need a bit of exfoliation on your skin.

Benefits of Apricots on Skin

  homemade face scrub for sensitive skin

Apricots are very beneficial not only to your body when you consume them but also on your skin, the antioxidants found in apricots are very effective maintaining healthy smooth skin, apricots are good for soothing irritated itchy skin.

Apricot oil has been used for many years in anti-aging products, because of its high content of vitamin C apricot oil helps in healing damaged skin and also helps in reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles by improving the elasticity of your skin.

The next time you go shopping for an anti-aging cream, check to see if it contains apricot oil because it’s really beneficial to your skin. And also when shopping for fruits make sure to grab some apricots because there is no better way to treat your skin than to treat it from within, so eat some apricots and other fruits, and you will have radiant supple skin.

So if you have some apricots and thinking of making jam, or an apricot pie yummy, spare one or two fruits and make this scrub too. I was lucky because I got mine from my neighbor who has an apricot tree, and they were so sweet I ate one before proceeding with my scrub recipe.

It’s a very gentle scrub so it will not irritate your skin at all

  homemade face scrub for sensitive skin

This scrub is very gentle and very beneficial to your skin and you will not feel any tingling, like when you use things like lemon or orange. I have tried many kinds of homemade scrubs and I think this is the best one for sensitive skin, I have tried the same recipe with salt instead of sugar and I found the salt was too rough and irritating to the skin.

So I think sugar is your best shot if you have sensitive skin, The good thing about this scrub is that you don’t have to add any essential oils because apricots smell amazing. After using this scrub, my skin felt really fresh and clean not to mention smooth, I did add a few drops of olive oil because my skin loves olive oil and the oil helps to prevent dryness.

If you can’t find apricots, I suggest using a tomato, remove the seeds and the juices and then grate the flesh of the tomato, and then add sugar, then just spread on your face and gently rub in circular motions, and then rinse with warm water.

If you have dry skin then I say to add half a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, its really good for dry skin.

Storage of the Face scrub

Because of the sugar and the juice from the fruit dissolve the sugar, the scrub does not store well, so I think it’s wise to make the amount you are going to use immediately, The amount I made I shared with a friend and we used it immediately after making it.

I hope you will try this recipe, it’s so easy to make and so good for your skin, you will be amazed at how your skin will feel, it actually feels like you have just used an expensive product on your skin.

I am sure when you think of apricots, the first thought that comes to mind is jam (apricot jam is really nice) cake or pie, but I am here to tell you that you can use apricots on your skin too and it will feel great.

Anyway, that’s it for today, please keep coming back for more because I have many exciting recipes in store, I love mixing things up and seeing what I can come up with, I actually started doing my own DIY products because I wanted to use things that I am sure of.

So if its something I can make and it doesn’t take too much time, I will make it. I think body and face scrubs are easy to make and there are so many ingredients in your kitchen that you can use, so go ahead and try something, start with this apricot face scrub.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have any questions or you have a recipe you would like to share with us, please leave it on the comment section below.


Thank you for your time


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15 thoughts on “Homemade Face Scrub For Sensitive Skin(Apricot And Sugar)”

  1. Thank you for such an interesting article! I have a question, though. I’m in my late 40s and I have many broken veins in my face. Is this scrub something that you would recommend for this? My skin is otherwise on oily side….

  2. Hi Rose

    i love this post, I have just bookmarked it, because I have to try it.

    I have never knew that one could use fresh apricot on the skin. I like using natural products on my skin because the result is always amazing. It’s healthy and cheap. But I agree with you about the storage. It’s never easy to keep such scrub for long. But I always have fun by making what I can use immediately and eat the rest, LOL!


    • HAHAHA, Andyns, this is the funniest comment on this article, so you usually make a lot because you are going to eat the rest? lol, You will definitely love this recipe because it’s delicious lol, yes fresh apricots are very beneficial for your skin.

  3. Greetings Rose
    Thank you for this informative post about Homemade Apricot Face Scrub!
    Taking care of the skin is a necessity nowadays, as it is the first thing you see in the morning and the other see.
    And having good skin is surely a desire everyone seeks for. 
    I was surprised about the apricot power with the skincare, and I believe your recipe is pretty affordable for people who can’t buy skin care products. Using apricot and sugar and blending them isn’t hard to do.
    Thank you again for this amazing post!
    Kepp up the awesome work!


  4. Great recipe Rose! I will definitely try this one out (also the tomato one as well because I know how they can help clear up skin as well).  I’ve been using the Apricot St Ives scrub for years but never thought of making it myself.  It’ll probably be a lot more healthy since there’s a lot of chemicals in the store bought scrub. 

    I don’t have sensitive skin so do you think I should still use the different sugar that you suggest or should I be ok with regular sugar?  I don’t want to rip apart my skin either lol

    • It’s better to make your own Nicki when you can try to make this scrub, I promise you will be very happy. for sensitive skin, I would recommend using the caster sugar because it’s not too coarse, but if your skin is OK and it doesn’t get irritated easily, then the regular sugar is OK. The recipe I made previously, I used corase brown cane sugar and I found it to be too rough for sensitive skin.
      Thank you, Nicki, for reading my article and leaving me a comment.

  5. Hi Rose

    This should be a good scrub to try out as it is a made out of two basic ingredients, which are widely available. I bet the smell will be divine and quite cheap as well. It must be tempting not to eat it. I cannot see it causing any harm and it should help in the long run. It is s shame that you cannot store it for long, as it would be tempting to make large batches.

    I have heard it said that coarse skin scrubs can cause more damage than problem they solve, what is your opinion on this?



    • Yes, Antonio, the biggest challenge with this scrub is trying to control yourself so you don’t eat it all, it smells absolutely amazing and feels so good after using it.
      Thank your comment.

  6. I prefer anything homemade over chemicals so I appreciate an all-natural face scrub. The fact that it’s easy to make is an added bonus. Apricots and sugar is an interesting concoction as I would not have thought to put sugar in a face scrub, and now I know to be on the lookout for apricot oil in other products, thank you. I know some people like myself who will find this post very helpful, so I will be forwarding your post to them, well done!

    • Thank you so much Pentrental, yes this scrub is very easy to make and after use, I really felt like I had gone for an expensive facial treatment, apricot is really powerful, please try it and come back and share with us your experience.

  7. This is a very interesting post. Actually, I got a lot of skin problems after I shave my face. I think this scrub can help me to reduce the pain and make my skin look better.

    You have shared a couple of options like apricot and sugar that I’m sure will work on my skin and will make me feel better.

    I don’t know if you have any other scrub you would recommend for irritated skin after shaving.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. I really want to practice this method at home, but apricots are hard to find in my area, can there be other ingredients as a substitute for similar apricots?


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