Why I Prayed For Christian Eriksen

aIt was Saturday evening 12th June 2021, the football game between Denmark and Finland had just started and husband took out his Danish flag to hang it outside like he always does when something of significance is happening in Denmark. Just a few minutes into the game, I knew something was wrong, see I don’t speak Danish so I rely on my husband to inform me what is happening.

So I kept hearing Christian Eriksen, and my husband told me that the player had collapsed and they are giving him CPR, I know you are confused because you must think that we were watching the game on TV, no, we were listening on the radio, that’s why I didn’t know what was happening.

We tried to find a live broadcast online but we couldn’t find any so we had to listen to it online on the radio. So anyway, when I was told that Christian had collapsed, I got really scared because it reminded me of a Youtube video I had watched about football players who had collapsed on the pitch and died.

So I Started Praying For Christian Eriksen

I didn’t even know how he looked like, but I prayed for him and for his family, I went to the BBC website and I was following the updates, when they said that he was in the hospital and he was awake and stable, I was so happy, that’s when I googled him to see how he looks like.

Football is a great game, the whole internet was filled with posts of people praying for Christian, on TikTok the hashtag prayforEriksen got to over 2 million in just 5 minutes. With everything that is going on in the world, there is still love, people are able to care for someone they don’t even know.

Football Can Indeed Unity People, Twitter Was Flooding With Prayers For Christian Eriksen

To be honest, I am not a big fan of football, most of the time I don’t even understand the game, but I do watch it with my husband when we are able to watch, and I do get involved when he is listening to the game on the radio, I guess just to support him. But on this occasion, I really got involved. My heart was beating so fast with every negative update.

Well, I am glad that Christian Is doing well now and he is receiving treatment. They still haven’t said what exactly happened to him and why he collapsed, but that was scary, and I am sure it was scarier for his family. I can’t even begin to imagine what they were going through watching what was happening at the pitch.


I just wanted to share how scared I got for Eriksen even though I don’t know him, and I didn’t even know how he looked like, but I found myself praying so hard for him and for his family. I was not the only one, as I mentioned, within minutes the internet was flooded with prayers and beautiful encouraging messages for Christian and his family.

I believe prayers and positive energy works, anyway, that was just a quick one, I felt I had to share this. when one human being is suffering, it makes you somehow feel their pain, especially if you put yourself in their shoes or in the shoes of their loved ones.

Lets love and care for one another regardless of our gender, race, or social background.


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