Why Are Cougars Drooling Over Whiteyy On TikTok?


OK, right now there is a movement or a trend on TikTok, there is this guy who goes by username whiteyy18, and he has driven older women crazy. There is even a hashtag that has over 70 million views specially dedicated to whiteyy. But why are cougars drooling over whiteyy?

To be honest with you, I have absolutely no idea why the young man has captured so many women, I guess since he mostly lip syncs to songs from the 80s,  the older women are taken back to the years of their youth. Now TikTok is divided into two groups, one group is that one that drools over the young man who is only 21 years old, and the other group is the one that is judging the first group.

And the men are caught in between, there are some men who have taken a very interesting approach, they have been dueting whiteyy’s videos with their own interpretation of how to please a cougar, some are doing house chores while others are just singing along to the music.

It’s quite entertaining to watch as the two groups struggle to justify their behavior. Personally, even though I like the 80s and the 90s music, I don’t really find it necessary to follow whiteyy or even comment on his videos, he is just a kid to me, and I respect his niche.

My Question Is If Whiteyy Was A 21-Year-Old Girl Would It Be OK?


I am writing this blog to ask this question, if whiteyy was a 21-year-old girl singing 80s and 90s music on TikTok and older men started dueting her videos with all kinds of drooling eyes, how would the women react then? OK, I know it’s been done and older men have been not just drooling over young girls but actually dating and even marrying them.

Still, I am curious to know how it would go down on TikTok if a girl did the same thing whiteyy is doing and the men behaved the same way the cougars are behaving. If I was young I would actually do it, I would sing along to the music and see what happens, I think the men might just admire from a distance without saying anything for fear of being judged.

But why is it that when women do it it’s seen as amusing, cute, and harmless but when men do it it’s a different story?

But How Did Whiteyy18 Become The Mayor Of Cougar Town On TikTok?

When I saw his first video, I really didn’t think much of it, he just seemed like a kid just having fun with old school music, but the so-called cougar town of TikTok took notice and his video went viral, and all his videos have been going viral ever since. whiteyy posted his first video on TikTok on January 17, 2020, but it wasn’t until May of 2021 that he sort of took over the app with his lipsync of the hit song Mandy by Barry Manilow.

His good looks and the signature wink coupled with an eye roll got the ladies flooding his video with all kinds of comments which caused it to go viral and currently it has 2 million views.

And What Happened To Mat The Former Mayor Of Cougar Town On TikTok?

Before whiteyy, there used to be another young man who was the mayor of the so-called cougar town on TikTok, he took his role very seriously and made sure he delivered just what the women wanted to see. Then he just vanished, I don’t see him on the TikTok main feed anymore.

With whiteyy, I don’t think he is taking this thing seriously although he is capitalizing on the fame, with his merchandise said to be released soon, T-shirts, and other items with his user name printed on them. The ladies are ready to pre-order, with some commenting that “they can’t wait” apparently they want to wear the t-shirts when they go out so they can identify one another as the “whiteyy team”.

If Whiteyy Is Smart, He Can Build A Lucrative Business Around This Niche


I hope he has business divisors who can advise him on business moves, it’s a huge following that he has, even if he was to direct them to a website with links to products, I am sure they will purchase, or if he was to direct them to a Youtube channel, he would generate lots of ad revenue. Not to mention selling his own products, I sure hope he will make money moves, and make them quickly.

The problem with TikTok fame, it’s short-lived, as I mentioned, there used to be another guy who was sort of doing a similar thing, although his was dancing not singing, and as I mentioned, he is nowhere to be seen now. Recently whiteyy had a live stream where it’s rumored that he generated $800 in just one hour just from the women sending him gifts.


TikTok has the potential of making anyone famous, what you do with that fame is up to you. recently there is a lady who went viral and became famous for sharing her dish wash liquid hack, which showed how to clean grills by just simply freezing the dishwasher liquid into ice cubes, and then using the cubes to clean the stubborn greasy grills and baking trays.

As for whiteyy, he is trending on Tiktok right now because he is making older women very happy, I just hope he will benefit from his fame.

I really would like to read your comments on this topic, are you on TikTok, and have you seen whiteyy’s videos? even if you haven’t seen his videos, what do you think about older women drooling over a 21-year-old guy? Please leave your comments below.


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