Skincare Diary Why You Need one

Today I want us to talk about skincare diary, I want to share the importance of keeping a diary of your skincare especially if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, keeping a diary of your skincare routine and the products you use is going to help you pinpoint what is working and if you have a reaction to a product, you are able to see when the problem started and what you changed or introduced into your skincare routine.

If You Like Trying New Products, You Need A Skin Care Diary

As someone who gets bored very quickly, I find myself trying new beauty and skin care products very often, although I try to stick to one brand of face cream because my skin does get irritated quite easily so I don’t mess with face cream. But when it comes to other beauty products I do experiment a bit.

And this is when the skin care diary comes in Handy, I am able to track the products I am using and track the results, I mean we have diaries for other important things in our lives so why not have a diary for our beauty and skin care?, the funny thing is, these days there are apps for literally anything you can think of.

There are many skin care apps, there is even one that claims to track your wrinkles as you use anti aging products and the app is supposed to tell you if the products are working by tracking the fading or lack of the wrinkles. The app is called RYNKL, other skincare apps include skincare routine app, my skin care, Troveskin just to name a few.

If you get on Google and type skincare apps, there are hundreds of them, but if you would rather do it the old fashion way, then you could put pen to paper and record your skincare routine.

The Benefits Of Having A skin Care Diary

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the benefits of having a skincare diary include being able to track the performance of a new product, also being able to have a record of when you started using the product. Being able to pinpoint the product that could be causing a skin reaction, for example for the people who have acne-prone skin, you can be able to pinpoint the product that triggered a breakout.

I understand that people are busy these days and want everything to be on their devices so if what you need is a diary on your phone then go ahead and create one for your skincare routine, I mean if you are trying a very expensive product don’t you want to know if it’s delivering what it promised?

I remember one time I bought a super expensive serum, OK, I mean it was expensive to me, It was an Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, and I was very anxious to see if it will work so I actually wrote the date and the time on a piece of paper and I even recorded the number of times I was using it per day which was twice a day.

I bought that serum after watching an interview of Ole Henriksen, he is a Danish Skincare expert who has been in the industry for over 40 years, and he is very charming and convincing, he has been supplying A list movies stars with skincare products for decades. And his products are not particularly cheap but they do work, the serum I bought was really good but I could not keep up with it so I went back to my regular skincare routine.

Have you tried Ole Henriksen Skincare Products?

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I am curious as to whether any of you has tried this brand, they do have a range of products and you can find them at Sephora. I have to say most of his products come in small packages, and they are on the high-end side of skincare which means the price is high end too 🙂 so for someone like me who likes buying a product that will last me for a while, it’s not easy.

Anyway, that is why you need a skincare diary, I mean if you are going to try Ole Henriksen products, you definitely want to know if they are getting the job done and how long they are taking to get it done because that stuff is not cheap.

Skincare diary structure

When creating a skincare diary, add a list of the products you are already using, and then when you stop using a product, remove it from your diary, and then from there you will be adding an entry each time you introduce a new product, if your skin starts behaving in a strange way, you need to go back to your diary and see the new products you have added and then you need to either change back to the products you were using before, or visit your dermatologist, so you can find out what to use instead of what is causing you trouble.

And I know that I mentioned people with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, but even people with normal skin need a skincare diary because it’s good to keep track of the products you are using just in case you add something and your skin disagrees with it.


Keeping a skincare diary is very important whether you have a sensitive skin or normal skin, it will help you choose products that work for your skin and eliminate products that cause your skin to react in a negative way, and as I mentioned, you can even use an app to keep track of your skincare routine.

I would love to hear what you think about this, I mean these days we have apps for everything, do you have an app on your phone for your beauty and skincare? which app do you use? please share with us. it will also help other readers who are searching for a good skincare routine app.

Thank you so much for your time and I am looking forward to reading your comments below, let’s keep this conversation going in the comment section.


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