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CBD Oil Skincare What are the benefits

OK, these days you can’t be on the internet without seeing a CBD oil product, the world has gone crazy when it comes to CBD, I mean there are even CBD products for dogs and cats, you name it it’s there but today we are going to take a look at CBD oil skincare and see what are the benefits of using these products.

To be honest, I knew it will be a matter of time until we find a face cream that has CBD oil in it, I mean it’s in everything else why not use it on our faces? The last couple of years has seen launch after launch of CBD infused beauty and skincare products, from glow oils to face masks, and this year there have been several lines of hair, beauty and skincare products released.

People can’t get enough of this wonder ingredient 🙂

I mean these products are everywhere, walk into major beauty shops like Sephora and you will sport a section that has CBD oil, and hemp skincare, I was actually very surprised to see the products in one of our local beauty shops because it’s really a small beauty shop but I am glad that they are keeping up with the times and the trends.

Well, CBD and hemp seed oil products are beneficial to the skin because according to research, the anti-inflammatory properties found in cannabis helps the skin especially the acne-prone skin, the oil also helps reduces the appearance of wrinkles by plumping up the skin and brightening the skin giving you rejuvenated skin full of life.

Cbd oil is also known to calm irritated skin and clear discoloration, the antioxidants in CBD oil, can also help soothe the skin and this helps fight the breakouts especially when it comes to people who suffer from acne.

Cbd oil is also good for dry skin, when applied on skin the oil is super moisturizing, the pure cold pressed is the best to use on dry skin and scalp.

Stop Right There, First Tell Us What This Whole CBD Stuff Is

OK, I know now you are thinking, I don’t want to get mixed up with marijuana, and according to what I know, this CBD stuff is just fancy way of convincing me to slather marijuana all over my face and get me high lol 🙂 actually CBD oil can’t get you high so no don’t worry by using a CBD product on your skin, you will not start feeling any type of way.

But what is Cbd or cannabidiol? according to Harvard Medical School, Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant which is a cousin of the Marijuana plant, I actually found that funny, anyway they go on to state that despite the relation between Hemp plant and marijuana, pure CBD oil will not get you high because it lacks the component that causes mind-altering effects.

So no, by using a CBD oil face cream you will not get high lol. So what kinds of CBD oil skincare products that are available today? well, there are different kinds of anti-aging serums, face creams, body lotions, and body creams, you can find. And actually it doesn’t stop at skincare, there are CBD oil hair products too

The hair products promise wild hair growth and strong healthy shiny hair. I don’t know about you but for me, anything that will help my hair grow strong and healthy, I am in lol, well, because CBD oil, in its pure state, is rich in fatty acids, research shows that it has the ability to nourish your hair thus strengthening and helping prevent breakage, and that is why it’s believed to cause wild growth of your hair.

But to be honest Hemp seed oil has been used on hair for a long time hemp seed oil and castor oil have been around for a long time and they have been very popular in Africa and in the Caribbean.

But why has the world become so obsessed with CBD and Marijuana in general?

The whole world is buzzing with marijuana, actually, most politicians in African are working very hard to get marijuana legalized in African countries, in Kenya, one politician promised his voters that he will personally fly to Jamaica and bring back with him first-grade Marijuana from there when it’s legalized in Kenya:)

I guess with all the madness going on in the world people need an escape, at the same time I was watching a YouTube video where a bunch of marijuana was being destroyed (by fire) and the residents were gathered on the side where the smoke was heading lol

The benefits of CBD oil skincare are Clear

It’s obvious that this oil has many benefits being that it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties not to mention fatty acids and soothing properties that are super nourishing to your skin and hair CBD oil skincare is something to consider adding to your beauty routine.

The products that are launching according to Vogue magazine, some of them are high-end beauty products with some serums costing as much as $120 but there are some affordable products out there, both online and in beauty supplies shops, plus you can always order pure organic cold-pressed hemp oil or CBD oil and make your own DIY beauty products.


The search for the perfect beauty potion has going on for generations, first, it was Aloe Vera, people had gone crazy for Aloe Vera to a point where they decided to just make it into juice and just drink the thing, now things have calmed down a bit about Aloe Vera.

So now it’s all about CBD oil, we shall see how this wave turns out, and how things go with CBD skincare, I guess the farmers better plant more of this plant because there is high demand for it, as I mentioned earlier it’s been used as chronic pain treatment, it’s also been used for other medicinal purposes, so the demand is very high at the moment.

anyway, what do you think about this, have you tried CBD oil skincare or hair care what are the results, do you like the products? Share your views below, I’d love to hear your opinions.

thank you for your time



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9 thoughts on “CBD Oil Skincare What are the benefits”

  1. This is interesting. I and my mom have been using CBD oil for relaxation, and joint pain ease occasionally Knowing there are some skincare out there that use CBD oil as its primary ingredients will make my mom happy 🙂 Can you recommend one or two moisturizer or maybe face mask that use CBD oil? My mom will be excited to use those products. Thank you in advance for your answer..

    • I am very glad to hear that your Mom is familiar with CBD oil products the benefits of CBD products are endless and they are still doing research and discovering more benefits of using CBD Oil and as I mentioned in the article even pets like Dogs do benefit from this plant.

  2. Ah the old trusty product that is derived from cannabis. (*Sorry about that bit of a biology student myself couldn’t refrain from using that term lol*). Thank you for this post actually, rare to see a post that talks about the benefits that can be obtained from CBD.

    But one thing has got me ringing. Is it possible to be made at home? (*I’m not asking this because I want to get high lol*), rather just maybe it’ll reduce my walk to the local store. Once again thanks for getting the word out.


    • Lol Sid, are you sure you don’t intend to get high? as I mentioned, in my post the CBD oil does not get you high its only a cousin to Marijuana so, no you will not get high even if you make your own skincare products at home 🙂 you can actually order the CBD oil online

  3. CBD oil is having such a big moment! I have heard of many benefits of using CBD oil, but I wasn’t aware that it could also be an effective ingredient in skincare. Are there any specific products or brands that you have personally tried and could recommend? There are a lot of people who suffer from dry skin that will be happy to learn of a potential new solution to their issues!

    • Hi Aly, you guys are awesome, I love my readers, yes I am using the CBD oil for the wild hair growth, as I mentioned in my article, I don’t care what it is, if its gonna make my hair grow like crazy I am in lol 🙂 I actually like the effect it has on my scalp, and no I am not high, as we discussed in the article CBD oil does not make you high 🙂

  4. Awesome article Rose. Gives more insight about CBD benefits for skin! I’m sharing this right away. From my little research, I discovered that there have been some recent findings that suggest that CBD has the potential to decrease excessive sebum production as well as slowing down other triggers of acne also. Looks like there are a lot of benefits yet discovered from CBD.


    • You are absolutely right Jordan, CBD has the ability to slow down sebum production and as we know sebum is responsible for acne breakouts. and yes CBD does decrease the acne breakouts by combating the triggers especially hormonal triggered breakouts.

      well done Jordan, thank you for your comment.

  5. Hey thank you so much for this article! You are right I am hearing so much about CBD oil these days and I don’t know much about it. So you’re saying that it can be good for acne? Thanks for clarifying that it does not have mind and mood altering effects that was something that I wondered. I agree there is a lot of hype in the world now about legalizing marijuana and personally I don’t have any strong views either way but I don’t really get into mind and mood altering substances so I probably wouldn’t. However, the CBD oil looks like fun and thanks to your website I am closer to trying it. Take care!


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