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Olive Oil Benefits Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Today I would like us to talk about olive oil benefits for skincare and more so for dry skin. I am a big fan of olive oil, I like it in a salad, I love cooking with it, and I also love putting it on my skin and on my scalp too. There are two kinds of oil that I really love, Castor oil and olive oil. For anyone who suffers from dry skin or dry scalp, olive, and castor oil is the best remedy.

And it doesn’t have to be a fancy brand of olive oil, just your normal extra virgin olive oil, the kind you use in salads will do. I am lucky because where I live there are so many olive trees, some times I even get it from my neighbor, so I can almost point to which tree my olive oil came from, and since my neighbor prefers the cold-pressed method, I am getting absolutely first class olive oil which I love.

Remember pure, unrefined organic, cold pressed olive oil.

Now when you go shopping for olive oil, try to find the cold pressed kind and make sure its extra virgin, but this is not to say that if you get the non-cold pressed won’t be good, it’s just that cold pressed is better. Now don’t be afraid of the oil, OK so you will smell like salad but so what 🙂 OK you can use some essential oil to camouflage the salad smell if you like.

Myself I don’t mind the salad smell, although it does make me hungry lol anyway, if you have dry skin, just apply a fair amount on your skin and rub in the oil onto the skin for a minute or so, this will help the skin to absorb the oil. For the scalp, you can actually use olive oil as a treatment for the dry scalp by applying it onto the scalp making sure you cover as much of the scalp as you can by parting the hair into small parts.

after application, massage for a couple of minutes and then put on a shower cap and wrap your head with thick towel and leave it for 20 minutes and then you can style your hair as you like but if you find your hair is too oily, you can just dab the excess oil with an old T-shirt. If you decide to rinse your hair off, don’t use shampoo, just use warm water to rinse.

For dry hands and elbows, just apply some olive oil after a shower and rub it in, and especially if you use it in the evening before bed you will notice after few days, your skin will appear smooth and moist even after washing your hands, you will not have that horrible dry feeling. Did you know you can also use olive oil to reduce aging and the appearance of wrinkles as well as prevent sun damage?

Can you imagine being 70 years with beautiful youthful skin?

I am telling you I have seen prove, my neighbor, the one I talked about she is almost 70 years old and her face, oh my God, I always find myself staring at her and one day she asked me why I always look at her like that(probably found it creepy lol) I told her that I am fascinated by her skin and how her face is so smooth, to be honest, I thought she had some work done.

So I asked her oh and by the way, her husband is the same beautiful clear skin, so beautiful, Anyway I asked her what kind of cream she uses on her skin and she laughed and asked me, why would I spend money buying creams when I got the best cream growing in my garden, and I was like umm, excuse me? she said the olive trees, they provide me with all the treatments I need for my skin and my hair.

This actually reminded me of a woman I watched on TV who said that her secret to youthful skin is olive oil, anyway, back to my neighbor, I asked how long she had been using olive oil on her and her husband’s skin, and she told me its many years, she said even when she used to use store-bought creams, she always had a bottle of pure olive oil on her dresser. And she convinced her husband to be applying it on his skin too.

Well, I should mention that she also consumes a lot of olive oil, in cooking and salads, and the most interesting thing she shared with me, is that she never buys butter or margarine, she uses olive oil on her toast for breakfast. No, I will not be trying that, olive oil for breakfast is not something that I am willing to try because I am a bit picky when it comes to breakfast.

Olive Oil Benefits Skin Care

Anyway, I think we try so hard to care for our skin yet the best skincare could be found in our kitchens, I mean think about it, the amount of money we spend every month buying creams and other things, what if we can achieve our beauty dreams by using olive oil? that would be great but then again some people don’t really like the oily feeling. But to be honest, these days glowing skin is the thing.

Like haven’t you noticed even in magazines, the models are glowing now, compare to the past where models had the powdery appearance of matte if you like, all that is in the past now and the glow is in, I do actually put a drop of olive oil on my cheeks and I find the look is quite nice, I just put a drop on my finger and touch both my cheeks with the finger and rub lightly until its absorbed.

And I must say, it really feels nice on my skin.

Olive oil as a makeup remover

Olive oil is the best and the safest makeup remover and especially removing eyeliner and mascara, just put some olive oil on a cotton pad and gently remove your eyeliner or mascara, the olive oil will also moisturize your delicate skin and nourishes your eyelashes to strengthen them and help them grow longer as you are taking your makeup off how cool is that?

So as you can see, olive oil has many benefits not only by consuming it in food, but also using it in your beauty and skincare routine, so go on and put a small bottle of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil on your dresser today, you will be amazed at the results.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope you have found it valuable, have used olive oil on your skin before? did you like it? please leave me a comment below and share your experience with me.

Thank you so much for your time


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