botanicals foot rescue review

Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm Review

botanicals foot rescue review

This is a detailed review of botanicals Foot Rescue Balm.

Product name- Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm

Price- 18 sterling pounds which come to about $ 23

Product category- Antibacterial, natural, organic foot Balm

the speak-my-mind rank of this product- we give it 7 out of 10

This balm is suitable for people who have dry cracked heels as well as dry hands, its meant to soften and soothe cracked feet.


Very soothing and easy to apply

A little goes a long way

It does soften the feet after about 3 weeks of using twice a week

Very hydrating and leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

100% Earth sourced ingredients, suitable for vegans and not tested on animals


The price is on the high side considering the amount of content in the jar

The strong mint smell might be strong to some people

Not easy to purchase directly from the official website

Details about size and use by date not presented well.

Our experience with this foot Balm

I purchased this foot balm after doing a lot of research to try and find a product that will help my husband with his dry cracked feet, his feet were so bad, that he was scratching me at night and so I made it my mission to find him a product that will solve this problem for good. I had tried buying creams from shops and I even bought one from the pharmacy but they didn’t seem to work.

So when I saw this particular foot rescue balm from Botanicals, I decided to try it, I ordered it from eBay and I decided that I will let my husband use it twice a week for about 6 weeks before I give a review, I wanted to see if it will work or not, I kept notes of how my husband’s feet were feeling to the touch from week to week and I asked him a lot of questions.


The big complain he had was that the mint smell was too strong for him, and also he said he had to use it when he is at home because after applying the cream the feet do get slippery and so its not comfortable to wear closed shoes because even with sock the feet are slippery unless you are wearing very heavy socks.

The price was another thing that we were not very happy with, the jar is very small, it might appear big on the photos but its actually small, my hands are small so that’s why the jar might look big, when the package arrived I was shocked at how small it was and because I threw away the box, I really don’t know how much cream there is inside.

The Jar is small, it might appear big in these pictures but its actually small

botanicals foot rescue review

botanicals foot rescue balm review

and on the jar there is no printing of how much there is inside, I did try to go to the Botanicals official website, but they make it difficult to go in, I could not find the content of Foot Rescue Foot Balm. On the jar, it says that I should look at the bottom to see the size and use by date, but that sticker has rubbed off so there is nothing there to indicate the size or even the use by date.

So Is Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm Worth your money?

botanicals foot rescue review

I say the performance of the product is good, as I said after 6 weeks of my husband using it, he is not scratching me with his feet anymore, and it has to be the foot rescue balm that has made the difference because he is not using any other product on his feet. I took all the other creams away and told him to just use the foot rescue, so we can see if it will work. because I said, for that price it better work, otherwise I would’ve given it a very bad review.

My verdict is, yes the foot rescue balm is worth the money but only if you use it twice a week, if you use it every day, then it will become very expensive, also don’t use it near the eyes because its got menthol kind of effect so it might make your eyes teary.

So my husband and I have agreed to give this product a 7 out of 10 rating because the price is high and the hiding of the actual size of the product is not a good idea, plus also hiding the use by date is not a good idea, my husband thinks that the information is very important and it should be clearly and well presented.

It does say that you should use the balm within 6 months of opening, well, I don’t think it will last that long anyway, since its so little. If you are going to purchase the Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm, I suggest you use it only on the affected areas of your skin, be it feet or hands, or even elbow, you just need to use a pea size so that will help in stretching it.

I know this review sounds like a mixed kind of revies as in its not clear whether r its a positive review or a negative one, the fact is, the product does work, that is true, its just that there some issues that the manufacturers need to fix, its not even about the price or the quantity of the product, its about information.

I don’t mind buying an expensive product, especially if it works, but I need to know clearly just how expensive the product is, and I was actually gonna contact Botanicals through their contact form to discuss this problem but as i said, you can not enter their website unless you sign up, which I was not going to do, I don’t see why as a customer, I have to sign up to a website to bring them business.

So, that’s my honest opinion of this product, thank you for reading and for your time. Please tell me if you are familiar with this product and if you like it, share your comments below and I will be very happy to interact with you.

Thank you for your time


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