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Today we are going to talk about face highlighters, in this article we are going to focus on Natural face highlighters. if you are new to my site, hello and welcome to my site, my name is Rose nice to meet you and don’t be a stranger.

So lets get into our article, if you have read my previous posts, then you know I am not a very big fan of highlighters, I have a love hate relationship with highlighters, the reason for this is because I feel like, the highlighter, if not used in moderation, it gives a look that’s not natural.

And to be honest, it might look nice on a photo but in real life if highlighter is over applied in my opinion, it does not look so good especially the luminescent kind the dewy kind is fine, and the shimmering kind is ok especially for a night out ( makes it easier for your friends or partner to spot you in a crowd lol just kidding)

Seriously if worn responsibly it can work.

So since the social media has made highlighter so popular, with models posting photos of themselves looking radiant, dewy, or shimmering, I thought I should do an article covering options for natural face highlighters. because as I have said before in my other posts, my goal is to stop people from using toxic make-up by giving them options for safer make-up and skincare products.

but before we get to that, I just want to mention that highlighters are actually not something new, its just that in recent years, they have been made popular by social media, but they have been used for many years especially in Hollywood.

Actors have used face highlighters to bring a certain character to life or to enhance certain parts of the face like cheekbones or nose, or chin, or even forehead. and actually in Victorian time, there were some products that were used by theater actors to highlight their faces so the audience can clearly see facial expressions, so I guess that too was a form of face highlighter.

I know you must be wondering, if I have ever tried a highlighter or I am I just saying I don’t like it without trying, I have tried one kind after watching a tutorial on YouTube, and I did not like how it looked on me, I actually didn’t put a lot. I guess I chose the wrong kind, I prefer the dewy kind so I will, use that one on a special occasion, not everyday.

So if you are a fan of highlighter or you have a special occasion coming up and you want a special make-up look, I am going to give you an option, so you don’t have to use highlighters that are probably not good for your skin, I will help you find good natural face highlighters.

I am actually going to give you one link and on that website, you are going to find all kinds of highlighters and not only that, you are also going to find other things that you might like things like, natural non toxic eye-shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and even non toxic nail polish, how about that?

lets look at our highlighters from Butter London

Check this out

The luminous pale gold highlighter feels like liquid silk and hydrates skin, but dries to a weightless powder. Whether you want a subtle shimmer or strikingly gorgeous highlight, when the light catches, everyone will be jelly.• Superfine light-reflecting pearls blend seamlessly and float on skin for natural looking shimmer.

Buildable jelly highlighter with weightless feel
Purified mushroom extract hydrates skin
Water-based formula delivers a natural cooling sensation
Formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
Fill weight: 9.6 g / 0.33 oz.
Gluten free and vegan

As you can see these highlighters are natural and safe and even vegan, so no need to use products that could harm your skin. and by the way, while you are here look at these blushes, they are also available at Butter London

->click here and buy these amazing products.

I hope you have found this article helpful and I hope you will create your favorite look with these Natural products, I would like to hear your opinion so please leave me a comment.

Thank you so much for your time


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