Natural 4C hair my journey

Today I am going to share with you my decision that I have made about my hair, and I would like you to start this 4C natural hair journey with me. In this article I would like to share with you the difficulties that I have faced trying to go natural.

I will also be discussing the different hair types, as well as my failures when I tried to go natural in the past, and the reason for this article about natural 4C hair my journey

So lets get right into it, if you are new to my site, I would like to welcome you and to request you to go through my site because there are other articles that you will find interesting after you finish reading this one.

I have straightened my hair for a long time

I am so ashamed to admit that I have been using hair straightening creams for a very long time, I don’t even want to mention how many years. I remember the first time I bought a hair straightening cream, I was very young and I didn’t even have money to go to a hair salon.

And so I asked a friend to help me apply the cream, we read the instructions and we started applying the cream, we didn’t know how dangerous the process was and I soon found out because it wasn’t long before my scalp started burning.

We quickly washed the cream off because I couldn’t stand the pain one more second, but even after washing it off, the pain didn’t stop, I later found out that its because we did not have a neutralizing shampoo so the cream was still active even after rinsing it off.

You would think that after a bad experience I would never try again, you are wrong, I waited for my scalp to heal and after few months I was at a hair salon getting my hair straitened, and that’s when I shared my horrible experience with the hair stylist and she told me about the neutralizing shampoo.

Tried to embrace my Afro

Fast forward to 2 years ago, after reading many articles about women who have embraced their African hair, I decided its time I do the same I tried to go natural but that only lasted for about 4 months then I was back on amazon ordering a straightening cream. The problem is that my type of hair is difficult to manage, and I feel like there isn’t much I can do with it if left natural.

That been said, I also feel like by using these creams, I will just continue to damage my hair, because to be honest, my hair is not the same as it used to be long time ago when I didn’t use straightening creams, I had a very thick black hair and now my hair is thin and it no longer has the dark color it had, OK, I know I was much younger then.

But I think the straightening creams have played a big part in thinning my hair and the color change, I don’t know if its possible to go back to how my hair used to be but I am researching ways to care for 4C natural hair.

The other reason why I want to go natural, is because soon I will need to color my hair and I don’t think its a good idea to combine straightener creams with hair color, I think that will cause too much damage to my hair. So I guess its one or the other.

The thing with African hair, there are so many types depending on which part of Africa you come from, as well as your family genes, there are people with wavy hair, that kind is easier to manage I think, there are also those with loose curly hair, you’ll find the loose curly or wavy hair in places like Somalia, Ethiopia, and mostly in North Africa.

But as I mentioned, it also depends on your family genes, like in Kenya, since there are lots of different people and also people are mixed, you might find some women with wavy or loose curls especially natives of the coast area of Kenya.

Most African women have tight coily hair

However the major population of Africa, will have tight coily hair or what is known as 4C hair, this type of hair can be challenging especially for Africans who live in European countries and especially if where you live you can not find a hair stylist who knows how to deal with this kind of hair.

And so you’ll find women will tend to straighten their hair to make it easier to manage, some do it by using relaxer creams(straightening creams) or others opt for flat ironing, which means they are using extreme heat to straighten the hair, both of these methods are not good for the hair and unfortunately I fall on the first category.

So I want to change the situation and I am hoping and praying that this time I will stick to the plan, I hope to never use relaxer cream ever again, I know its gonna be hard because, last time, I tried it was so difficult dealing with my hair that I just gave up and relaxed it.

I have been researching a lot trying to find products that are good for natural African hair, and I have been trying to find products that are specifically designed for the 4C type of hair, I am still working on it, because as we speak I have a protective style on, my hair is braided right now and so when I take off the braids, that’s when the reality will sink in.


Actually when I had decided to go natural last time, I had a protective style, I don’t remember whether it was braids or weave and I said when I take this style off, I am going natural, that did not happen and that’s why I decided to do this post, so I can hold myself accountable.

Maybe I should take an oath or something, anyway, we shall see how it goes, but I have started buying the products I need to be ready, the first product I have bought after seeing it on pinterest, is Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong. It promises to strengthen fragile hair and protect from heat. I will do a review on it after I use it.

I have also bought a product called Blue Magic its a hair and scalp treatment, so we will see how it works. I must wear my hair natural, because that’s the only way I will have a nice healthy strong hair, and as I mentioned, my hair needs to be strong for the coloring, I mean its only a matter of time before I start coloring.

Guess I also have to start researching the best hair colors, so many things to consider, if you are reading this and maybe you have some suggestions, please leave me a comment, I can use all the help I can get.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you will walk with me in this journey, lets go natural together.

Thank you so much for your time


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3 thoughts on “Natural 4C hair my journey”

  1. I read this article in hopes that I would find a natural hair care product that won’t irritate my sinuses and lungs with fragrance.
    I don’t know much about hair and don’t know what 4C means. I’m white and keep my hair natural, don’t mind the gray, but complain to myself all the time because it looks unruly.
    My son, also white, has naturally curly hair and the kids at school call him afro-boy sometimes. He loves it!

    I don’t have any experience with African hair care but I think it looks stunning in braids! I like the afro style, too. I don’t know how it is with African hair but I have white friends with naturally curly/frizzy hair and they like to straighten it for special occasions. I think it looks better natural, but I’m not the one who has to take care of it so what do I know?

    I suspect you are being too hard on yourself and that to other people, you are gorgeous no matter how you wear your hair.

  2. Amazing journey! Keeping it positive does wonders! Going for the most trusted and reliable natural way truly can be the best option. I really am inspired reading. 🙂


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