Kenyan Women And White Men, Is This A New Trend?

Today I would like us to discuss Kenyan Women and white men. There seems to be a fever that’s spreading like wildfire, especially on social media. African women and especially Kenyan women are willing to do anything to bag a white man. The #bibiyamuzungu ( wife to a white man) seems to be something that women especially young women are willing to move heaven and earth to be able to use on their social media posts.

But why is this happening? I mean Kenyan women and white men have been getting into relationships for decades, interracial marriages and relationships are not something new. Unfortunately, interracial relationships became a trend thanks to social media platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram, not to mention FaceBook.

Kenyan Women And White Men, It’s Like The New Cool Club

A lot of people have turned experts after getting married to Muzungus (white men) and now they are advising anyone who wants to join the cool kids club of #bibiyamuzungu. The problem with these so-called teachers and advisers of how to get a Muzungu, don’t even do some research on let’s say romance scams, hookup culture, and sex tourism just to name a few.

So when a girl comes asking for advice on what to do since she met this guy last week and he has booked a flight to come and see her in Kenya, The “advisor” would talk to her about buying lingerie and getting her self waxed everywhere less the muzungu see hairs on her body.

Many girls have fallen victim to predators who travel to developing countries to exploit naive young girls. Some even get to developing countries, get an apartment and then get on dating apps looking for those muzungu-hungry girls, some girls have ended up either losing their lives or in severe medical conditions, all in the name of wanting to be “bibi ya muzungu”

To These Girls Being Bibi Ya Muzungu On TikTok Is More Important Than Safety


When I host my live streams on Tiktok, I ask these young ladies, why Muzungu, why do you want to get married to white men? Some give valid reasons, but some just want the title and to relocate, OK, granted many people from developing countries would like to move to developed countries for greener pastures.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with seeking opportunities, but when you go about it the wrong way, things can backfire on you. Pretending to be in love with someone and even going ahead and getting married to the said person, is just wrong. The saddest thing about this is that there are women living in developed countries that are actually advising these young women to use old European or American men as bridges to get to Europe and America.

Using A Senior Citizen To Get To Europe Or To America Is A Bad Idea


What these women don’t tell these girls is that Embassies are very kin these days when it comes to age gap relationships, and another thing, if the said Senior citizen is getting financial help from his government, he probably won’t be able to file papers for the girl to join him, and that is why we are seeing a lot of our young ladies living with old foreign men in Kenya because the old guy was not able to file for her to go live with him in his country.

So you find the girl got married quickly thinking that after the wedding she is going to travel to America or to Europe, but then she is hit by the surprise of paperwork. I keep telling women to do research. Read, and watch videos on YouTube, and learn about different countries and visa requirements.

The funny or rather sad thing about all this is that some of the so called advisers are actually charging our girls for information that is free on Google and YouTube. Because these girls are so desperate to get married to these white men, they are willing to even take out loans to pay these unscrupulous scammers.

We will talk about Tiktok interracial dating scams in my next article, it’s actually sad. There is nothing wrong with wanting to enter into any kind of relationship, and you most definitely deserve love in your life. The problem comes in when our young ladies lose sight of what is important.

Money Can Be Made Your Safety, Happiness, And Love Is Paramount


Money and relocation have become the driving force that fuels desperation in our girls. And my efforts to convince them that they can move to these countries even without necessarily marrying old men have proved futile. There are so many official websites of different countries that offer opportunities for people from developing countries to move there for work or to study.

For example, the Aupair program is a cultural exchange program that allows a young lady to go and live and study in another country like Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, and Luxembourg, just to name a few. But when I tell our young ladies to create profiles on such websites, they just shrug it off.

It’s like they think finding a white man to relocate you is the easiest way out, but Let’s take a look at what happens when you, for example, get married to an American man. Assuming you get married in an African country, that is just the first step there is a long road ahead before you can actually board that plane heading to the US.

The CR1 visa process, which is an American spousal visa is not a walk in the park, you could even wait for up to two years and that is if the man meets the requirements to file for your mainly financial requirements. If you decide to go and get married in the US, then he has to petition on your behalf so you can be granted permission in form of what is called a K1 Visa. That too is a long process and it’s not guaranteed.

In conclusion, Lets Just Search For Love And Commitment

If you are indeed attracted to white men, you can go for it and search for them, and you will meet one who is also attracted to African women and maybe the two of you can fall in love and work together towards building a life together as an interracial couple. But if you are going looking for white men just because others are looking for them then you, my friend are going about things the wrong way.

Maybe you are not even attracted to white men, so what if you do find that white man, and then realize that you are not attracted to him, what’s gonna happen then? Look, it takes a lot to make a relationship or a marriage work, so please choose wisely, because a time will come when things will get tough. If there is no love, respect, trust, and understanding involved, things can get really ugly trust me.

Anyway, I will stop there, for now, I would like to read your comments on this subject so please leave them below.

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