Finding Love Online

Love is every where Even Online

Today’s blog post is going to  focus on chances of finding love online, is it possible? can it last?

The human being is constantly searching for love, whether it’s from family, friends or a partner. the search for love is as old as time itself. there is no greater feeling than to love and to be loved in return, to know that someone out there cares so much for you, that they are willing to forsake all others for you.

So is it possible to find love online and can it last?

The answer to both questions is yes, it’s possible to find love anywhere, people meet on a train and fall in love, people meet on a business meeting and fall in love, love is everywhere and it can find you anywhere including on your computer or mobile device.

It doesn’t really matter how you meet someone, what matters is if you love each other and if you are compatible with each other, and also if the two of you are able to build a life together, those are the things that matter.

The big problem with online dating is that most of the time, it involves distance, and also in some cases, it’s difficult to meet in person because of financial or visa restrictions if the two parties are in two different countries.  And also it’s hard to know if you are really in love or you are just in love with the idea of being in love.

Plus the person on the other end of the internet could be just feeding you a bunch of lies, or maybe you both could be in love but with people who you think the other person is, OK I know I might have confused you there, so let me explain, when you meet someone online, you read their profile description, and look at their photos and then you decide to contact them.

This means you have already created an idea about that person in your head, whether that’s who they really are, remains to be discovered until you meet them in person and spend some time with them. Some people do put false information on their profile descriptions.

Is It All An Act?

And this could go very wrong, both for you and for them too, I mean if you think you are meeting one person then you meet someone totally different, it’s terrible, I don’t mean physically because these days thanks to video calls, you can see who you are talking to. What I am talking about is personality.

Like someone could describe themselves as outgoing and fun, then you meet them, and find that they are the exact opposite, so my point is, yes you can find love online but you will not be sure if indeed you have found love until you meet that person and spend time with them.

Communication is crucial

Another big problem with online dating is communication, especially when it involves long-distance, the communication needs to be super high because both parties need reassuring, so both must let each other know their plans, and be open at all times if indeed they are in love with each other and working towards a life together.

I will soon be doing a blog post strictly focusing on communication while in a long-distance relationship because a small misunderstanding could break a perfectly good relationship, so keep an eye on my next post.

but for now, l would love to hear your view on this article, so please leave me a comment. Thank you for your time.


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