Online Dating How To Spot A Scammer

online dating how to spot a scammer

In this article, we are going to talk about how to spot a scammer.

Online dating how to spot a scammer, is the name of our article today.  There is a big problem when it comes to online dating. there are so many dishonest people out here and I am not even talking about the classic kind that falls in love with you in the two minutes of visiting your profile.

Seriously, if you believe those ones l feel sorry for you, they send you a copy-pasted message claiming how they saw your profile and instantly they knew you are the one, and they are so in love with you and you are going to have many fat babies and live happily ever after lol

We are not going to talk about those obvious ones, we are going to talk about the kind that could cause you a lot of heartaches, the kind that takes time and plays with your emotions, gets you to trust them, and even start having strong feelings, and then, start milking you for money and when you run out of money, they drop you just like that.

How To Spot A Scammer Have You Seen This On TV?

I know you might have heard a story on TV about someone who sold everything they owned and sent money to someone in Europe who turned out to be in West Africa somewhere, and you ask yourself how in the hell can someone be so stupid? they are not stupid and this can happen to anyone, so be careful.

Or someone who keeps sending money to a person who is stuck in a foreign country, who is wealthy but for some unexplained reasons, his/her money is frozen, but they will pay everything back as soon as their accounts are unfrozen. or a person who has a box full of money that they need to get to the US as soon as possible and they need help with the shipping of the box.

How To Spot A Scammer How It All Starts

So lets see how it all starts, first, you meet someone, lets say you are a guy, you meet a very attractive young woman, keep in mind that they have gone through your profile and they know exactly what you are looking for, so you get a message from this person, maybe just a simple message to say hi and to introduce themselves.

So you reply and you start chatting, and by the end of the month you are very close and communicating and getting to know each other, remember this is the kind of scam that goes slowly to get you to trust them, so the first couple of months they are not going to try something funny.

Then as you start having strong feelings, and having some kind of online relationship, boom! tragedy happens not a big one though, but your relationship is a big one because she will tell you either her phone has broken or you can’t communicate anymore, keep in mind this is a test, if you fall for it, then they know they got you.

At this point, you truly believe you are in love

Then you will do whatever it takes to buy her a new phone, after that, things now will start happening more frequently, illnesses, accidents, bills, etc. by this time you have invested too much time, emotions, and even money and at this point, you truly believe that you are in a relationship, so you do whatever it takes to help the one you love.

Also by this time you start hiding things from your friends and family because you know what they are going to say. anyway, you might be one of the lucky ones and one day you realize what is going on and tell the woman that you are not going to send any more money, and at that point, everything will vanish into thin air.

The email account will be closed, the Skype will be deleted, and you will never hear from that particular account anymore, but they might contact you again on a different account. so that’s one kind of scammer, the next kind is even worse, this one is actually the kind who is not really looking for love or someone to spend life with.

This one is looking for a way out of a situation, so they will act as if they are in love, you might even visit them in their country and spend a wonderful time together, and all will be well, and you might decide to bring them over to your country. and these days the way of bringing someone to the US or Europe is marriage, so you might get married.

Have you watched that show on TLC called 90-day fiance?

Anyway, after a few months, things will start getting ugly because one can only act for so long before the true colors come out, so she will change and you will be wondering, why didn’t I see this coming, well, the answer is simple, you couldn’t see it because it was well hidden.  this kind will be hard to spot until it’s too late, so the best thing is to have a long relationship before making big decisions like marriage. although to be honest with you, it really boils down to the kind of person you find online and fall in love.

I mean there are people who build their online relationship and get married quickly after meeting in person and it works, so it’s only the both of you who can decide if you want to get married or wait a little longer.

The Marriage scam

Another kind of scammer is the kind who wants you to get married in their country, the problem with this is that they will trick you to think that you are married when you are in fact not married at all, the way they do this is by arranging a wedding with a fake minister or registrar, and so you will go back to your country thinking you have left your spouse behind when in reality, you are not married at all.

The point of this type of scam is just money and nothing else, in most cases the person is already married to someone from his/ her country, so they will be using your money to finance their family, so be very careful, if you are interested in getting married in another country contact your embassy for advice on how to move forward, or do your own research and find out where the registry office is, that way you will know if you are being taken to a fake place.

But On The Other Hand Some Europian And Americans Don’t Tell The Truth

On the other side of the coin, there are European and American men and women who don’t tell the truth as to why they are on dating sites looking for African or Filipino women/men, or Russian women/men for that matter. some just want someone who is less fortunate than them so they can control them.


Or they have some issues that they know American women won’t put up with, so they go on sites saying American women are bad, but that’s because they got issues and that’s why they don’t want to date from their own countries. So the way to spot this one is easy, they will not be able to hide their controlling ways.

Another kind is the kind who is not really looking for a serious relationship, but they pretend they are and so you end up wasting your time thinking you have found someone but they just want a little online fling. The way to spot this one is by trying to make long-term plans, you will notice they will be hesitant, or when they talk about the future you will notice they will not include you, you will also notice they are more interested in sex talk.

How To Spot A Scammer Promises Promises

The other kind is the kind who know that they really don’t have the means to either move to another country or bring someone over to their country, yet they are online contacting people from other countries, I think that is not fair because you are blocking that person from finding someone who could be able to make things happen for a relationship. This one is easy if after a couple of months they have no plans to visit, or they are not inviting you to visit them, then you are wasting your time.

Another kind is the ones who hide medical conditions, so you get involved with someone, just to find that they have a medical condition that you are not ready to deal with, I think one has to disclose all medical conditions that they have so the other person can make an advised decision about the relationship and especially if a man has diabetes, you need to disclose to your online partner just how serious it is and if it will affect your physical intimacy. this one will be hard until you meet in person you will not know what the person is suffering from, and even when you meet, they still might hide it or downplay it, so be careful.


You have to be careful while doing your online dating, keep in mind that people are on these dating sites searching for different things, there are those who are searching for love, and long term commitment and there are those who are searching for other things, so it’s up to you to make sure you find what you are looking for.

Thank you for reading this article, and please leave me a comment with your thoughts about this topic.

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