Does Ukraine Have The Most Beautiful Women In The World? Let’s Find Out

Does Ukraine have the most beautiful women in the world? Well, maybe and maybe not. I believe that every country has its share of beautiful women, but what is beauty anyway? the concept of beauty keeps changing, plus every part of the world has its own idea of beauty, but for the sake of this post, Let’s focus on the European standard of beauty, so I guess the woman has to have long legs, slim waist, and a D cup breasts. Maybe long silky hair it can be blond or other colors.

Does Ukraine Have The Most Beautiful Women In The World?

Maybe big clear blue or green eyes, oh what do I know about European beauty, I am an African woman. But the European women that I have seen described as beautiful seem to possess these three things, as I mentioned long legs, small waist, and big bosom as well as rounded bottom but not big maybe a measurement of 36 hips.

It’s funny when I think of my online dating days, you had guys describing the woman they are looking for and they would put measurements of 36 24 36 and height was 5’8, and mainly those were the ones looking for European women so I guess that is the measure of beauty.

But Let’s get serious here, how in the world can one country be stereotyped like this, OK my theory is, since we already know that the women outnumber the men in Ukraine I think maybe women take better care of themselves so they can increase their chances of finding a husband, which brings me to my next question if indeed Ukraine has the most beautiful women in the world, is it natural beauty or is it enhanced beauty?

Natural Or Enhanced Beauty?

I mean we already know that Brazil has beautiful women but we also know that Brazil has the highest number of plastic surgeries. According to a documentary I watched about Ukraine, the beauty industry is a big business and women use lots of makeup, in fact when I was watching the documentary, the camera was pointing from one direction to another and all women were fully made up. which is OK, I mean I love make-up too.

But if we were to strip all the make-up off, will we still say that all those women are beautiful? in this age where people are putting on make-up to cover up, it’s very hard to say. In my opinion, make-up should be worn to enhance beauty but not to cover up or change your face. Anyway, Online dating and more specific international online dating has become normal and very popular.

More people are able to connect via the internet, but for most European men and some American men flights are heading to Ukraine, this is propelled by the notion that dating a Ukrainian woman is like dating a supermodel with the values of a woman from 1950s, now as much as this notion is appealing, some men do get disappointed when they find out that the so-called supermodel with old fashion values, is just an idea and it does not necessarily translate into reality.

I mean some of these stereotypes are just ridiculous, how in the world can you characterize a whole population of women with one idea of values? one thing these men don’t realize is that when you join those Ukrainian matchmaking companies, it’s a business, most of there sites you have to pay to chat with the woman so if you decide to chat with 3 women, then you will pay for each woman you chat with.

And actually, in some instances, these companies do hire models to pose as women seeking foreign husbands so yeah you might be chatting to a supermodel, the only problem is, there is a slim chance of the supermodel coming home with you, just keep that in mind. But in other cases, the matchmaking company could be running an honest business, and it’s the women who join with plans of making money because they do get a portion of the money made during the chat session.

And then when it comes to the point where the companies should arrange for the famous romance tours, well, men spend thousands of dollars, I was actually reading a story of one man who spent $7k on one of those tours and he was not able to get back to his country with his supermodel bride because she ditched him at the last minute.

Supermodel with old fashion values

Or sometimes the men fly to Ukraine just to be disappointed because they find the so-called supermodel bride, does not have the 1950s values after all, in fact, one man found out that the woman he was to marry was actually an actress in the adult movie industry, not that I have anything against the Adult movie industry but for a man who is hoping to get married to a virgin, this could be a deal-breaker.

So going back to Ukraine having the most beautiful women in the world, I think they might have many beautiful women, but I won’t say they have the most beautiful women in the world, I actually don’t think that one country can have the most beautiful women in the whole world because beauty is many things s to different people,

In fact, for the sake of this post, I gathered a few friends and they were a group of 3 men and 3 women without including myself, and I searched the net and showed them photos of different women who are considered the most beautiful women in the world, and each person had an opinion as to how the woman in the picture can not possibly be the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Then I went further and selected 3 photos of 3 Ukrainian women who are considered very beautiful, again the opinions were varied, some agreed that the women were beautiful and some did not agree, I must say I was one of those who agreed that the women were indeed very beautiful. Anyway, before you book your flight ticket to Ukraine, you might want to evaluate the situation and ask yourself, are you going there because you have indeed met someone that you are interested in?

Before You Book Your Flight To Ukraine, First Ask Yourself These Questions

Or are you going there because you have this idea sold to you by a matchmaking company about how you are going to fly back home with a supermodel bride who will treat you like how your grandma treated your grandpa? Assuming your grandparents have an old fashion kind of relationship with family values and love like we see in old movies.

If indeed you have met someone whether, from Ukraine or some other parts of the world, that’s good, but just judge them based on their individual character, not by generalization, I mean the chances of you getting disappointed are very high if you fly to Ukraine with a mindset of a supermodel with old fashion values, I am just saying.

Anyway, I hope you have found value in this article and I hope I have shared useful information with you, please share your thoughts with me about this topic by leaving me a comment, do you think Ukraine has the most beautiful women in the world? or do you think that title belongs to another country? please tell me what you think.

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