International Online Dating Sex On First Date?

Today I would like to cover a topic that is a bit controversial, in this article we are going to look at international online dating sex on the first date. The question is to do it or not to do it? Now I have been thinking of doing this article for some time, actually, when I did my previous article about international dating culture shock, I was supposed to do this one then but I took a different route because I wanted to find ways to word this article in a way that is helpful and valuable to you.

So sit back and relax as we try to unravel this difficult topic. First, we need to look at international online dating and evaluate the dating process and see what the couple is doing while they wait to be united in person. When two people fall in love on the internet, the distance is the main problem when it comes to international dating. Because, unlike conventional dating, you can not swing by your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s house and spend some quality time together.

The closest you will get is Skype, Zoom, or face time, now this gets very frustrating because, when you love someone, you want to have some physical connection and that is lacking at this point. You cannot hug, kiss, hold hands, or do other things. All you have is the screen of your computer or phone. Now, some couples do get creative as they get comfortable with each other as time goes by.

How creative you wanna get, it’s really up to you because only you understand the dynamic of your relationship. I will just mention a couple of examples here but it’s totally up to you and your significant other, to come up with ways to make things interesting in your long-distance relationship.

OK, so the couple could have some special private Skype or face time dates where the lady dresses up in a sexy negligee and the guy dresses in.. Well I don’t know whatever the lady wants him to dress up in I guess then you can use your imaginations to have a good outcome.

The next idea is to use the phone to talk about.. Well, the things you like, people can get very creative when it comes to these things. Now all this is fine, the only problem is that it only intensifies the emotions for when you finally meet, and especially if you indulge in these kinds of activities just days away from your personal encounter, things could get out of hand.

Is it OK to have sex on the first date when you are in international online dating and meeting for the first time?

So Let’s address the big elephant in the room, is it advisable to have sex on your first meeting? I know now you are waiting for me to answer that question with either a no or a big fat yes lol 🙂 honestly only you and your partner can answer that question because it’s only the two of you who know how you feel and if you can control yourselves after waiting so long to be together.

However, I will say that you should be prepared for whatever, I mean you could swear that there will be no sinister activity that’s gonna take place and then you find yourself in a situation where you are not equipped to handle the situation, you know what I mean? NO? OK fine I will be blunt I am talking about protection, just take some with you just in case, and I am not talking to just the guy, I am talking to the woman too.

I get very frustrated with women who pretend they don’t want to have sex, and leave the responsibility of protection to men, what if he forgets to get some, then what? the truth is and I am speaking as a woman, I know for a fact that there are some women who would be interested in having sex, but they pretend that they don’t want to, in this age of ”me too” you need to make it clear if you want to have sex or not.

Because if you say no, then, of course, the guy will respect your wishes, and then you will be the one to deal with your situation however you decide to do that. In international online dating, you need to be clear as to what your intentions are, if you don’t intend to have sex no matter what, then you have to make it clear, if you are not sure whether you want to have sex during the meeting, then just say we will see how things go.

Both Parties Should Be Willing To Be Tested

That way the door is open for possibilities. Now there are some very important details that you need to keep in mind, you cannot have sex without protection OK? because you really want to make sure that all is well health-wise between both of you and also you really don’t want surprises. And by the way, don’t be like this guy I was watching on TV where he went to Brazil to meet his girlfriend with whom he had met online.

So he goes there and he demands that the woman takes medical tests including a pregnancy test before they could move things forward. I was very angry at how the guy was treating the woman, I don’t know if the show was scripted but there is no way in hell I would allow someone to treat me like that.

If you want someone to get tested, you must be willing to subject yourself to the same tests, besides, how does the woman know if you are clean? We don’t know where you and your dangling bits have been. Both of you need to know each other’s condition before you engage in unprotected sex.

I hope you are not disappointed in this article, maybe you were hoping that I would say it’s fine to just have sex as soon as you meet, or maybe you were expecting me to say that you should not even be thinking about sex at this point.

But Let’s look at things realistically, Let’s say you’ve been speaking online for the last 6 months, we all know that online relationships move very fast because all you are doing is talking, I mean that’s all you can do when you are in an international online dating relationship.

To be honest, by two months of online communication, you have covered just about everything, you have talked about your likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams for the future, you have talked about family, and work, so by 3 months you are just talking about normal things like what happened during the day, etc. this means by six months of online relationship there is not much left to discuss, all that is left is to see your physical chemistry and connection.

Its Really Up To You To Decide How You Want To Spend Your Time Together

Let’s say you only have ten days together during the visit, how do you want to utilize your days together? do you want to spend the ten days going over the things you’ve been talking about on Skype and on the phone, or do you want to spend days doing other things like meeting the family and working on visas? or do you want to just see if indeed you do fit well together? it’s really up to you but I will say that you should spend your time together wisely because it’s limited.

And you know especially when you are doing the visa process, it could take a long time before you can be together again because of maybe financial restrictions, work, and other things that could be standing in your way f being together.


Sex is a beautiful thing and when shared between two people who are in love with one another, it’s amazing, however, some people don’t believe in sex before marriage, and I respect that, so it’s really up to the couple to decide and do what is morally acceptable to them. If you want to wait until your wedding night, that is beautiful too.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to these things, it’s just a matter of what you are comfortable and happy with as well as what you believe is right. So go ahead and make the right decision for both of you.


Now I am sure I have raised a lot of questions so please feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you might have or anything you would like to share. Are you in a long-distance relationship? how are things going? when you meet in person have you made things clear as to what you are willing and not willing to do?

Thank you so much for your time


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