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In my last post, I mentioned something that I would like to go more into detail about. I mentioned how these days women are putting makeup to look the same, the same shape of eyebrows, the same eyelashes and the same lips. So today I will try to convince you to create your own style.

And I also mentioned, the contouring kit, I forgot to mention the highlighters, I am so tired of seeing women looking like clowns, honestly, those highlighters, need to be applied in moderation, you see women now with golden foreheads, noses, and cheeks.

We Don’t Have To Have The Same Look

I think its gone too far, thick eyebrows, golden nose, and cheeks, forced baby hairs. honestly, by the rate we are going, everyone will just look the same and don’t get me started on those so-called Instagram models, and the African ones are also contouring to try and have thin nose. come on create your own style, let others see your creativity.

look, girls, it’s not working OK, your nose is not going to look like Kim Kardashian OK? you can contour all you want but even Kim Kardashian nose doesn’t look like Kim Kardashian nose, because it’s been altered,alegidely so if you really want that nose, its simple, you have to go under the knife.

What I am trying to say is that everybody is different and you face has a different shape from the next person, so if you shape your eyebrows as the next person, they might not suit your face, and your nose is different too, so maybe that highlighter shouldn’t be so much on the tip of your nose.

l see beautiful girls totally spoiling their looks by over applying makeup, they just paint their faces so much that they look like a whole new person.

Makeup Is Good I Love It

Make up is good, I love make up, actually I love it so much thats why I started this blog, to try and shine light into the danger of using the wrong products on your skin, because Makeup is part of our daily life, well at least it is a part of my daily life.

So I thought since we are wearing it every day, then we should make sure its safe for us. that being said, I will still insist that even if you are using natural makeup, please don’t wear it as a mask, stop hiding behind layers of Makeup, we need to see you.

I understand if indeed, your skin has some blemishes, its perfectly fine to cover those and have a smooth finish, but most of you are not covering anything under there, just hiding your beautiful skin.

if your skin is clear, whats wrong with just applying face cream,A little concealer around the eyes or where you need it and a nice face powder, mascara, eyeliner and shadow, and a nice lipstick, whats wrong with that?

I am by no means saying my skin is perfect, or that l apply my makeup perfectly everytime. Actually, l have blemishes and some small scars on my face, and l do try to put some concealer, but l do try not to put too much because l honestly don’t want to hide under my makeup.

Makeup Should Not Change You, It Should Enhance Your Beauty.

I was reading an article somewhere today, and it was about women expressing what makeup is and means to them, I was not surprised to see many women saying that make up makes them feel like a new person.

Some went further to explain how makeup has changed them, my view on this is makeup should not change who you are or who you look like, makeup should bring out your beauty, style, and personality by enhancing your features, like if you have blue eyes, your eyeshadow, should complement the color of your eyes making the color of your eyes pop and more beautiful,

Same goes with brown eyes, whatever color your eyes are, you should wear eyeshadow that enhances their beauty. and that’s why I keep insisting, we cannot keep wearing makeup like the girl on Pinterest or Instagram, yeah you can get inspiration but you shouldn’t copy the exact look.

I know what you are thinking now, you think maybe I am too old school that’s why I am talking like this, actually, you are wrong, I might be old school in some way, but not when it comes to makeup and fashion.

Find What Works For You

So girls, and boys, lets find our own style, dare to be diffrent, create your own look, wear makeup to suit your face and to bring out your beauty, try different things until you see what works for you, be yourself, you are good enough and you are already beautiful.


Take it from me for a long time I let people convince me that I was not good enough, that I was not beautiful enough, but one day I woke up and I said a word that I will not type here, bascally I said l will do me and whoever has a problem with that well, they can do whatever they wish to do.

I actually think that all these looks we are seeing these days that are done the same way, is because girls are afraid to be themselves, so they are on youtube, Instagram looking for ways to look like someone else, so they can just blend in. I don’t think that is necessary, just be you, look like yourself.

The people who love you will love you with layers of makeup or without but they probably find it strange to see you with golden nose and golden cheeks lol.

Beauty is Already there

My conclusion, beauty is already there, we just need to enhance it not to paint it on, work with what you already have, and don’t try to look like the model you see on social midea.

You are not her and she is not you, and while I am at this I will mention that there are some looks that are not suitable for African women, so we as African women need to go with colors that work for our skin tone, keeping in mind that we come in all shades, dark, medium, and light.

So if you see a light-skinned African model rocking a look, before you copy that look, take your phone or tablet, go in front of a mirror, and compare your skin tone to that of the photo in your phone, if it matches your skin tone, then go for it. and remember, not too much highlighter.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope it has encouraged you to create your own style. Please let me know what your views are about this topic, leave me a comment and l will respond.

Thank you so much for your time.


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10 thoughts on “Create Your Own Style Or Look”

  1. Instead of look this article as anything else I more likely look this as an inspiration for all the women out there. Every line in this article teaches and educate us about how we should belive in our beauty and how Make Up is just there to enhance our beauty.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. Hi Rose – I really enjoyed reading this post about creating your own style or look.  I agree that people should not be so focused on trying to fit in, or trying to look a certain way.  You have presented this in such a positive way.  Hopefully others will take this to heart and enhance their positives.

    Nice job,


    • Hi Michele, thank you so much for your kind words, I think everyone has their own spackle and they should just shine.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  3. Hi Rose,
    I appreciate your post. I dont put on makeup all the time but when I do I have a specific way of styling my brows. sincerely speaking, I find that the so called “instagram eyebrows” does not work for me. I like to style my eyebrow so that it suits me. Thank you so much for this post!


    • Yes, Pam, you are just like me, I do my eyebrows too, and as I said, they don’t turn out the same way each time, but its fine, I have different looks every few days lol

  4. It’s so important to talk about this nowadays. It’s just like you said, people are trying more and more to be this perfect person the media shows her, when not even those models are perfect like that! Everyone has their own beauty and should try to enhance that instead of copying someone else.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. These words are really inspiring and many many women should read it.

    Have a wonderful week,



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