Who Is Anna Bey Of Jet Set Babes?

OK, let’s tackle this question, who is Anna Bey, Of Jet Set Babes, and The School of affluence? I was asked this question on Quora.com where I spend some time answering online dating questions. People, and especially women seem to be obsessed with this Swedish woman. The reason why people are fascinated with Anna is because love her, or hate her, she has made a name for herself.

And now there are even Pinterest Groups dedicated to Anna’s fashion and beauty suggestions. But seriously, who is Anna Bey? She describes herself as an internationally renowned lifestyle, and personal development educator. Anna is a former jet-set babe who managed to build a business teaching women how to level up and navigate the high society scene. She teaches you how to be elegant so you can bag a millionaire. But unlike the millionaire matchmaker, she does not bring the millionaire to you.

You have to do the job yourself and position yourself in a way that attracts the millionaire to you. You also have to make sure that you visit the hangouts of the rich and the famous. Anna Bey teaches you how to dress, how to walk, how to talk, and generally how to conduct yourself as a high-class lady worthy of high society. She has made lots of money selling her online courses at the online finishing school called School Of Affluence.

Who Is Anna Bey Of Jet Set Babes and Is She Married? 

If there is one thing Anna Bey has managed to do very well, is hide her partner, I have been doing a lot of research on this and she has hidden him very well. All we know is that he is a Banker. I even watched her YouTube videos where she was reviewing Hotels, and I did not see anyone with her.

In one of the videos she invited us, her viewers to a Q And A session and I thought this was going to be the time we will finally find out who she is dating or if she is already married. Despite countless questions on this topic, she decided not to answer citing privacy.

She said that “this is one area of her life that she chooses to keep private”.

Update Anna Bey Has Revealed She Got Married During The Quarantine

Anna Bey is a married woman,  she revealed on her Youtube channel that she and her now-husband got married in Swistland during the Quarantine. she shared the details of her Quarantine wedding, but she said she will not be posting her husband on social media.

we didn’t even get to see much of him even in the video, she instead used stock videos to describe the wedding.

 Who Is Anna Bey Of Jet Set Babes And Why Is She So Famous?

As I mentioned earlier, she has made a name for herself by creating an online business in a very controversial niche. I mean she has received a good share of negative reviews for advocating, women use men to level up. But to be fair to Anna, her lessons can be applied to our lives even if we are not necessarily looking for millionaires.

For example, in her latest YouTube video, she is teaching you how to walk elegantly in Heels. How to have the correct posture, and confidence to walk in heels. Surely we do need this kind of lesson as women so we don’t wobble when we wear heels. Although, the lesson in essence is designed to help you walk in a way that will make heads turn and attract that millionaire, meaning it’s designed for the ladies who are trying to level up.

I feel this particular lesson, and the fashion lessons that she gives can be applied to any woman who wants to look elegant, and stylish.

The Truth Is Her Services Are In Big Demand


One of her programs called secretes of the elite woman, has a waiting list, it’s in so high demand that you have to be entered into a waiting list. Her YouTube Channel which Is not that old is on its way to reaching 1 million subscribers. Anna has been actively building her online business since 2010 running her blog called jetsetbabe.com, and 10 years later, she has cemented herself as an entrepreneur.

She has worked with many brands, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. jetsetbabe.com is very popular with young women who are interested in learning how to level up. And her YouTube channel where she offers tips and advice on how to attract wealthy men, has grown very quickly in recent months.

I guess since most people are bored at home, they are finding all kinds of online activities to keep them occupied, even if that means taking a course on how to be an elegant woman so you can attract the rich and the famous men.

Anna Bey Has Paid To Be Where She Is Today

In an article in the Daily Mail, Anna is described as someone who went from being a plain Jane into a jet setter.

But that transformation did not come without a price. I remember watching her YouTube video where she talked about her transformation, and how she paid $10,000 for a nose job, she also lost some weight and colored her hair from black to blonde.

She said it was after this makeover that her dating game changed and she was able to find “Many good quality Men” I guess by good quality she meant wealthy. But Let’s be honest, if you have $10,000 to spend on a nose job, why not invest that money and work toward becoming a millionaire yourself without targeting wealthy men? Just asking, no judgment here.

So If Your Goal Is To Join The High Society, You Need To Have Something On Your Own


My take away from all this is in order for you to work towards becoming one of the high society club members, you need to have something to start with. So I guess you need to have a job, so you can save up and get some cosmetic surgery if you need it, you also need to invest in a good wardrobe. And of course, don’t forget you have to join Anna’s online finishing school at The School Of Affluence.

Where you will learn among other things, how to perfect the art of social climbing, how to look and conduct yourself as a high-class woman, how to interact with the high-class community. You will also learn how to look expensive, and how to approach the topic of sponsorship with your millionaire without making your gold-digging aspect so obvious so to speak.

All these things cost money, so it’s not as easy as people think to join the elite club, just one course at the School of affluence will cost you $300, and there are many courses that you need to take. There are many subjects covered in different courses, so it really depends on what you want to learn first.



As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the idea for this post was as a result of a question that was asked on Quora.com, and I decided to write a blog post on it so I can give more information, and also answer other questions regarding this topic, it also helps me when I answer a question on Quora to have a blog post that I can link when I give my answer, it helps grow my blog.

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