What Is The Best Advice You Ever Got?


OK, lets do a fun post today, what is the best advice you ever got? like in your entire life? You know in life we come across different people, some will influence us in a positive way, and some influence us in a negative way. Personally, I have encountered many situations, and have gotten all kinds of advice from people, some solicited and some not.

What is the best advice you ever got? For me, it was words spoken to me by a lady that I didn’t even know very well, she used to talk to my mother occasionally. I was only 7 or 8 years old, and I had a thorn under my foot. For those of you who don’t know me, I was born and raised In Kenya, and for most people from my generation, When we were younger shoes were a luxury.

What Is The Best Advice You Ever Got? For Me, It’s Never Hide Something That Causes You Pain

To be honest with you, in our Schools there were very few students who attended school wearing shoes. I remember one girl in particular who came from what we called ”a rich family”. When you look at it in present times, they were not really rich but for us then, the family was rich.

The father had a car, they had many cows, and their house was constructed with stones instead of mud. Also, they always had shoes, and they had two pairs of school uniforms each. Another thing that made us think the family was rich, was the fact that they always took buttered bread as snacks to school.

Now, the girl from the ”rich family” was nice and she was always willing to share her bread with us, but there was something that made her uncomfortable, which we did not know of. Apparently, she wanted to be like us, and fit in, so when she showed up for school without shoes one morning, we were shocked.

The Rich Girl, Came To School Bare Footed, So She Can Fit In


We asked her what happened to her shoes, and she said ” I don’t want to wear shoes to school anymore” I asked her why, and she said it was because she ”wanted to be like us”.

Anyway, the mother did not allow her to come to school without shoes but as soon as she would get to school she would take off her shoes and put them in her school bag, the problem was, her feet were not used to walking without shoes and so she had a rough time walking.

Now back to my foot and the thorn. I was walking with my heel slightly raised because the thorn was causing me pain, but as soon as I see my mother, I would put the heel down so she doesn’t notice that I was walking funny. I did not want the thorn to be taken out because it was very painful to take the thorn out with a needle.

What Is The Best Advice You Ever Got? The Thorn In My Foot Was Killing Me

I knew as soon as my mother sees me walking funny, she would get the needle and she would start poking to remove the thorn. To be honest, I did not have a plan to remove the thorn, all I knew was that I did not want my mother to take it out.

When I met the lady, I was walking with my heel slightly raised, to avoid the pain, so she asked me, why I was walking like that, I said, it’s because I have a thorn in my heel. She told me the thorn needs to be taken out. I said yes I will have it taken out when I get home.

A couple of days later, I found the same lady talking to my mother. So when I saw them I put my heel down and tried to walk normally, but the lady had already seen that I was walking with my heel raised before reaching them.

I Knew The Thorn Will Have To Be Taken Out At Some Point


So she told me ” you should not try to hide something that causes you pain, You are trying to delay the inevitable, and the longer you do that, you will hurt even more, and longer, never try to fit in when fitting in causes you pain,” I said, ” sorry I don’t understand” She said ” oh yes you do, you are trying to walk like the others but it’s causing you pain”.

To cut the long story short my mother did take out the thorn and by that time, it was horrible it had become septic and you can just imagine what happened, it was squeezed and it was even more painful than it would have been if I had just let it be taken out sooner.

The moral of the story is, never try to fit in if it’s causing you pain, also do not hide something that hurts you.


I think, in life, we go through many things, and some of those things have caused us pain, and the pain does not go away because we refuse to acknowledge that it’s there. Instead, we try to hide it and try to fit in.

But the problem is we are not all the same, we are not perfect, we’ve gone through something, or we are currently going through something. For me, I find talking and sharing helps me heal, and makes me happy when I hear that I have encouraged someone out there.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Please feel free to share the best advice you ever got.

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