What Is Going Green

Today I just want to ask, what is going green? people keep throwing that term around, I have gone green, my friends and I have decided to go green, but what does it mean?

people like using words that perhaps they have heard being used in the news or on entertainment columns or on social media. so what is going green, what does it really mean?

Also you see movies stars with their green juices and claiming how they have gone green, and how the going green is trending, and then after few months they find something else that’s trending, and run with it.

I know my site is centered on green beauty, meaning that I try to encourage people to clean up their beauty and skincare lifestyle. because for me beauty and cosmetics, is a lifestyle, it’s not something that l will get out of.

Just like eating healthy, skincare and beauty needs to be healthy too

So just like eating healthy, skin care and beauty needs to be healthy, so going green means getting rid of toxins from beauty and skincare, means taking care of our environment, means reducing carbon print, it means trying to find ways to control plastic so it stops ending up in our oceans and poisoning the marine life. it means a lot of things.

But if going green means so many good things, then why is it that its an uphill battle to convince people about the importance of going green? well, thats because there is another movement of going green thats more powerful, and more appealing.

The movement I am talking about is the kind that its driving force is these symbols $
¥, 円, 圓

Money is the reason why people continue to put toxins in their bodies and the reason why people are hiding their heads in the sand and pretending that global warming is some kind of fantasy, because if they admit that global warming is a reality, they will lose lots of money by making changes to the way they conduct their business.

Money is good and money does accomplish many good things in the world, but money is also a contributing factor in the problems we are facing today, there are some companies that will do anything to increase their profits, and they don’t really care about future generations or how they will leave the world looking like.

 Most celebrities are not willing to support Clean beauty

 But its OK even if the movie stars don’t support clean beauty, it will still thrive. lf the big makeup brands admit that they have been putting lives in danger by putting toxins in the makeup products, they will lose lots of money because they will have to invest big money in research and come up with safe products.

Another question that popes to my mind as I write this, if we all know that we should be making changes and buying products that are safe for us and our families, why don’t we do it then? well, the answer is easy, the power of advertise, if you look at big cosmetic brands, they have big names in Hollywood endorsing their products.

But why is this, Don’t this big stars want safe products? yes, they do, and they probably do use safe products behind closed doors. But they will not come out openly and endorse green beauty, because by doing that, then there is no turning back.

So since the big brands are paying them big money to endorse their products, obviously, they will go where the big money is. So I am I saying that there is no big money in green products? No that’s not what l am saying at all.

I will give you a brand that has made big money by making eco-friendly products that include diapers, hair care, cosmetics, and skincare. the brand is Honest Co. the Founder of this company is Jessica Alba and the estimated value of this company is $1 billion.

So you see, there is big money in green products. there are other big names that have gone the green way, Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is another big star who has partnered with a green beauty brand called Juice Beauty, and since she partnered with this brand a few years ago, the brand has grown and seen an increase in profits.

This means that yes there is big money to be made in green beauty and yes there are big names out there who are not so driven by greed to make big money, and they do care about the wellbeing of humanity. my question is when the green beauty becomes the way of living, all those big people who are supporting toxin filled products, where will they go?

Well,they better gather enough millions because green beauty is growing and soon, people will stop buying toxins and those big brands will start losing money. I mean think about it if one company like Honest, is valued at $ 1 billion, it means people are spending money buying green products.

Celebrities could actually clean up the beauty industry if they wanted to

I think the best gift all these big movies stars and music artists can give the world apart from movies and music, is to clean up the beauty industry, like give it a general cleaning. think about it, if all the big stars were to say, we will not endorse any product that contains toxic or any unsafe ingredients.


Imagine, how it would be, the cosmetic companies will have to clean up, because lets face it these celebrities do have a lot on influence, I mean look at their following on social media, if they tell their followers, who most are young people l might add, if they tell them about the dangers of using toxic makeup, things will go very wrong for big cosmetic companies.

Its just a matter of time

And if the word keep spreading and if the companies research some more and bring us great products, we are going to buy them, and the green way of living will grow for sure, it’s only a matter of time.

I know that people are a bit hesitant to go green beauty because the products still need more work and they are not very cheap, but the last couple of years things have gotten better, and they will get even better. I think the next couple of years will see green beauty expand, and I think we will have more companies too.

Another problem is the companies that are claiming to be natural and organic and they are not, this is where institutions that are in charge of regulating things like that have to be very vigilant to ensure that the consumer is getting what they are promised.

Europe has done a good job in prohibiting a lot of cosmetic ingredients, while the United States needs to do more. Makeup needs to be safe more so now than before, because, in this age of social media, children are starting to wear makeup very early.

Children are starting wearing makeup at an early age

So think about it, if a child starts being exposed to these toxins at the age of ten, imagine by the time they are reaching 40, some of these toxins increase chances of developing cancer, damage to the kidneys, some even cause damage to the reproductive system.

This are serious issues that could arise after a long time exposure to toxins, l was talking to someone just recently and she told me well, I can do the organic lipstick because the chances of me swallowing it are high, but the rest l am not swallowing so l don’t see how they affect me.

It is a proven fact that what you put on your skin will be absorbed, and will end up in your bloodstream, so whether it’s foundation or other products if they do contain toxins, the toxins will find a way to your bloodstream.

So I can not stress enough, that we need to make good choices when it come s to makeup and skincare, and young people need to think about this because you are the future, so you really need to take great care of yourselves.

Just because its endorsed by your favorite artist doesn’t mean its safe for you

Just because you see something on social media being endorsed by your favorite artist, it doesn’t mean its good or safe for you, that artist has been paid lots of money to post what you see on social media, and what you see has been orchestrated by the brand that the artist is endorsing.

So make your own decision about your skin and what you want to put on it, and make sure the products you use are safe for you. and finally live your life being happy and confident with the choices you have made.

Thank you so much for reading this article, as always I would like to hear your opinion about this topic, so please leave me a comment and I will respond.

Thank you for your time


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17 thoughts on “What Is Going Green”

  1. Thanks for the article Rose…it is timely and hits home.  Our daughter is starting to wear makeup now (scary)…and she seems to be heavily influenced by friends and celebrities.  (I’m sure all of the friends are influenced by celebrities as well…so it is really just celebrities!).   My concern is that once you start, you really never stop.  She has a lifetime of applying makeup to her face ahead of her.  Potentially a lifetime of toxic chemicals doing all kinds of long term damage.

    You post reminded me of the importance of “green” products.  Not only green in what we take inside our bodies, but green on what we put on the outside of our bodies.

    It would go a long way if more celebrities could get behind the “green” movement.  And as you pointed out, there is obviously profit to be made!  And I would think that where there is competition, the prices will drop and green products will become increasingly affordable.

    Anyway, thanks again for the information and eye opening! 🙂

  2. I must really confess, you’ve done a great work. I never stopped wondering what it means to be going green but thanks to your article, now I have a vivid idea of what it means.

    going by celebrities not supporting healthy beauty product, I believe it’s as a result of promotional and endorsement deals that they signed alongside their art which may prevent the promotion of other products. What do you think?

    • Hi Olatoye, you are so right about celebrities being contract bound, but its their choice to sign those contracts, no one forces them to sign and if they ask for the list of ingredients and say they will only endorse if the products is safe and has no toxins, surely the brand will do something about it.
      thank you so much for your comment.

  3. While I don’t use makeup, I do use moisturizers and the like and was wondering if you have ever put together a list of the ingredients you don’t believe are “green.”  I’ve become increasingly interested in this area in part because I’ve started to think of what some of these chemicals are doing to the populations of useful microorganisms that inhabit the surfaces of our bodies. 

    • hey Jon, yes I am working on the list and I will be posting it soon, I am also working on getting the list of ingredients that are prohibited by European Union and its a long one

  4. I like how you noted the ‘trend’ of going green and pointed out the importance of taking this approach and incorporating it into a more long-term strategy. I also like how you related what going green means for beauty and skincare products. What do you think smaller green beauty companies can do to attract more celebrities to their products? 

    • Hi Tucker, the clean beauty companies are small companies and that’s why you don’t hear so much about them because they don’t have big money to throw into advertise, so they can not afford to sign a big celebrity to endorse their products, but a day is coming soon when those celebrities will be begging to sign with a green beauty company. people are slowly getting serious about toxins in makeup. thank you so much for your comment Tucker.

  5. Hi Rose – I loved your article about Going Green, and what does it really mean?  I had always just related going green to being environmentally conscious.  I had not really thought about going green to also be associated with juicing, and healthy cosmetics, and of course the money aspect of it.  Thank you so much for this article, it was very enlightening.

    Well done,


  6. This is a very worthy topic and one that needs lots of exposure.I stopped wearing foundation decades ago because of the chemicals and heavy metals. And the trouble with make up and skin care is, it always needs some preservative.Yet as you write it, progress has been made. And it needs to keep improving.I bought some organic mascara once and it refused to stick to my lashes. Oh well. I will continue reading your blog. When improvements are made in the cosmetic industry, we’re not going to hear about it on the evening news, are we?

  7. Hey there, it is so wonderful to know this about going green, I wish the young people of our generation could know this as I am going to share it now on facebook. The young people see their best actress in movies and think they would be the true reflection of them by wearing all this makeup that could damage internal organs in the long term. I have been wondering as to why a lot of people die from cancer these days other than ancient times and it is clear it is because of these products. We really have to go green. 

    • Hi Nkhosingiphile, you are so right, the young people want to emulate their favorite movie star by wearing all that makeup, without knowing the kind of damage they are causing their skin and body, yes please share this article on facebook and other social media, let’s let them know so they can make an advised decision. Thank you so much for your comment.

  8. The Green revolution is gaining ground in popularity and in some markets is making cents. I mean to say that going green can even cost less for the consumer in the long run and for this green revolution to become the norm, this is going to have to be a part of business models going forward.

    If women would orchestrate a mass boycott by not wearing make-up to protest against these harmful chemicals that are being used, do you think that would make a difference.

    Everybody go all-naturel !

  9. Your write up was great. Actually there are so much toxins in the make up women wear on their faces and it’s a risk exposure to the general well being of an individual as these toxins have advers effects and can cause cancer with time.

    The pursuit of money which is accompanied with greediness have made some companies to produce dangerous and harmful products to people. Apart from the the risk of cancer,  these toxins contained in some cosmetics also quickens the ageing process and makes people age fast. It’s so improper for parents to use makeup on their children frequently as this may definitely affect them in the future.

    The government should play a very significant role in the control of cosmetics containing toxins.

    An article like this should be encouraged to disseminate the world and enlighten everyone. Thanks.

    • Hi Kenechi, yes I totally agree with you, governments need to intervene and regulate these cosmetics, and especially in Africa, the chemicals being used are absolutely dangerous. I bought an eyeshadow in my country and the things it contained were not meant to be used on skin. so yes a lot have to be done, these chemicals are killing people.

  10. Hi Rose,

    Another amazing article about going green. As always I enjoyed reading! You are right about the costs of going green in terms of the cost. I strongly agree with going green. Wouldn’t be nice if we all go green to save the environment. I have met people who wanted to go green completely but could not afford it. Sometimes, you see them trying to make some changes but other times they struggle with it because it is expensive and I totally understand where they are coming from sometimes people do not have a choice whether or not to go green even though they would really like to because of their income and social economic status, they just simply won’t be able to afford it and that’s understandable. The issue is when people can afford the lifestyle but do not care or want to change their ways. Thank you so much for once again another amazing post! love it!




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