What Does A Woman Really Want From A Man Find Out Now

Today I would like to cover and try to answer a question that has been asked since the beginning of time what does a woman really want from a man? this question has made many people lots of money, books have been published movies made seminars and webinars created all in an attempt to answer this age-old question. And different people give different answers depending on who you ask.

The answer Is Actually Very Simple

Even women give conflicting answers and I can tell you the reason why they give conflicting answers, as you read on you will find out that the answer to this question is very simple and you really don’t have to spend loads of money purchasing books, DVD, and online courses, it’s actually very easy to find out what a woman really wants from a man, it’s so easy in fact that people try to complicate it and hide it so you can buy their books and webinars.

OK so there is this joke I read just recently, there was a guy who found a genie in a bottle and he set the genie free, since the genie was so happy, the genie asked the man, “how can I repay you for your kindness?” the man said “well, I am afraid of flying and I really would like to visit Hawaii, so I would like you to build a bridge from California to Hawaii so I can drive there”, the genie looked at the man and said, “are you crazy, can you please come up with something more achievable?”

The man then said, “OK then I would like you to help me understand what a woman really wants From a Man”, to this the genie replied, “so when you mentioned the bridge how many lanes would you like?” This has been an old age question and I actually find it amusing that men go searching so far when the answer is really just in front of them.

Even Women Buy Books That Are Supposed To Tell Them What They Want

And it’s actually not just men even women themselves go reading books to tell them what they want I find this very funny, how in the world can someone who is not in your head tell you what you want? And then you have all these so-called relationship gurus telling men what women want or how women think, not to mention most of these gurus are actually men, they are out there saying things like when you say this to a woman it makes her feel like this, how can one know how a whole gender feels?

I mean I am a woman myself and I can not sit here and tell you how women feel, I can’t even tell you how I feel because today I feel a certain way about something, and then I change my mind and I don’t feel that way anymore, and another thing is people telling you that they will give you a tip or a technique that you can use to make someone fall in love with you. If there was such a technique, then people won’t struggle to find love, because all one has to do is find someone they are interested in and use the magical technique.

You can not make someone fall in love with you

Look, you can not make someone fall in love with you, you can make someone like you but falling in love is a totally different matter. I mean there are many people that I like, I find them funny and interesting but I can never fall in love with them because we do not connect in that way, All you can do is introduce yourself to someone and then see if you share a similar interest, and then move on from there and see how things will play out.

A little funny story about me, well, maybe it wasn’t so funny then

I will share a funny story about myself, its funny now but it wasn’t funny when it was taking place. So this happened when I was 17, there was a cute boy(OK so he wasn’t exactly a boy he was 20 something I think) who came from another town to run a shop for his cousin, and I noticed him and I was very attracted to him, his shop was a long-distance but whenever my grandmother would send me for something, I would run to that shop and I had to run really fast because I did not want my grandmother questioning me about taking too long.

Now, I really tried to show the guy that I was really interested in him but my attempts were not successful at all, he instead was interested in my friend which made me very angry and caused the friendship to suffer, I tried everything, I would give him small gifts, I would do many things to show that I was really interested. But the breaking point came when one evening I told him that I really liked him and he said he liked me like a sister 🙁

Fast forward 20 years later I met the guy and I looked at him and I wondered what really attracted me to him, he did not even poses the physical qualities that I would like in a man, to this day I really don’t know what I really liked about that guy, maybe it was his personality because he is funny and very polite to everyone.

I was not able to make him fall in love with me

So the moral of the story, did I make the guy fall in love with me despite my efforts? No, I did not, would have a magical technique helped? absolutely not because the guy was interested in my friend and they ended up together for a while but then he married someone else.

Did I know what I wanted, well, I suppose at the tender age of 17, its not expected of me to know what I wanted because I was not even a woman yet but I knew I really liked the guy, maybe its what they call a crush, well, I was crushed alright, my little 17-year-old heart was crushed when he went with my friend.

There are some general things that women want from men

There are some general things that I can mention but you probably know this already, for example you already know that women like a listening ear because we like to vent, and when we vent we don’t necessarily want you to fix it, we just want you to listen, and I know men find this very difficult because by nature men are problem solvers so when we vent, you mind is already racing trying to find a solution to the problem. it’s a good thing that you want to rescue a damsel in distress but sometimes the damsel just wants a listening ear.

I think you should just listen and even though you already have a plan to solve the problem, for now just listen and then you can share your plan later. Also, you probably know that when a woman asks you if she looks fat, you should fake a business call or a toothache lol 🙂 although honestly until recently, in Africa being fat was a good thing, it means the man is able to feed his family well and the woman is happy, a happy fat woman was a good thing.

But what does a woman really want from a man and how can the man know the answer?

So how can you know for sure what a woman wants from you and especially in a relationship? it’s very easy, what a woman wants from a man depends on the woman, the only person who can truthfully and accurately answer this question for you is the woman that you are involved with OK? there is no book you can read or course that you can take to help you know what your woman wants from you, I am sorry but that is the truth.

Speak to the woman in question, ask her what she wants, what her expectations are, let her share her hopes and dreams with you, and make her comfortable enough so she can open up to you, when she starts speaking, pay attention, and don’t interrupt, you will learn a lot as you listen. And if you are in a relationship, whether it’s the bedroom or out of the bedroom, just ask and you will get your answers.

Make sure to implement the things that you will learn from the answers you get

And when you get your answers especially concerning the bedroom matters, please listen and follow instructions, forget everything you read on those magazines and books just listen to the woman that you are involved in because every woman is different and what one woman likes, is not necessarily what the next woman will like, people are different, and even when it comes to men, what one man likes its not necessarily what the other one would like.

So I find some stereotypes quite amusing, I mean how can you say men like this and women like this, which men? which women? women want this kind of guy, which women? The kind of guy I like is not the kind of guy the next woman likes, the generalization is what causes problems because people read and watch movies and take what they read as the gospel truth.

When in reality things are very different, you could find that those things you’ve been reading do not apply at all, so again it comes down to the person you are involved in, if you really want to know what they really want, ask them, just go to them and ask, what do you really want from me, and then wait for the answer, and make them understand that its very important that they take you seriously and answer truthfully because the answer they give its gonna impact your relationship moving forward.


And if they need time to think about it in order to give you the answer, then give them time, and if they need to write it down, let them do so especially when it comes to matters of the bedroom, let them give you the honest and the most accurate answer and you will be happy, and you will have a successful relationship, because they only person who can give what is in the heart or mind is the person who owns the heart and mind, if that makes any sense.

There are no mind readers, don’t be fooled

There is nobody out there who can tell you what is in someone else’s mind or heart OK? And there is no one who can give you a technique to make someone fall in love with you there are no such techniques, and there are no love potions either despite the fact that people claim to have love potions, love is not that easy, its not a matter of a kissing techniques or a sexual thing, and love is not a feeling either. Love is loving someone even when you don’t necessarily like them.

Love is choosing to be around someone even when things are not so rosy if you get my drift. Anyway, I will stop there for today, if you have any questions, please drop me a line or two or many lol 🙂 in the comment section and Let’s discuss this further.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article I hope I have helped you and I hope you have found an idea that you can use, I also hope that you have enjoyed my article and that it wasn’t boring, I hate boring articles, so I hope mine was not boring.

Thank you for your time


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