Vegan lipstick brands

Today we are going to look at vegan lipstick brands,

I recently got an email from one of my readers and she asked me, if I can do a post about vegan lipsticks and which brands I think are making 100% vegan beauty products especially lipsticks, of course I obliged and here we are.

Toxins can find their way into a vegan product

Before I get to the vegan lipstick brands I just want to say that being vegan you have to be very careful about toxins in makeup because just because a product doesn’t contain animal bi product, like fat, bee wax or lanolin, and its not tested on animals, does not mean it does not contain other harmful chemicals.

As you know the goal of my website is to help people understand the dangers of toxins in beauty and skincare products to help you avoid health issues that could be caused by those toxins, so naturally when looking at vegan lipsticks, I will also look at the chances of toxins being found in them.

I think you need to look for a lipstick that is made with oils and pigmented using fruits and other plant based dyes that way you know that you are using something that is not going to affect your skin health or send toxins to your system.

This is not to say that all synthetic materials used to create lipsticks are toxic, but there are ways that these brands that claim to make vegan lipsticks find a way to sneak some harsh chemicals into the lipstick.

But how can you know which ingredients to avoid?

The fist thing you need to look for is metals, a lot of brands use metals like lead and aluminum in their lipsticks, so the lipstick could be vegan but contains these metals that are definitely not good for your health. There is also a dye that as a vegan you need to be very careful about, the dye is listed as D&C Red 22, this dye even though its not obtained from animals, it is tested on animals and it does contain Aluminum.

Of course you also need to be careful about things like Propylparaben and all the other Parabens, these are usually used in lipstick as preservatives and they are not good for you because build up of these kinds of toxins in your body could cause you lots of health issues such as kidney and liver problems, as well as putting you at high risk of developing cancer cells.

I think being Vegan is a very ethical way to live life, and that’s why I want to make sure that, our vegan community is not being exposed to toxic chemicals in make-up, as I said, there are many beauty products out there that don’t contain any ingredients that would compromise a vegan way of life.

But the big question is are they healthy and safe?

So lets get into the brands, First lets see what the brand is telling us when they say that a product is vegan. A product is considered vegan if it contains zero animal products and its not tested on animals.

This means that a product could be vegan but contain toxic ingredients, these days because of the fact that vegan is a big market, big brands are coming up with products that are labeled vegan so they can cash in on the vegan market. So your job as a consumer, is to make sure that you are getting what you are promised.

And my job is to let you know when your health is being compromised by toxic beauty products, to be honest, just recently I was looking at a product that was listed as natural and vegan, sure enough it was vegan but it contained aluminum, and as we have said you really don’t want these kinds of metals getting into your bloodstream.

I also understand that many of you are so afraid of beauty products and have decided to give up on make-up because perhaps being vegan you feel its a lot of work finding products that you can trust. Also there are some of you who have had bad experience with make-up and have decided to just not use it anymore.

I have words of encouragement for you, if you really love makeup, you can find products that you can safely use, and if you feel like you can’t trust anyone, you can trust yourself and do your own diy products using oils and things like beetroot powder or other plant based colors.

I just can’t imagine being without something like lipstick or eye-shadow, but that’s just me.

So there are some brands like Bare minerals, Inika Jane Iredale and many others that are dedicated to giving you vegan, natural cruelty free lipsticks, I will also mention that there are big brands that have branches that make vegan lipsticks too. An example of these brands are Urban decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I will mention two companies that I have experience with, and are trusted to make products that are both natural and organic, meaning they are made from toxin free ingredients, and they are vegan. one of these is 100%pure Cosmetics.

My best pick is 100%Pure and Au Naturale

I start with 100% pure, their products are pigmented using fruits like pomegranates, berries and other fruits like cherries, peaches and Papayas. they also use tea, beets and edible flowers.

photo by 100%pure

They are particularly very much love working with Pomegranates and beets when creating their bold colors lipsticks because and I quote”gives you a perfectly shaded pout” so that is

Then here is a brand called Au Naturale, I have covered them a lot, I first fell in love with their eye shadow, but au Naturale has proven that non toxic make up can be achieved and can look amazing too. created by a nuclear analyst named Ashley Prange, Au Natural was Launched back in 2011.


And since then it has gained position as one of the most trusted clean beauty brand, they have proven time and again that make up can be without animal bi products, parabens or harmful ingredients and yet give the performers that the consumer is looking for.

So there you have it.

I hope this post will help you find a natural cruelty free vegan lipstick that you can use, I also hope that you are not going to give up on beauty products, because trust me, you do have options.

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think so please leave me a comment.

Thank you for your time


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8 thoughts on “Vegan lipstick brands”

  1. This is a great article, Rose. I think that it will help a lot of women and girls to chose the best for them and one of those girls is my wife. she has a lot of lipsticks but I have not seen this brand. It is very important to use natural brands without many chemicals but it is rare to find that today. I will recommend her Au Naturale I am sure she will like it.

    • Hi Daniel, thank you so much for always reading and commenting on my posts, yes I hope this information will help people make better decisions when it comes to makeup and skincare products. I hope your wife will start buying toxin free makeup. and by the way, men are also using makeup these days so I hope they will also benefit from this article

  2. Hi Rose, 

    I enjoyed reading your article. I didn’t really know there were vegan, chemical free make ups. While I am not vegan, I would definitely prefer to use vegan lipsticks and make up brands, in that way, I would be exactly sure of what is getting into my bloodstream. I wonder why all these make up brand haven’t done away with theirharmful chemicals laden products to give consumers something that wouldn’t affect their health in any way. Thank you for shedding light on this. 

    • Hi Vapz, i know what you mean I too tend to lean on vegan beauty products although I go for natural, Organic toxin free kind that are also cruelty free. because as i said being vegan, the product does not guarantee that its toxin free. thank you so much for your comment.

  3. This is a great article and a life saver! 

    toxic beauty products has saturated the beauty market and as such the need for this great article. A lot of people who are concious of thier health will find this article valuable information. Fruits base beauty products are going to be a turning point in beauty industry as people are getting more concerned about health in recent years so this type of products if true will be the turning point. Are they available in USA?

    • Hi Jaykaynigltd, yes people are getting knowledgeable about toxins in beauty products and it won’t be long now until toxins a eliminated from beauty and skincare products. yes they are available in USA Au Naturale and 100%Pure are American brands

  4. Hello Rose.

    We share the same passion: skin care and makeup products without toxins and harmful ingredients. There was a time that I couldn’t find any moisturizers, body lotions etc as natural as I wanted to be so I used to make them myself. The only thing I haven’t ever been able to make was lipstick.  Even today, the not controlled  beauty product in my everyday beauty routine is lipstick. I feel your article was made for me to read! You gave me the names of two brands I had never heard of. Of course, From now on my lipsticks will be natural and safe. 

    I have a question though: are they long lasting as conventional lipsticks? Or the effect of lasting long of conventional lipsticks depends on the synthetic ingredients they contain? 

    • Hi Effie, yes they are long lasting the matte lip stain from Au Natural is highly pigmented and has a staying power of any matte lipstick out there. and it does’t dry my lips, and from 100%pure, the lip caramel is really good I have it in red velvet shade, its very pigmented, although its staying power depends on what I am doing during the day, love how it looks and a little goes a long way.


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