Top 10 Phrases That Destroy Lives


Today I would like us to take a look at 10 phrases that destroy lives, these are phrases that are used by family members, friends, parents, and spouses. Before we get into it, I want to share a little about myself and why I think its important we stop letting these phrases destroy our lives.

I have heard many damaging phrases in my life and I have been told many negative things mainly by people who were supposed to love and protect me. The thing is, you need to protect your heart and tell yourself the opposite of the negative that has been spoken to you.

Also, words have power, so you must cancel those negative phrases.

Phrases That Destroy Lives, What Happens In This House Stays In This House

Many people have taken their own lives because they could not deal with things that have happened to them in their homes but since they were forbidden to talk about those things and deal with the trauma, they couldn’t take it anymore and they ended things.

This is so sad, I saw a movie where it was said”if what is going on in your house is hurting you, then it should not stay in the house” And I totally agree. People have been abused, molested by family members, but they can not talk about it because family honor comes above everything including the victim’s life.

So the family would rather bury the victim rather than have the ”family secrets” exposed.

You, Will Neve Mount, To Anything

Depending on who is saying these words to you, they could destroy your life if you let them. If a parent says these words to a child, they hold lots of power, because even when the child grows up, these words will haunt him/her. They might believe these words and not bother trying.

I have heard many people say ”well even my parents don’t believe I am good at anything so why even try”

Do not plant that terrible seed in your child’s mind, see the best in them not the worst, every person has their strengths and their weaknesses.

You Are Ugly


This so damaging, there is a video that went viral a couple of months ago, of a little girl who was crying because she believed she was so ugly. I watched the heartbreaking video and thought to myself how is it that this child at such a young age she has to deal with this? 

Then it took me back to when I was growing up and how my uncles made me believe that I am the most ugliest creature to have ever walked the face of the earth! I am not even exaggerating. I hated myself, I hated my face, my hair my feet, I hated everything about my appearances, or because family members chose to plant that seed in me because they hated me.

Looking back, I wish I can give that little girl a hug and tell her all is well. 

It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I started seeing that maybe I was not so ugly, sure I have my flaws just like everybody else but I think I have some good angles lol.

Why Can’t You Be Like Your Sister/Brother?

This is very damaging and comparing one child to the other is just wrong. Each person has their personality and their qualities. And to be honest with you, this question can actually create animosity between siblings. Personally, I was constantly told to be quiet like my sister.

I was constantly accused of talking too much laughing too much, and generally just being loud. I tried so hard to stay quiet but that was not me, I am not a quiet person. Even as an adult  I remember a boyfriend who told me to be quiet and not talk too much, we broke up because I was not going to let someone push me into being something that I am not.

You Can’t Do That, You Are Not Bright Enough


When I told A family member that I wanted to learn how to start a blog, she laughed in my face and told me that I can’t do it. She claimed that blogging is for bright people. There are two ways that this can go. You can choose to believe that you are not capable of archiving your goals, or you can choose to prove them wrong, I chose the latter.

I am Too Good For You

This phrase was used on me, by someone I was in a relationship with. Basically, he wanted me to know that he is doing me a favor by being with me because he was ”too good for me” These kinds of phrases are used by people you might be in a relationship with and if you let them they could destroy your life.

We’ve seen people, beautiful people being destroyed by their boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses, and partners, just by words, I am telling you words are powerful, words can drive you to do things that will eventually destroy your life.

The best thing to do is to cut off toxic people from your life, You need to also speak positive things about yourself, do not give those negative phrases power to destroy you, and actually, you should disagree immediately when the words are spoken. For example, when the person said that he was too good for me I said ” No I am too good for you and I don’t need you in my life”

Maybe Nothing Works Out For You Because You Are Cursed


Although some people don’t believe in curses, the truth is, as I keep saying words have power. But that is not to mean that indeed things are not working out for you because you are cursed, but when you let people speak this phrase over your life, you might start believing that maybe there are some unseen powers working against you.


So you should cancel this phrase by saying no I am not cursed, in fact, I am blessed and highly favored. speak great things over your life, and cancel negative phrases.

You Are  Hopelessly Stupid

When people want to bring others down, they would use whatever hurtful words that they know will hit home and cause pain. And the sad thing about this is that people actually think, since they are not physically hitting you, then it’s just words.

Being told you are stupid is very hurtful, especially when the words are coming from someone that you hold in high regard, like a parent, a teacher, a boyfriend/girlfriend a spouse. These words can cause you to shed some painful tears because I feel like being called stupid, means you are not capable of making any kinds of sessions, not even about yourself.

You Have Zero Talent

This is not true, there is no such thing as zero talent, every single one of us has a talent. All you need to do is identify your talent, I mean how many famous people do we know who never thought they could sing, dance, act? When someone tells you that you have zero talent, you need to dismiss them immediately because we all have talents some more than others but we do.

If you believe that you don’t have any talent, you are going to lose many opportunities. Just take time and see what you can do and remember you can also learn how to do things, people even learn how to sing and they become successful singers. You can also learn how to dance, how to cook, how to paint, to draw, you name it.

Besides, even if you do have the talent you will have to polish your talent by taking lessons, for example, acters go to art schools to polish their talents.

You Are Too Old For That


Many people among us are living lives in regrets because they have been told that they are too old to pursue their dreams, you are never too old, as long as you are not risking your wellbeing, and you are in good health to do something, then go for it. Don’t let other people’s opinions shape your life especially if those opinions don’t match your own.

Do you, if you wanna make a fool of yourself on TikTok, go for it, dance sing goof around. life is too short to live in regrets. If you want to start a YouTube channel, a podcast, or a blog, go for it.


In life, you will encounter people who for some reason enjoy putting others down. it’s your job to protect yourself from such people, live your life how you please, but not how people want you to live. write and tell your own story.

And as I said, words hurt and words are powerful, so do not let negative phrases destroy your life. Block delete and move on.

Anyway, hope you have enjoyed my post today. If you have then leave me a comment below, what are some of the phrases that you’ve heard in your life that could have destroyed your life? How did you deal with them?

Until next time be the best version of yourself.


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