These Are Tips For Dating A Single Mom

Today’s post is inspired by a great friend of mine, I was talking to her about dating as a single mother and the challenges she faces, I told her that I would like to ask her some questions because I would like to cover this topic on my blog and she obliged and she was very happy and enthusiastic to answer my questions. So these are tips for dating a single Mom.

I will conduct this as an interview and I will give my closing remarks at the end, I sure hope you will enjoy this article and I hope that you will find helpful information to help you navigate the dating scene whether you are a single Mom, or a guy who is interested in dating a single mom. These tips for dating a single mom will surely be an eye-opener, at least that is my hope. So Let’s get started.

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What Are Some Of The Challenges You Face When Dating As A Single Mom?

Men not understanding that I am used to doing things on my own for a long time, and I like having a plan and a schedule, that is a very important aspect of being a single Mom. I need to have a routine so my kids can feel secure. And I also face situations when guys think that dating a single mother you need to step to the plate and be a father.

That is wrong because my kids have a father, and it confuses them when someone tries to be a father to them. And it goes without saying that you should never try to Discipline my kids or try to change the rules that I have put in place for my kids.

Another big problem is guys feeling that relationship stability is based on how soon I introduce them to my kids. As a mother, I have to take my time before I can introduce someone to my kids, and that has nothing to do with how stable the relationship is, or how strong my feelings are for the person.

What Are Some Tips That You Can Give Guys Who Want To Date A Single Mom?


The first tip is to always remember that a single mom’s attention will be divided between you and her kids, with the kids always coming first in her life, so if you can handle that, then you’ll be OK. The next thing is to always keep time, if you have a date, you must give her enough time to arrange things.

And You should also tolerate her having her phone on at all times in case of emergencies. Also in case of cancellation from your side, you need to inform her accordingly, see, when it comes to single mothers, preparing for a date consists of a lot of arrangements, it’s not just about getting her hair and makeup done.

it’s a matter of getting a baby sitter, preparing the meals early so she can go and get ready for the date, so it does take lots of effort.

Tips For Dating A Single Mom, Is It Fun To Date A Single Mom?

Absolutely! Dating a single mom does not mean that there will be no fun, and I think that is why some guys are afraid of dating a single Mom because they think it will be all about kids talk, and no fun at all. Having kids does not mean we have forgotten how to have fun, it just means we have to be more responsible.

What Are Some of the Mistakes That Guys Make When Trying To Date A Single Mom?


I must say that most guys, see a woman, and they are interested in her, then they find out that she is a single Mom, and even though they were not really looking to date a single Mom, they go ahead and do it anyway. Some don’t even like kids but they pretend to like kids.

This is very wrong, if you don’t like kids, then you need to stay away from single Moms because her children will always be the most important part of her life. And if you can’t handle that, then it’s best you refrain from dating a single mom. You will need to be very patient, understanding, and you also need to be super honest. And you also need to be mature enough to handle some unavoidable circumstances.

Do You Have Tips For Single Mothers Who Are Entering The Dating Scene?

Yes, you need to be honest from the get-go. You must tell the guy that you are a single Mom right from the beginning, that way there will be no miss understandings. You should not feel guilty for wanting to date again, you deserve love and happiness just like other people.

And most of all, you must not compare your date to your ex, that could mess up things. You must accept the fact that some guys are not willing or prepared to date a single Mom, and that has nothing to do with you, it’s just their preferences. You need to put the effort into your appearance, get your hair and makeup done, and dress up for dates.

Try to refrain from making the conversion just about your kids, try to learn about your date, what they like doing, about their family, etc And also try to discuss the things you like outside of being a Mom.

If You Are Online Dating Should You Introduce Your Kids On FaceTime To Your Date?


Personally I would not do that, I would only introduce someone to my kids in person, and that would be when I feel the time is right. The problem of introducing someone to your kids too soon, you will have a lot of explaining to do if things don’t work out and that is why you need to fully know the person you are introducing to your kids, before you do it.

So I would say, whether you are online dating, or offline dating, take your time.

Alright, Rose Here, Before I close this post, I just want to call your attention to this YouTube video, which I think puts things into perspective when it comes to dating a single Mom.


Dating a single Mom can be challenging for most guys, but it can also be fun. One thing is for sure, dating a single mom means there are not games, she will tell you exactly what she wants. And she will also tell you what she does’t want. You will always know where you stand with her.

She is responsible, trustworthy and reliable. I want to take this opportunity to thank my dear friend Betty for answering these questions and for being so eager to help me with this post. I have learned a lot about her dating life just by asking these questions.


And now it’s your turn, are you a Single Mom? Are You dating, if so what are some of the challenges you are facing? Are you a guy dating a single mom? How is it going? please share your thoughts below, I would love to interact with you.

Thank you for your time


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