The Ultimate Online Dating Guide For African Women

OK, today I want to give an online dating guide for African women because there is a trend I have seen on TikTok, that inspired me to write this blog post. There are some things that African women need to understand and need to be careful of when it comes to online dating. I have seen many Young African women posting on Tiktok showing off their foreign men that they met online.

The man comes to Africa, they spend a wonderful time together, but once he leaves, we never hear about him anymore, he never comments on her videos, she never mentions him on her videos, then a few months later she is posting videos with another foreign man. Look, I am not judging if indeed you are doing that knowingly, then it’s fine, my online dating guide is for African women who might not be familiar with what goes on with online dating.

There are men who join these dating sites after they have arranged a vacation. And what they are looking for is not a long-term relationship. They are looking for a tour guide, a companion, and a holiday hookup.

Online Dating Guide For African Women, Won’t You Call This A Scam? I Think It Is A Form Of Scam

So these men would contact women in that country and then maybe settle for one or two, they will tell you everything you need to hear, and then they will probably tell you that they are coming to your country to see you. To be honest this is just another kind of scam. I mean we hear so much about Africans scamming people from the western world but, we don’t hear about these men, and women who go to African countries just to prey on love seekers.

In my opinion, these are men, and women who don’t want to spend the money and pay for the services, they need on their vacation. For example, if you are in need of a tour guide, you should hire one, or if you need someone to accompany you for meals and later have your other needs catered for, then there are women and men who are in that line of business.

My Dear African Sisters Stop Rushing Things With Foreign Men


Ladies, when you meet a guy online don’t rush to sleep with him, if he is coming to your country because he is truly interested in you, then he will not rush you to things. The thing is, if he is going to use you for services that he should be paying for, then you should get paid too.

How many women have we seen on social media crying because bey has blocked them as soon as he boarded the flight back to his country? Don’t be a fool, if someone is gonna come to your country to use you and then dump you as soon as the holiday is over, that is just sad.

I am not saying that you should not spend time with the guy, I am just saying if you are gonna sleep with every man who says he is coming to your country to meet you, then you could end up sleeping with a bunch of guys, and not get a long term relationship out of it.

Online Dating Guide For African Women If You Are In That Business, I Guess You’ll Be Fine

There is an interview I watched of an African lady who said, she finds guys online and that’s how she runs her business, she makes sure every month there is a foreign guy traveling to go see her. She continued to say that “it’s better running my business that way than going to the streets”.

My point is, if both of you agree on what you are doing then it’s fine, but if one is pretending to be in love so they don’t have to pay for the services, then that is just wrong. I know that some of you must be thinking, yeah but don’t African women do the same when they pretend to be in love so they can get green cards.

Unfortunately, it is true, there are some African women who join dating sites with the sole purpose of finding a guy who can help them relocate to the US, the UK, Or Canada. But it’s not all African women whose main purpose of doing online dating is relocating. There are some who are truly searching for love, maybe they have tried traditional dating, but were not successful and so they decided to cast their nets wider, so to speak.

I Think When Doing Online Dating, You Must Make Your Motives Clear To Avoid Misunderstandings


When you sign up on a dating site, be clear on exactly what you are looking for, and ladies please stop thinking that you can change someone’s mind, if they say they are looking for a casual hookup, believe them, because that is exactly what they are looking for. Do not delude yourself into thinking that your African charm will change his mind.

You can be as nice, as sexy as you want to him, but as soon as he boards that plane, he is done with you, it’s as simple as that. Do not let anyone waste your time, or use you.


Online dating can be fun, but it can be frustrating at times. When you meet someone online, you must make sure that they express their true motives, and as I mentioned, don’t think that you can change their mind, if they say they are just looking for a casual situation, then believe them and examine yourself to see if when the time comes to let go, you will be able to do so.

Well, I sure hope you have found my post helpful, if so, then please leave me a comment below. Are you online dating, are you clear on your profile description about what exactly you are searching for? And have you been in a situation where someone just wasted your time? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for your time.

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