The Jet-Set Babe Lifestyle What Is It?

Today I want us to dive into a very controversial subject I want us to talk about the Jet Set Babe lifestyle, who are the Jet Set Babes? A Jet set Babe lifestyle is a lifestyle of luxury that many young women are living a lifestyle that is mainly funded by wealthy men. if you get on Instagram you will see lots of pictures of young girls posing for pictures in some really expensive hotels, in private jets, in yachts and so on and so forth.

When you see this type of lifestyle, you can’t help but wonder how did these young girls make this kind of money to be able to fund this glamorous lifestyle? The last couple of months I have been doing research for this article and my research took me to a website called the, I have read lots of content from this website because I wanted to understand what jet set lifestyle is all about.

The Jetset Babe Lifestyle Didn’t Sound Like A Very Easy Lifestyle To Me

jet set babe lifestyle picture of a beautiful woman

Based on what I understood, the Jet set lifestyle involves a young beautiful woman using her youth and beauty to attract and get a wealthy man to provide for her financially and she in return is expected to provide companionship, warmth and emotional support as well as physical intimacy. That is what I took from the articles I read.

Now from that website I was also directed to a website called, this is a website run by the same woman who runs the Jetsetbabe, her name is Anna Bey and she has created a business on a very controversial niche, her business is built around teaching women how to bag a millionaire or a billionaire.

She Has Received Lots Of Backlash Because Of Her Niche But She Is Not Backing Down

Now in recent months, Anna has received lots of backlash especially from the online community, and I thought about writing an article covering what she is doing and trying to understand her point of view, but I told myself before I do that, I am going to educate myself about the lifestyle she is talking about, and also what exactly she is teaching women.

After watching many of her youtube videos, I came to a conclusion, Anna Bey is actually a genius, she saw a need and a business opportunity, and she took it, she has created a business from a topic that is full of controversy, and you could even term it as scandalous. But love or hate her, she is making lots of money, her Youtube Channel is on its way to half a million subscribers and she just started it just a year ago.

So obviously people are consuming her content, in the beginning, when I started watching her videos I was very judgemental, and I had a mindset of she is just teaching women how to be elegant gold diggers, but then when I thought more about it and watched more of her videos, I realized that Anna Bey is not just teaching women how to bag a millionaire or billionaire although that is her main subject.

Anna Bey Does Teach Other Things Too, It’s Not Always About Finding A millionaire

She is also teaching how to be a better version of yourself as a woman, how to be elegant, how to dress elegantly and classy even on a budget, and generally how to conduct yourself in a classy, elegant and sophisticated way.

I actually think that any woman single or married can learn something from Anna, as long as you strip yourself of the judgemental mindset. If you are not interested in learning how to attract a wealthy man to fund your expensive lifestyle and you are not interested in joining the high society, I still recommend that you watch her videos, you can skip the ones that cover those topics about attracting wealthy men.

Every Woman Can Benefit, But Only If You Are Not Judgemental

She has lots of content that cover many things like dining etiquette, hotel conduct ( how to behave when staying in a hotel) How to behave at a party which she covers topics like what to bring with you to somebody’s house when invited for a party or dinner. And she also covers subjects of conversation, what to talk about at a party and what not to talk about.

She says if you meet someone that you had a disagreement with, being at someone else’s house, you should show respect by not starting a row and spoiling the mood. So there are many things she discusses that are not necessarily related to bagging a millionaire

But You Will Find Lots Of Content That Will Add Value To Your Life.

Well, but if you want to join the Jet set lifestyle and the high society, then I guess you have to register in the school of affluence, Anna has prepared a course just for you, and it consists of 7 steps that will prepare you for a luxurious lifestyle and help you find your way in the circles of the rich and the famous.

Which brings me to a question and I really am not trying to sabotage Anna Business in any way, I am just asking, why would you pay to learn something that you can learn for free? like if you get on Youtube or the internet in general, there is so much content to help you understand how the high society world works.

Why not use the money to pay a millionaire matchmaker instead or join those online sites that are dedicated to the rich and the famous, there are many arrangement sites, where you can meet affluent men and start your jet set lifestyle. I say unless Anna is going to introduce you to some of her millionaire friends, you are just wasting your money and helping her gather her millions.

What Is The Difference Between A Jetset Babe And A Sugar Baby?

Jet set babes lifestyle a picture of a beautiful young woman

I was actually asking myself this very question, and in one of the videos I watched, it sounded like there is a very small difference between the two, a sugar baby, will get involved with a rich man sometimes someone who is much older than her, and he is expected to fund her expensive lifestyle in exchange for companionship and physical intimacy.

A Sugar Baby Can Have A Few Wealthy Men Funding Her Lifestyle As Long As She Is Discreet.

A Jetset Babe is someone who has some type of relationship with a wealthy man and she is supposed to be on call, meaning she should be ready to travel with him whenever he wants her to, so her life revolves around what the man wants. in return she will have financial support and fine things in life like expensive jewelry, perfumes, clothes, shoes, etc.

some of the things I learned is that nothing comes without a price, the Jet set Babes have to do whatever it takes to maintain their appearance, they have to even result to cosmetic surgeries to maintain their beauty, they also have to take some extreme measure to make sure their weight is under control and that can involve what they call fasting, which means you have to go for hours without eating some times up to 18 hours at a time.

You also have to go to expensive beauty treatments and buy expensive beauty products, which to me seems like the money you are making from the millionaire/billionaire, is just going into maintenance really, unless you make an agreement where he will finance all the beauty treatments you need and it will not come out of the monthly budget that he has allocated to you.

Jetset Babes Don’t Seem To Have A Lot Of Time

Another thing I learned is that the jet-set babe life span is very short and soon you will have to give up that lifestyle, actually, it sounded to me like you only have like 5 years if you start at the age of 25, so maybe the earlier you start the longer you will have to collect and save money, because according to Anna, you have to save some of the money you make, some to pay for therapy which you are apparently going to need once you quit that lifestyle.

But one of the thing that stuck to me, is that unless you make something out of yourself while you are living the Jetset babe lifestyle, things could go very wrong and you could actually end up settling for an average Joe which I guess for someone who has been living a glamours lifestyle, meeting and falling in love with someone who is working a 9 to 5 job and has a mortgage and only has one car is a terrible thing.


Jetset Babes Need To Bag That Millionaire Before Time Runs Out

So the Jet set babes were advised to try and find a rich man to marry and settle down with before the age of 30 because once you hit 30, then you will be kicked out of the Jetset circles, and that will translate you being out of the high society community unless you have managed to make a name for yourself by acquiring some skills like, starting a business.

like a boutique, or a beauty shop for high society and elite people, becoming a stylist, or maybe even starting a youtube channel and working with big brands, you just have to create something for yourself away from the Jetset babe circle, that generates income for you.

I also learned that being an average Joe is like being a different species, they made it sound as if its such a terrible thing to be a hard-working person who wants to accomplish your goals by the work of your own hands, also made it sound like, the average Joe doesn’t want the finer things in life, or doesn’t have class.

Is It True That An Average Joe Doesn’t Want The Finer Things In Life?

The Jet set lifestyle, image of a stylish man

This is my opinion about that way of thinking, money does not necessarily translate into class, I have met many rich people who have no class whatsoever and are not elegant at all, so to classify people based on their balance in their bank account is just wrong.

That being said, I do not judge women who want to live a certain lifestyle, if you know what you want and you know how to get it, then, by all means, I say go for it, as long as you are not hurting anyone and you are not hurting yourself, hey no harm done. I think women have been judged harshly when they go for what they want, yet when men go for what they want they are called ambitious, confident, powerful.

But for women, they get all kinds of names, and I don’t think this is right, I remember an interview I was watching of Anna and this was actually a while ago, I had to go back and watch it again because the first time I watched it I was very judgemental, as soon as I read the title and the introduction of the interview, I had already made my mind up.

And to be honest the woman who was part of the panel conducting the interview had the same mindset as I did because she was actually the one who gave Anna hard time and threw all kinds of titles and names in the air. the man was not that bothered but for some reason, the woman was coming across as bitter and somewhat aggressive towards Anna.

This got me thinking, many women tend to judge each other even more harshly than men judge us, and we tend to put each other down and try and find things about each other that we can use to tear each other apart, in this era of women empowerment, I think we should support each other.

However You Choose To Live Your Life, As Long As You Are Happy, Go For It

People are free to make choices and choose which direction they want to take their lives, if a woman wants to work hard and fund her own luxurious lifestyle, absolutely go for it, and by the way, I agree with equal pay if a woman is doing the same job a man is doing, why should she be paid less?

If another woman chooses to find a wealthy man to fund her luxurious lifestyle, hey it’s your life, it’s your body, go for it in fact here is a link you can use to find your millionaire and I am not even affiliated with this website, its called the One thing is for sure, we should treat each other with respect, there is nothing wrong with being an average Joe just as there is nothing wrong with being super wealthy, so I suggest that we all respect and talk about each other with respect.


Wanting to have finer things in life is a good thing, how you go about attaining those finer things in life, it’s really up to you, some of us choose to just work hard and fund our desires, others opt for getting others to fund their lifestyles and there is nothing wrong with that.

As long the person doing the funding is doing it out of his/her free will and both are happy, then all is well. I will say that learning how to be elegant, how to hold a glass of champagne, how to eat caviar, and how to hold an intelligent conversation, is not reserved for the rich even us average people do learn those things because after working hard for a whole month, we do reward ourselves with fine dinning maybe once a month.

And actually, at the end of the year, we do also have a holiday and do some traveling, I am just throwing that information out there so in case a rich person is reading this or a JetSet babe, they will know that even the average Joe does have a life, we do on occasion indulge in finer things in life if only for a couple of weeks in a year.

Anyway, your turn now, what do you think about all this?

I really would love to hear your opinions on this subject, leave your comments below because I can’t wait to read them 🙂

Thank you for your time


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