The Best Anti-aging Cream For Women Over 50.

Today we are going to discuss the best anti-aging cream for women over 50.

So the big 5-0 is here huh, and you are wondering where the years have suddenly gone, you’ve been so busy working and building a nice life, and you did’nt notice the years just flying by, but you still feel young and vibrant and  full of energy. And just as everything falls into place, you look in the mirror on your birthday and ask yourself, who is that lady looking back at me.

You are hot and beautiful and well put together, your waist line is still close to how it was when you were in your 30s, you still look hot in your little black or red dress you got for your 40th, your hair still has the shine and bounce it always had.

There is just one thing that is disagreeing with how you feel inside, your skin is threatening you with issues that you would like to fix immediately, because suddenly there are some small lines around your eyes that you don’t recognize, because they should’t be there and there are also some discolorations that seem to appear from no where. Oh and when you smile, your smile is gorgeous, there is just one little thing, those lines that you had noticed around your eyes, they seem to also appear around your mouth when you smile.

But why is this happening now, why does your chin also seem different? well, it’s because despite the fact that you feel, really young, which is good, your skin is changing and it needs more TLC now more than ever, because as we age, our skin tend to lose moisture quicker than it deed when we were younger, this could be caused by change in our hormonal balance. So the trick is to moisturize a lot.

There is no such thing as magical cream for a particular age group

You need to invest in a skin routine that will cater for your needs, I have seen many women, actually this includes me, we ask, what is the best cream for women over 40, over 50, over 60, the answer to this question is there is no one cream that caters for the needs of all women in a particular age group.

Why do I say this? I say this because everybody ages differently, some age gradually, and some age rapidly depending on environment and pressures of life, health and other factors like genes, as well as l mentioned hormonal changes, and also there are many skin types. For example there are some women in my age group who don’t look their age at all, they look much younger, some look their age and some look older.

Another thing to consider is that your skin might show signs of aging in a different way compared to the next person, for instance you might find your friend who is in the same age group as you, has started getting wrinkle but you don’t have them, maybe you just have some discoloration on your skin, you might find another friend who might not have wrinkles or discoloration but has some sagging.

So you see these women can not benefit from the same cream because their needs are different, But I will tell you what this three women can absolutely benefit from, Vitamin C, Vitamin C Serum Click to find the best Serum  using a serum that contains this Vitamin will brighten the skin, and will strengthen your skin to combat the loss of elasticity, and reduce dullness.

Protection against the sun is crucial in your 50s, your skin is very delicate at this age and it’s prone to sun damage even more than when you were in your 20s and 30s so sunscreen is your friend even more so now than before. I had shared a lot of helpful tips on this article click here to read it.

But as much as we want to talk about our skin on our faces, you noticed in the beginning of this article l said you look in the mirror, this means we are focusing on the face, but your skin will show signs of aging in other parts of your body too, actually l find that since we do actually take good care of our skin on our faces, you might find that there are some women who look absolutely amazing on the faces.

Pay attention to your hands and knees too

But then you look at their neck, hands, and if they are wearing a short dress you look at their knees,  you can see the signs of aging in these places. So what can we do about this? Let’s start with neck and chest, the same treatment you are giving your face, needs to extend to your neck and your upper area of your chest. This means, the same cleanser, same anti-aging routine.

And then the hands, you need to invest in a good anti-aging hand cream, and you need to moisturize every night before you sleep, after moisturizing your face and neck, you need to do the same for your hands too. And now the knees, well, I will sound like I am repeating myself but actually it’s all about keeping your skin hydrated at all times. Plus you need to give your knees a nice exfoliating scrub, but a gentle one, and then make sure your body moisturizer contains things like Shea butter, Cocoa butter and aloe Vera.

My body Butter which I started making myself at home, contain natural unrefined Cocoa Butter, Olive oil( I love Olive oil) and few drops of castor oil, Almond oil and some Aloe Vera which I grow in a port myself. I will share my recipe on my future article.

I understand you might not have time to DIY, or maybe you are not a DIY kinda girl, not to worry, there are many body butters to consider, I will link a couple here so you can grab them, and moisturize those knees and body in general. Best body butter buy it by clicking here  and here is another one

But why do women go through all this trouble and sometimes pain of fighting wrinkles with Botox, and sometimes even going under the knife to tighten our skin and coloring our hair when it starts turning grey? The answer is simple we women love beautiful things, and we love looking gorgeous at all times, whether we are in our 20s or 70s. But do we really stand a chance of looking gorgeous as we age? I mean without going under the knife?

Is there hope without going under the knife?

research has showed that because our skin will become thinner as we age, the products we use will be absorbed easier, and that’s why it’s beneficial to use good products because we will get the full benefits, it’s also advisable to use gentle cleansers because as I mentioned our skin becomes very delicate as we age, you can click here to see my list for natural cleansers.


Besides, it doesn’t mean that just because we are getting older we should let our selves go, no way, it’s not that we want to be 20 again, I know I definitely don’t want to be 20 again, but I want to look great at what ever age, when I am 60,70,80, if I am lucky enough to get there, l want to look fine and hot, yup that’s my dream, to be the hottest 80 year old in town 🙂

And that’s why I am working so hard researching and finding beauty routines and products, that will sustain my skin and keep it healthy. And the way to do this is to use natural products, by trying as much as we can to reduce the amount of toxins we are putting in and on our bodies, we will be able to maintain a healthy skin at whatever age.

I hope you are doing your part, making sure you reduce toxins, I know in some cases we can’t help it but we need to do our best, and again, l will repeat myself and say, water is your best friend in helping to cleanse your system from toxins and hydrating your skin from within helping you maintain a healthy skin, I know I mentioned this in my previous article but please Drink water as much as you can.  I have another Article which has a list of the best anti-aging creams for women please check it out

I hope you have found this article helpful and I hope you will take great care of your skin and look gorgeous at any age, l want you to be the hottest 80 year old in you town too 🙂 please leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this topic or share some great beauty routine you might have, thank you so much for reading this.

Here is the link to my body butter recipe

Thank you for your time.


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  1. Wow,this is interesting. I do not know there are anti ageing cream for people above 50 , my mum really needs to see this. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative information.i will share this post to my aunt and I know she was start following you to get more updates.

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    This is a very important article for my family. I believe this anti aging cream is the natural and perfect solution for my close relatives. Since it has no side effect issue, I am going to share it with them. My aunt wanted to buy a special cream for her skin freshness. I hope she will be happy to know about this. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips

  3. very informative article, thank you for sharing. I think many women will benefit from reading this and finding the right products to suit their skin. I will pass this article to friends and family. Can you also do an article like this one but for men over 50? I am very sure, men too would like to know what they can do to look good at any age.

  4. I’m not really a fan of an anti-aging substance or product, I feel it’s not realistic but now I’m quite convinced after reading your post, it was not only helpful but it was filled with information. I’ll share this good news with people who really need this anti-aging product/cream. Thank you for a good article.


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