the-benefits-of-avocado-oil-on-your-skin-and scalp

The Benefits of Avocado Oil On Your Skin And Scalp

Avocados, I love them I love eating them, (who doesn’t love Guacamole right?) I love slathering them on my face and I also love making hair conditioners, and hair masks using avocados, in this article I want us to take a look at the benefits of avocado oil on your skin and scalp. Although some people are afraid of avocados because of their high content of fat.

When consumed, the fat contained in avocados is very beneficial to your body and your skin. avocados are actually super healthy, the fat contained in avocados is cholesterol-free. 100 grams of avocados contain about 10% of the vitamin E daily requirement, and as we know, vitamin E is vital for smooth, supple and healthy skin.

The Secret To Having Healthy, And Youthful Skin Is Not Expensive Treatments

Actually the secret to healthy and youthful skin is not expensive beauty treatments. The secret is eating healthy, like eating lots of foods that contain vitamin E(like Avocados) and vitamin C ( lots of fruits and vegetables) and of course drinking a lot of good old H2o.

And then once you have taken care of your skin from the inside by giving it the nutrients it needs, then you need to use the avocado oil to hydrate it from the outside, to be honest most of skin problems are caused by either dryness or sun damage and actually avocado oil helps your skin fight sun damage. there are many benefits of using avocado oil

Your Skin Will Absorb That Avocado Goodness

avocado oil benefits on your skin

Now when you apply a product that is made of pure, natural and organic avocado oil, your skin will absorb all that goodness and you get all the benefits of avocado oil even if you don’t consume it, although consuming avocados regularly is very beneficial, you can have them in salads, smoothies or as I mentioned earlier, you can make guacamole.

You can also buy pure organic avocado oil and use it in salads.

According to avocados contain more potassium than bananas, and the article goes on to say that avocados contain 20 vitamins and minerals, which earns this fruit a spot in the superfood list.

But when it comes to beauty recipes, avocados have been used worldwide to prepare face masks, hair masks and all kinds of beauty treatments. When I use avocados on my face, I don’t even add anything else, I just mash avocados and apply it on my face and leave it as a mask for about 30 minutes and then I rinse my face, it feels amazing I promise.

And don’t worry if you are on a diet, OK, so there is this friend of mine who came over to my place and we were supposed to do DIY beauty treatments, one of the things we were supposed to make was a face mask and we were supposed to use yogurt, then my friend goes, is it fat free because I am on a diet lol 🙂

We are just applying the mask on our skin, and in fact, the more fat the better because we want to hydrate our skin and nourish it with all that natural goodness.

Pure Cold Pressed Avocado Oil Helps Treat Acne

avocado oil benefits on your skin and scalp

Did you know that pure avocado oil can help treat acne and its also very helpful in softening the skin on your feet and elbows, avocado oil is one of the most beneficial oils it’s as good as olive oil and you know I love my olive oil. Avocado oil is much lighter than olive oil and that means when you use it on your skin, you will not feel so oily and this is good for people who have sensitive skin.

Also, avocado oil helps in the treatment of dandruff, by soothing, nourishing and hydrating irritated scalp. I like using natural products on my skin and hair and when I have time I usually make my own hair mask using 3 tbs avocado oil, half a cup natural unflavored full-fat Greek yogurt(the kind my friend was concerned about lol) and a teaspoon of honey, I usually just whisk them together in a bowl using a fork and I apply the mask to my hair after thoroughly shampooing the hair. I wear a shower cap and wrap a towel and leave it for about 30 minutes.

Try Making Your Own Avocado Beauty Treatments

avocado oil benefits on your skin and scalp, speak my mind

Then I just rinse it off with warm water the results are amazing, nice shiny and soft hair. And you can even make a simple hot oil treatment by warming the avocado oil at low heat until it reaches the desired temperature and then apply the oil on your hair paying more attention to the scalp, then wear shower cap and wrap with a towel and leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

When buying avocado oil, make sure it’s organic and cold-pressed, that way you will get the full benefits of this wonder fruit.


Avocadoes are very beneficial to our health and they are especially very beneficial to our skin, it’s funny how mother nature has provided us with so many oils and natural ingredients to beautify ourselves yet we still go for the harmful chemicals that destroy our skin and hair.

If you use avocado oil on your skin and scalp and also consume avocados, within 3 months you will not believe just how your appearance will change. I have seen it, I have been using avocado oil and avocado DIY beauty treatments and they are magical.

OK, enough of this avocado talk, I am super hungry now lol 🙂 tell me have you used avocado oil before? did you like it? do you have an avocado beauty recipe that you would like to share with us? please leave your comments below. Now I shall go find an avocado I left in the kitchen lol actually it inspired today’s article.

Thank you so much for your time


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8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Avocado Oil On Your Skin And Scalp”

  1. Before anything, I want to appreciate you for sharing something as interesting and useful as this, it very true that the secret behind having a very smooth youthful skin is not the expensive skin care products we buy, it is healthy lifestyle which entails eating balanced diet, drinking what will benefit the body, and most importantly putting the body to action, I mean exercise. I never knew avocado can be this beneficial to the Health. Avocado oil is really nice, it’ll be a thing of joy to my wife if I share this with her, she likes using natural stuffs rather than chemicals and I know she’ll make a whole lot of benefit from it. I’ve enjoyed reading through every bit of this article, trust me, You’ve done a really great job.

    • Thank you so much for your comment DreaJay, yes please share this post with your wife, I am sure she will find it useful. and please tell her to come and share her experience with us.

  2. I love the fact that you are promoting a natural healthy alternative for cosmetic purposes. I follow a ketogenic diet so I eat avocados quite regularly, you are right the fat in them is beneficial for humans! All that being said I have never even considered slathering them on my face or scalp.

    I never realised that pure avocado oil can be so useful for treating acne, although after reading your detailed article including the many benefits of avocados, it is easy to see why. Reading what you said about using it for an irritated scalp got me thinking could it possibly work for irritated skin on a dog?

    • Well Andy, I never thought or tried slathering our dog with avocado lol but I think the avocado oil would work because it’s very soothing. please if you decide to try it, do come back and tell us how it went, I am very curious to know if it would work on a dog.

  3. Thank you very much for such great information about avocado oil,

    This article caught my attention, I didn’t actually know that avocado can be used  that way. I used to take avocado on a daily basis but my friend said that i may gain weight in no time, i reduced my use of it. but masking with avocado seems to be cool and am going to try it out.

  4. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits right from when I was young, my neighbor had a fruit store then so she always bring the remaining avocados home and share to us so that it won’t end up spoiling. It’s so nice to hear that I’ve been doing myself a lot of favour since these days, no wonder my skin is so fresh, haha, lol. Avocado oil is a good product and I like because it’s natural, using natural products makes it safe for the body to use their nutrients, unlike chemicals that we spend a lot on that will end up causing more havoc. Disciplined eating manner is also very important, fruits like avocado are very beneficial to the health so they should be encouraged. I find this article very educative because it’s like I’m being lectured right now and it’s a good feeling, thank for impacting so much knowledge. 

    • Hi Wildecoll, you are the first person I have heard say that they like being lectured lol thank you for your comment, the fact that you have been consuming avocados since you were young, gives you an advantage, I bet your skin is amazing.


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