Start Dating at 40 How To Meet People

Today We’re going to talk about how to meet people when you start dating at 40, at this age you might find yourself in the singles side due to divorce or a broken relationship, or some other unavoidable circumstances.

First I would like to say that 40 is a great age to start dating because you have made a few mistakes, maybe get involved with the wrong kinds of people because in your young age you are not really sure what you want in a relationship. But in your 40s you’ve learned a lot about yourself and about people and I am sure at this age you know exactly what you want( at least I hope you do)

When I was in my 20s, I had some really unrealistic and crazy ideas about what I would want in a guy, but now looking back some of the expectations sound funny, and to be honest, I do not think I was living in reality when I was in my 20s, I had read too many Harlequin Romance Novels, mainly by Penny Jordan, I still love reading a book by Penny Jordan. I also read lots of Mills and Boon Romance novels.

Dating At 40 You Know What You Like

Now in my 40s, I know for a fact what I like in a man and what I don’t like. I was watching a documentary the other day about online dating and how many relationships are developing from the internet, anyway there was this guy who was being interviewed and he was asked why he hasn’t met someone yet despite being on several dating sites.

He said that it’s mainly because being over 40 he is finding the women in his age group are too particular when it comes to what they are looking for in a guy.

He went on to state that when he comes across a profile of a woman who is over 40, she has a list of the things she is looking for as well as things she does not want in a guy. I think this is a good idea because it makes it very clear to the person who visits your profile, but the guy in the interview thought that the women are being too picky.

He even made a comment insinuating that the fact that the women are so picky, that’s why they are single in the first place.

At This Age Nobody Has Time For Playing Childish Games

In my humble opinion, the women are doing the right thing because they are giving as much information as possible because at this age we are not really into games and life has already taught us a thing or two so it makes sense that a woman who is over 40 would like to make it very clear to a potential partner just what she is looking for because she really doesn’t want to waste time.

And honestly at over 40 its very foolish to play silly games, so if a woman list what she wants and what she doesn’t want, she is actually doing guys a favor because you can see if you possess the qualities she is looking for or not rather than spending weeks or even months and then discovering you do not fit together.

Online dating is very popular with singles over 40 and easy to do

So diving into our subject, how to meet people when you start dating at 40, one thing you need to do when you find yourself single at 40 is to open yourself up for possibilities. Create a profile on a dating site or app, speak to different people. Online dating is very easy to do because you can communicate with different kinds of people from anywhere in the world, but if you want to narrow down your dating to your location, these days most apps and dating sites can suggest singles in your area. So you will be able to meet singles and interact.

Get out of the house, Meet your friends for coffee, have some fun, you never know you could notice someone on the next table, but don’t make it like a job, like don’t be too desperate looking for potential dates, just relax and enjoy life while keeping an eye open of course 🙂

Speed dating

Speed dating is another way of meeting new people and having some fun at the same time, it gives you some kinds of practice, you can search on google for a speed dating event in your area, they have become very popular these days and many cities and towns do have these events, usually they are organized by matchmaking companies together with dating sites. Or there are some restaurants that hold these events where they call then singles nights, and they hold a speed dating session.

Gym Or A Dancing Class

Go to the Gym, there are many relationships that have started at the gym, OK so not exactly in the gym but maybe at the parking lot of the gym, I mean the last thing you want is to meet your potential date when you are all sweaty and… If you see someone at the Gym and maybe you are interested and you get the idea that they too might be interested, then make it possible to meet after work out and introduces yourself.

Or join a dancing class, what a better to meet people than a dancing place where you can learn some moves while you meet new people, hey, learn some salsa, you never know when those moves will come in handy lol, I think dancing is a good thing because its fun, it will keep your body in shape, and you will meet people too.

Meet your potential date At the church?

Religious gatherings are perfect places to meet new people, I mean many relationships have started in the church, and if things go well, you can go back to the same church and get married. OK, I am moving too fast sorry lol, when you meet someone at the church, you can wait until when the Prest says to greet your neighbor and then you can introduce yourself or make a point to show that you are interested.

Besides, love is what is all about so I don’t see anything wrong with love starting at the Church, did you see that elderly couple who met at the church, and they got married in the same church, their story was all over social media, and even on many TV stations, the lady had the most beautiful white hair I have ever seen, and the wedding was so beautiful it was so beautiful and I think they shared the longest kiss in the history of weddings, the Preast didn’t know what to do lol.

Watch the video here I promise You will like the video, it’s kinda funny 🙂


So I say if you are a church kind of person, hey, keep your options open, you never know, love is everywhere and especially in the church house, at least in theory it should be.

Sport events,

If you are a lady, sports events could be the last place you are thinking of going but this is one of the best places to meet new people and potentially meet someone to consider for a date, I know there are some women who don’t really like sports but going to sports events especially with your friends could be fun and gives you a chance to meet and interact with new people. So the next time your local baseball or basketball team is playing, make time and go and cheer them on you never know what could happen.

Besides, even if you don’t meet someone new, you will have lots of fun. Just make sure you know a little bit about the sport, for example you need to know when to cheer because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself like I did once, I was watching a soccer match and I didn’t know that after half time, the teams changed the scoring side, so my team was scoring on the opposite side, so when the opposition scored, I thought it was still my time and I cheered very loudly and all the other fans were like boo ooh 🙂 So familiarize yourself with the sport a little bit, and just have fun.

Love is in the air 🙂

My conclusion

As we have seen, there are many places you could meet new people and maximize your chances of finding a date. Being 40 is a good thing and don’t feel like you can not find love just because you are now over 40, and maybe have been out of the dating scene for a long time, its like riding a bike so you will soon get used to it lol 🙂 love can be found at any age, just don’t give up and don’t let go of yourself, look after yourself, eat well, exercise, and socialize.

And smile, don’t face life with a negative attitude, always look on the bright side of things cliche I know, but its true, if you are always grumpy and negative, then you will only attract negativity, smile and be positive about life and the universe will respond and reward you ( well, I hope so)

Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my article to the end, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be very happy to answer them the best I can.

Thank you so much for your time


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