Protect Your Hands From Drying Due To Use Of Sanitizer

Well, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, people have had to use lots of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. As a matter of fact, an article published in the New York Times, disclosed that the US and world at large are facing a shortage of hand sanitizer. This is due to people’s panic and buying large quantities of this precious commodity.

I must admit that we (my husband and I) recently had to travel to the Scandinavia region for a very important family event. The fact that we were traveling during the hight of the outbreak, made me very scared but there was no way out.

Anyway, I went in search of an alcohol-based sanitizer and I could not find any. So I bought the wet paper towels instead, luckily, I was able to find hand sanitizer at the duty-free shop at the airport. OK, to be honest, I don’t know why those shops are called Duty Free, everything is so expensive there.

The Out Break Of The Corona Virus Has Made People Paranoid

People are so sensitive and so paranoid, if you sneeze, everybody runs away from you. There is a video circulating on the internet of a man who was having what seemed like a heart attack at a shopping mall and instead of people helping the guy, they were just filming him as he struggled in pain clutching his chest.

Apparently now every symptom you might have is Corona related. You could fall and break your leg and no one will help because of the Corona, I swear its crazy, and don’t get me started on the stigma that the Asian community is facing around the world because of this virus.

So How Do You Keep Your Hands From Over Drying Due To Use Of Alcohol-Based Sanitizer?

One of the things I quickly found out after using the alcohol-based sanitizer just a couple of times, my hands got so dry that my skin felt like it was cracking. I have never used alcohol-based sanitizers before. I always go for the alcohol-free kind because I know just how dry my skin gets especially on my hands.

But of course now with this Corona Outbreak, we must use a sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol.

Use of sanitizer should be reserved for imagencies when you are not able to wash your hands, for example when travelling in a bus or train, and also planes. But if you are at home, there is no need to use senitizer. You just need to throughly wash your hands with soap and plenty of water.

Remember, The Use Of Sanitizer Should Be For When You Have No Access To Water And Soap


The best way to protect your skin from drying is to carry a moisturizer at all times. After sanitizing your hands, if you think you might not need to use the sanitizer again, then moisturize your hands. But if you think you still need to sanitize your hands, then you should not apply your moisturizer because the sanitizer will not work if your hands are greasy.

Its also advisable to dry your hands before using the sanitizer, so it can be effective, and also you have to be super generous with it, you must cover both your hands with it and keep rubbing them until the sanitizer drys out.

When you are able to, apply your moisturizer so your skin can recover from the drying effect of the alcohol. I know that most sanitizers contain glycerine which is supposed to prevent drying but I must say, that did not work for me.

My hands were super dry.

I Sure Hope You Will Be Safe From This Virus, And We Shall Rise Above It


We shall not let this virus defeat us, and we shall not neglect our skin just because we are so afraid of this virus, this too shall pass and we shall keep our skin healthy and moisturized. Remember to also pay attention to your diet, so you can strengthen your immune system.

And please if you think you’ve been in situations where you could have contracted the virus, isolate yourself so we can slow down the spread of this terrible virus. My husband and I even though we did everything possible to protect ourselves during the trip we just took.

We are trying to stay way from people and limiting our movements until we are sure that we are clear. We don’t feel anything and its been a few days since we returned from our trip. But I could not live with myself if I knew that I exposed someone to the Corona, especially the elderly and the children whose immunie system may not be so strong to fight off the virus.

Eat Lots Of Fruits And Fresh Vegitables


OK, I know this is so cliche, but by maintaining a healthy diet and upping your intake of vitamin C, you will be able to strengthen your immune system, which means if God forbid you come in contact with someone who has Corona and you get infected, you will have the strength to fight the symptoms, and in time your immune system will be able to get rid of the virus.


This outbreak is a terrible thing and I hope we will be rid of it soon. Please try not to panic, The biggest problem we have in the world right now is the fear and the panic. People are in the supermarkets buying lots of supplies, there is no need to panic. Just shop the way you usually shop, don’t buy things that might be expiring soon just because you are in a state of panic

And stop with the toilet paper hoarding, I swear, today I went to get some groceries and people had bought so much toilet paper it’s unbelievable.

Well, I really wish you good health and hope you will be safe until we see this crisis behind us.

Thank you so much for your time and I would like you to leave me a comment and tell me how you are handling this epidemic.



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