Online Dating Tips Do You Want To Be A Sugar Baby?

OK, so do you want to be a sugar baby? In this article we are going to look at women who join online dating sites in search of rich men to take care of them, we are going to look at the reality of being a sugar babe and we are going to see what it really takes to become one, I try to give you great online dating tips so you can make an advised decision.

Before we get into it, let me just start by saying that I do not pass any judgment on anyone about how they choose to live their lives or how they want to spend their time, mine is to give you information and to give you tips for your own safety and well being.

So let’s get started, what is the definition of a Sugar Baby? a sugar Baby is a woman who exchanges her time as well as her body for expensive gifts and a luxurious lifestyle from rich men, a sugar Baby is usually a young very attractive woman. This means that she is spending time with a man in exchange for goods and gifts, this kind of arrangement is made between two consenting adults and each one knows what their responsibility is and what is expected of them.

Now there has been a big controversy when it comes to these kinds of arrangements because many people believe that, being a sugar Babe is the same as being a sex worker. I think the cause for these kinds of assumptions, is that most of the men might be married and therefore they are actually cheating on their wives with these girls and so there is a sense of bitterness associated with sugar Babes and that’s why they are considered the same as the ladies of the old profession.

Not to confuse a sugar Babe with a mistress, a mistress is someone who is involved with a married man, and even though there might be an exchange of gifts, a mistress will probably have feelings for the man she is involved with, but a sugar babe might claim to have feelings for the millionaire, but the truth is, its just a business arrangement.

I am basing this on an interview I watched of a lady called Anna, you will find out who she is as you read on, when asked about love in the sugar Baby arrangements, I could tell she was lying because first, she hesitated, then she said, ”yes, of course, I love my millionaire” And if you watch that interview, you will see from her body language that she is not being truthful.

Another reason for harsh criticism is because these girls are only going for rich guys and they don’t care whether the guy is old enough to be their grandfather, so the young men that they reject are very bitter and they do judge them harshly. But what does it really take to be a sugar, Baby? in developed countries, these girls will do anything to attain the” look”

Do You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Do You Have The Look?

But what is the ”look”?  The girls are typically tall with beautiful long legs, with a small waist, round backside, and large breasts, if they are European, they will probably have full lips and blonde hair. But what if the girl is not tall? well, the answer to that is, she will live in high heels.

In my country of Kenya, I have heard of young girls getting on the internet to look for millionaires who will take care of them, the girls in Kenya are calling themselves slay queens, whatever that means, my question here is, as you look for that millionaire, what are you bringing to the table apart from your beauty? I promise I am not being judgemental.

Do you have education, do you have communication skills, if you get that rich guy are you gonna be able to conduct yourself in a manner that represents him in a positive and elegant light? If you are a Kenyan woman, it’s obvious you will be searching for an English-speaking millionaire, how good are you in English, both written and spoken? Can you hold an intelligent conversation in English, without using sheng or slang?

Do you know how to dress in a stylish yet classy way? If you find yourself in Paris or London, since many Kenyan girls are claiming they want someone who can afford to take them to London and New York for shopping, lets say you go to New York for shopping then in the evening he takes you to an expensive restaurant for dinner, would you know how to proceed and which fork and knife to use first?

Well, You Can Always Join A Finishing School That Will Teach You All You Need To Know

According to a lady who has made a career by teaching women how to bag a millionaire, I actually read her article while doing research for this post, her name is Anna and she runs a finishing school for women who want to join the Sugar Baby life, she is also on youtube. She says that it’s not easy to bag a millionaire and there are a lot of things you need to do before starting your hunt for a millionaire.

She says you need to know how to talk, how to walk, how to apply makeup in a way that will create a classy look, you also need to know which subjects to steer clear of when having a conversation with a rich guy.

First and most important, plastic surgery has to become your best friend, because you need to maintain the ”look” next you need to have a gym membership and also you need to have some education, next she says you have to participate in her classes, personally I think that’s just her way of improving her business.

But let’s be honest here, the rich guys who are looking for a  pretty young thing to compliment their appearance, are probably older than the pretty young thing. There are many pretty young things out there and it will only be a matter of time before you become old news, so what are you gonna do when you don’t appear to be so pretty, or your millionaire gets bored with you, or if another prettier younger thing appears in the scene?

The truth is, you will have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again, meanwhile the guys you rejected in college have built their lives, careers, and families.

My advice to you is this, get some education, get your degree, even if you have decided that you want to find a millionaire, at least have something of your own, another thing is, do not join a dating site for finding a millionaire to take care of you. There are some sites that are dedicated to sugar daddies and sugar Babes like this one here if you think you have what it takes, join those sites. That way, it’s clear what you are looking for.

I feel like these girls are joining dating sites and spoiling the chances for people who are genuinely searching for love and since mine is to give online dating tips, I say when you join the sugar lifestyle, be prepared and be aware because there are many dangers involved when you enter these types of arrangements.

Make sure you have a friend with you when you go meet for the first time with the so-called millionaire, also make sure to meet in a public place. And also you need to be clear as to what exactly is required of you because you don’t want to find yourself in situations where you have to do some really nasty things.

My Conclusion

In my research I have come across situations where girls are being subjected to some really horrible things so, as much as you want to join the rich people clubs by finding a rich guy, you have to be extremely careful, you might find yourself in London thinking you’ve been taken there for shopping, then you end up having a very bad experience.


As I said earlier, I do not judge people, I mean it’s your life and as long as you know what you are doing and you are not hurting anyone including yourself, then sure go for it. Just make sure that you are taking all the precautions necessary to ensure your safety.

That being said, I also feel like we have fought too hard and for too long for us to be able to make our own money and to be honest and I am not judging but I think this kind of mindset is taking us backward, this is just my opinion, I mean what’s wrong with a woman working hard and making your own money rather than hunting for a rich guy to take care of you? why don’t you make your own millions and call the shots instead? Just food for thought.

I hope you will take precautions and you will stay safe, I also hope you find what you are looking for and I wish you nothing but happiness. I hope you have found my article helpful and I would love to hear your views on this topic so please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for your time


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