Online Dating How To Know If Someone Is Serious

Today we are discussing how to know if someone is serious,  hookups are very common on dating apps and dating sites, and if that’s what you are looking for, then that’s fine, but things get complicated when you keep attracting temporary dates. today I want us to discuss how to avoid those looking for one-night stands online.

I have received many questions, especially from women on TikTok asking me Rose how do I know if a guy is serious or just playing? Well, there are many things that will indicate if someone is serious about you or not. Before we get into how to know if someone is serious, you also need to analyze the kind of dating app you are using.

How To Know If Someone Is Serious About You

As I said, there are many people who don’t really know how online dating works, there are many dating apps catering to different dating needs, and that is why you need to first make sure that you have downloaded the right kind of app, for your online dating needs. That being said, when tinder first started it was notorious for hookups and casual dating, but recently Tinder has connected many couples who have gotten married especially interracial couples.

And therefore Tinder is actually qualifying as a serious dating app now. Most interracial couples I see on Tiktok, have confessed that they met on Tinder.

So this is how to know if someone is serious about you, number one, he or she includes you in her/his future plans, when he talks about the future she/he is always including you. He/she is making plans to come and see you in person as soon as possible.

She/ he is open to introducing you to friends and even some family members. She/he not only asks questions about you and your life but He/she shares details about him/herself too.

They Like Marking Important Milestones Of Your Relationship


When I first started talking to my now-husband, I really didn’t think we would end up together, because he found me in a bad state, as far as love and relationships are concerned, but there was something I noticed about him, he was very particular about anniversaries when we marked our first month of talking online, he remembered.

I am ashamed to admit that I did not remember, so when he asked me if I remembered what day it was, I honestly did not know what he was talking about. Anyway, that day I realized the guy was serious about us.

She Or He Pays Attention To Details When You Talk About Yourself

Someone who is really serious about the relationship, will want to know a lot about you and they will pay attention when you are talking and actually listen, they will also share a lot about themselves with you. The thing is, if someone is not really committed to you and does not really see you as a future bride/groom, they will not pay much attention to your likes and dislikes.

They know that they have absolutely no intention of sticking around that long, and maybe they are just there for one thing, and one thing only, once they get it, they will either ghost you or just tell you it’s over.

They Like You Just As You Are And Are Ready To Deal With Tough Times

You know when we are doing long-distance dating, or when we first meet online, we are on our best behavior, and we really don’t show our real selves. But as the relationship progresses, our true colors will show. When things are going well, it’s easy to maintain a relationship.

But when we find ourselves in a mess, that’s when we really get to know if we are in for the long run, how you deal with misunderstanding, will determine whether your relationship can survive the turbulence. And lets be honest, there is no relationship that is smooth sail, problems will arise, but can you apologize when you are wrong? Does he/she apologize when they are wrong?

Makes Time For You


These days people are very busy and this is why I always advise my followers on Tiktok, to always make plans when it comes to long-distance relationships. That being said, there are many ladies who ask me what they need to do since the guy is always busy.

The question I always ask the lady when she asks me what to do is, I always ask her, why are you so available? Because to be fair, if someone has no time for you, why are you having time for him? The truth of the matter is, we always make time for people or things that are important to us.

So if someone has no time for you, then that means you are not a priority to him.  That being said, if someone is making a conscious decision to allocate you time even though he is busy, then that person is serious about you, and you are a priority to him.


It’s quite difficult to know if someone is serious about you, especially when they keep giving you mixed signals, but if you take a look at your relationship and ask yourself do they make time for me? Are they interested in knowing my likes and dislikes? Are they involving me in their future plans? Are they doing anything possible to come meet me in person(in the case of online daters) Are they introducing me to their friends and family?

Once you have the answers to these questions, then you will know where you stand. OK, I really would like to read your views on this subject so tell me in the comment section, are you involved with someone and you are not sure if they are serious about you or not? Leave your comments below.

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