non toxic Halloween makeup

Non Toxic Halloween Makeup

OK, it’s that season again, Halloween is the day of fun, games scary stuff, lots of candy, and beautiful if not scary costumes. it’s also time for all kinds of makeup, from fake blood to face paint that transforms beautiful faces into the scariest creatures. But how safe is the makeup used in Halloween? In today’s article, we are going to look at non-toxic Halloween makeup.

When it comes to Halloween, everyone gets excited because for that one day, you can become whatever, and whomever you want to be. You can be a monster, you can be wonder woman regardless of your gender. I actually think this day makes it possible for guys who always fantasized of dressing up as women, to do so without any one giving them weird starers lol.

Children Are The Most Excited Lot On Halloween.

But the people who get excited the most, it’s the little ones, children are very happy with Halloween, they can have face paint and look like superman, spider man, or any other superhero they like, but in most characters that the kids will choose, there will definitely be face paint involved because they enjoy it. it’s the one time they can play with paint and slather their faces with it and mom can’t say a thing about it lol 🙂

Now because of their delicate skin, if you use a face paint that contains hash chemicals, like lead, talc, chromium, Iron dioxide ( which is rust), strong fragrances. All these ingredients could cause irritation and the kids will start scratching their skin and it also could cause burning sensation which will spoil Halloween for the little ones. So the best way to avoid this, is to make sure that you are using non-toxic Halloween makeup.

Mulberries Make The Darkest Blood Color

non toxic Halloween makeup

You can of course create your own face paint at home using safe ingredients like beetroot, mulberries make the best dark color, you can also use strawberries, tomatoes and if you need yellows and greens you can always use store bought food colors. To make sure that the face paint stays onto the skin use either baking flour or cornstarch as base, and you can add some melted Shea butter or Cocoa butter and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

Here Is A Simple Non Toxic Face Paint Recipe Using Beetroot.

non toxic Halloween makeup

1- One beetroot grated

2- half a cup cornstarch or plain baking flour

3- one teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

4- three table spoons melted organic Shea or Cocoa butter ( if not available use your favorite baby lotion)


Squeeze the juices from the beetroot into a bowl and mix all the ingredients, mix well and use as you like, if the consistency is not to your liking, you can thicken by adding more flour and you can thin it out by adding cold water.

For Black Face Paint You can Use Charcoal

non toxic Halloween makeup

Charcoal is also another source of the black face paint, and it’s easy you can just powder some charcoal and mix with some water and a few drops of olive oil to prevent the feeling of dryness and viola, you have a black face paint.

But if you don’t have time for DIY, there are some face paints that are safe to use Like Go Green Face paint Kit

Its water based, and safe to use on the delicate skin of a child, and it’s made of non-toxic ingredients, it has the highest rating for safety and it has beautiful and vivid colors.

So your children and yourself can have lots of fun painting your faces and creating different characters without worrying about toxins on your skin.

Natural Face paint Kit

Here is another face paint kit for you to consider, you will have all of the colors you need  to create whatever look you want in this kit, because you have the red, the blue, you have yellow, green, black and even white.

So no matter the character, you will surely be able to create the look or the monster lol, and when the time comes to remove the color, all you need is water and its off, which I think is a good idea because you really don’t want the kind of colors that you have to fight to take them off.

Because the scrubbing will irritate the skin so you want colors that are easy to remove.

More Non Toxic Halloween Makeup

I am Super Scared Of Halloween, And I Don’t Feel safe Lol

To be honest Halloween scares the heck out of me, and I am the happiest when I know it’s done and finished with:) I remember one time I was just walking on one Halloween evening, and the scariest creature came out of no where and was standing in front of me, I swear I have never been so scared in my entire life. I screamed like a mad woman.

I almost gave myself a heart Attack. Since then, I really don’t look forward to Halloween, I try to stay indoors in the evening. I know its childish to be scared of people wearing costumes but I am  lol 🙂



Halloween is amazing and it’s a lot of fun especially for children and those adults who like dressing up 🙂 it’s nice to dress up and paint our faces and look like someone else but that does not mean that we should neglect the safety our skin.

So when you are doing your Halloween shopping, make sure that you do not include products that could harm your family whether it’s makeup or costumes, be cautious.

I do hope you will have a good time during the Halloween season and hope you won’t consume so much candy that you make yourself sick 🙂 happy Halloween everybody.

I would like to hear your opinions on this topic so please leave your comments below.

Thank You for Your time


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3 thoughts on “Non Toxic Halloween Makeup”

  1. I absolutely love this post: I would never have thought of using mulberries or beetroot for Halloween makeup but it makes real sense to use edible things like that, especially when it’s going to be used by children. Great list of non-toxic ready-made make-up products too. Thanks very much indeed for sharing.

    • Yes, it very important to make sure we are not applying toxic paints onto our skin on Halloween and thats why I thought I’d write this article to remind everyone about the safety.

      Thank you for reading and for your comment.


  2. Okay so I hope everyone is going to have a happy Halloween, I’m not really into Halloween but my little siblings always make sure that they have some funny paints over their faces. Berries sound good but I really need a kit and hope that the shipping prices won’t be too high, shipping prices always disappoint.

     I think these natural face paints will be quite a good “happy Halloween” present because last time I checked they were quite limited in terms of how much paint they had for use and hopefully I’ll get some good customs too.


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