My Pinterest Views Have Dropped

My Pinterest views have dropped.

Is Pinterest Broken or I am I doing something wrong?

Today I just want to address the fact that there is something going on with Pinterest and it started a week ago when I first notice that my views stopped going up. I mean I was so used to waking up in the morning and checking Pinterest and seeing those views just climbing.

I have notice the last couple of days my Pinterest views have dropped drastically, and I really don’t know why, I have not done anything differently.

I have been pinning original pins and also repining other people’s pins yet my views continue to decline. I really would like to know weather this is happening to just me or maybe something has changed in Pinterest.

OK, I am not saying I had millions of views but I was working had and my views were going up and up then suddenly things started going south without warning.

I just woke up one morning and I had lost thousands of views and by the end of that day, my views had been cut to half, and even as I write this, they are still dropping, I swear its not a pretty sight.

There is something about seeing those numbers

OK I know that the monthly views don’t matter so much compare to clicks and saves, but, if more people are viewing your profile, the chances of getting more clicks and more saves increase right? That’s how I see it.

Pinterest has been very helpful to me in terms of sending traffic to my website and I think it is a good source of traffic especially for new websites, so you can understand my panic when I see things going the wrong way.

I hope things will turn around because I am not a big social midea person but I love Pinterest, I can spend hours there, even when I am not pining I find very interesting things and articles to read.

Anyway, if you are on Pinterest, please let me know if you are experiencing drop in your views, that way I will know that I am not alone.

Group boards are your friend

And by the way, I just want to mention that the best way to make Pinterest work in your favor is by joining group boards that are in your niche, I was not seeing much traffic to my website from Pinterest until someone advised me to join some group boards which I did and I started seeing results soon after.

Of course you must read and follow the rules of the group board you join. I must mention also that Pinterest does not make it very easy for you to find a group board, so what you need to do is go to the profiles of the people you follow, then see if they are a part of group board.

So find someone you follow who is popular on pinterest, click on their profile, then click on their boards, and then where the creator’s photo should be, if you see a circle with three people in it, that means its a group board.

So just read the description of the board, there you should see if they are accepting new contributors and also you will see the rules of the group board. Remember to follow the rules, if they say you are only allowed to pin 2 pins, then that’s what you do.

Anyway, the goal of this post was for me to whine about how my pinterest views have dropped but I have also given you tips on how to make pinterest work in your favor so that makes me feel good.

So, happy pinning and please follow me on Pinterest, and help my views go up again lol 🙂 OK seriously follow me, I will follow you back I promise 🙂

Well, that was just a quick post, I hope you have found it helpful, I shall now go back to work, I wasn’t actually going to write this post because i was in the middle of writing something else but it kept bugging me and I couldn’t concentrate on what i was working on.

I sometimes find it helps to write something down when it starts bothering me, no I am not gonna write everything here that bothers me lol 🙂 that would be quite a read.


Thank you so much for reading this, will now stop blubbering and go do some work.

See you on my next article


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