mineral hygienics eye-shadow review

Mineral Hygienics eye shadow Review

This is A full review of mineral Eye Shadow from Mineral Hygienics.

Product Name-Mineral Eyeshadow-Sage


Manufacturer-Mineral hygienics  company  based in USA

Product Description-Pistachio/lime toned Green with generous sparkles.

OK so I have eye shadow palette but my palette is missing a color that I really needed for an up coming occasion, so I got this eyeshadow from Amazon but made by MineralHygienics. I have to say, it’s very good, the thing is, since I started my journey with natural skincare and make-up, I am finding more and more things especially when I am researching for my blog.

I was researching Natural Eyeshadow palettes for my post which I am gonna be posting shortly. Anyway so I came across this eyed shadow and I checked if they had the color I was looking for which is a green that’s going to match my dress, and look nice on my skin tone.

Well, it does match my dress and yes it looks good on my skin tone. And it doesn’t move, l hate it when I apply eyed shadow then it ends up spreading on my cheeks, this one stays put. I like the texture too, its light and it doesn’t creas or flake.

I got mine from Amazon but I would highly recommend you get it straight from Mineralhygienics.com, I will leave their link, below. The reason I recommend this is that they also have other make up products that you might like, from eyeliners, foundations to mascaras, they have a full range of make-up, I am very impressed, actually I have ordered some things and I will be doing more reviews soon.

Click here to buy from Mineral Hygienics

Click Here to buy from Amazon

Well, I would like to hear from you and if you have tried products from mineral hygienics, please share your experience by leaving me a comment.

Thank you for your time

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2 thoughts on “Mineral Hygienics eye shadow Review”

  1. Thank you for your article on Mineral Hygienics Eye Shadow,

    I am currently researching make up for my wife’s upcoming birthday and came across your article. This looks like quite an unusual eye shadow to me and one my wife would perhaps wear when going out on an evening rather than day to day usage. Please could you clarify whether this comes in a wide range of colours and whether the product can be purchased outside of the United States.

    • Yes the make up can be bought in America because the company is American and so the products are made in America.

      and yes the eyeshadow has many colors to chose from.


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