Long Distance Relationship How To Cope With Holiday Season

If there is a time you feel the full impact of being in long distance relationship, it’s during the holiday season. That is the time couples are doing things together, going to introduce each other to the families, some even take advantage of having family members under one roof to get Engaged, there are just many things that take place during this time and the festivities bring out that romantic mood.

Now if You are in long distance relationship the holiday season can be very difficult for you, in this article we are going to discuss how to cope with the holiday season when the person you love is so far away from you. Before we get into it, let me just mention that I feel your pain because I have been there.

So, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr, new year’s and Valentine’s, those are the holidays I am focusing on today, but if you don’t celebrate them, it’s OK too, I am sure this article will help you too as there must be a time of the year that really affects you and makes you feel the loneliness of being in a long-distance relationship even more than usual.

My Experience With Long Distance Relationship And The Holiday Season.

I remember the Christmas I had to spend with my family and friends, I was surrounded by so many people yet I felt the kind of loneliness that is very difficult to describe. when you love someone and you are not able to spend time with them during the holiday season, it’s tough, nothing tastes good, you don’t feel hungry, you just feel flat.

Believe me, I know exactly how it feels.

Do You know that song by dana called cold, Cold Christmas?

During that Christmas, all I wanted to do was go outside and call my then-boyfriend on Skype, we were texting all throughout the day but it was not enough, so the new year’s eve we decided to just stay home and skype with each other, we had a wonderful time. We prepared food together ( almost) and we sat down and had our meal and we talked about the trip he was planing in a couple of months to come to see me. Then we watched a comedy show it was really fun. We stayed up until very late at night.

So I would highly suggest if you are in a situation where you are able to do what we did, then do it it’s much better than just texting, or just sitting down and face-timing or skyping, do things together, preparing meals together, having a dinner date, have a glass of wine later and watch something or play one of those internet games together it’s really fun.

Here is an article I wrote about virtual date ideas

It’s not just those in online relationships, there are couples that are separated by deployments and other circumstances.

There are couples who are separated by either military deployments, and other situations like jobs, and not being able to be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas is really challenging especially if you have little ones who will not understand why Daddy/Mommy is not able to come home for the holidays.

The best you can do is to make them know that you love them so much and it’s beyond your control and if it were up to you, you would be with them roasting marshmallows and playing and enjoying the festivities with them.

Send Each Other Presents And Open Them Together On Skype Or Face Time

long distance relationship how to cope with holiday season

Doing things together like opening the presents you sent each other live on Skype or FaceTime, is one way to ease the pain of being so far away from each other. So send each other presents and make sure they are wrapped and then unwrap them together and watch each other’s reactions.

And of course, when you are sending presents don’t forget to send cards and write what you feel and if possible let it be handwritten.

Talk About Your Future Plans To Be Together

Planing your getting together gives you something to look forward to and it helps the holiday blues by giving you hope for the good things to come, so plan your next meeting, if it involves flights check for the availability of discounted tickets and just talk about the trip, it really helps.

It’s OK To Cry

long distance relationship how to cope with holiday season

Don’t feel like you should be strong and ignore the fact that it hurts not being able to celebrate the holidays with the one you love. Don’t try to convince yourself that holidays are not important, because you know they are. If you need to cry, give yourself a moment when you will have a good old cry season, hey crying cleanses the soul ( so I heard) so have a good old ugly cry if you need to, and then dust yourself up and get on with the holiday.

But if you have kids I suggest you do the crying in the privacy of your bedroom because you really don’t want to show the little ones that something is really wrong, they already know that it’s not normal to not have their Daddy/Mommy for holidays and they need you to reassure them that all is well.


The holiday season is the most fun-filled season with all kinds of activities, lots of good food, and lots of gifts it’s a time of spending quality time with family and friends. But for people who are in a long distance relationship, it’s the most challenging time.

Because you will not be able to enjoy those special moments with the one you love, and some people do not understand even if you try to explain, it’s more than missing someone. The holiday season makes you feel the distance even more. So I hope by me sharing these little tips, you will have a better holiday season this year.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Are you in a long-distance relationship, how are you coping and how are you preparing for the holidays?


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