Lip Care For Men

Lip care for men, how to care for dry chapped lips.

In this article, we are going to discuss lip care for men, it’s very obvious that men are not very keen on lip care and they don’t take any action until its too late. I mean men will start worrying about lip care when their lips start burning because they are cracked as a result of being too dry.

I recently watched a Kenyan comedy where a standup comedian was making fun of men who carry chapstick, he said that men don’t need chapsticks, he said they just need to lick their lips.

The comedian went on to say a lot of other things regarding men hygiene which I will not go into detail since today it’s all about lip care for men. But I promise you I will be back with other topics because I feel like I have a bone to pick with that comedian.

OK, I know I went off topic there but lets continue with lip care for men

Sorry for going off topic there, lets go back to our article.

Now, I know it’s been said that it’s sexy for a man to lick his lips and that some ladies find lip licking very attractive as a matter of fact, LL Cool J is known for his famous signature lip lick. As much as that could appeal to some ladies, it’s not a good idea to constantly lick your lips.

By constantly licking your lips, you are doing them more harm than good. When you lick your lips, you get a temporary moisture on your lips, which dispears quickly prompting you to lick them again and again, this causes your lips to dry even more and they start burning after too many licks.

Personally, I find it very strange and somewhat unattractive, I mean why would you lick your lips at me? it’s not like I am a piece of steak 🙂 really strange to me.

Lip licking will dry out your lips and expose them to damage.

The act of lip licking, will dry out your lips and expose them to possibility of cracking, this could be very painful and if you continue licking your lips when they are cracked, the condition will worsen and become unbearable. At some point, you will need to visit a pharmacy or even a Doctor.

So my advice to you is, don’t lick your lips constantly, instead get yourself a nice chapstick and use it regularly to moisturize your lips and to protect them from wind, cold or damage from hot sun depending on where you live.

The best Chapstick or lip balm is the kind that contains wax because that will seal in the moisture and protect your lips, also that kind of lip balm will last longer, that way you won’t have to keep reapplying.

Avoid flavored Lip Balms, instead go for the plain heavy kind, for intense moisture.

And when buying a chapstick or lip balm, avoid the sweet and flavored ones, OK, I know guys don’t usually go for those but I just want to put it out there that you don’t want a flavored lip balm because it will encourage you to lick your lips and that’s what we are trying to avoid.

If your lips are already chapped or cracked, then i suggest buying a heavy intense lip balm that will protect your lips from further damage, and facilitate the healing process. At this point is very important not to lick your lips, and also its advisable to refrain from kissing.

Its very important to give your lips time to heal, so when you eat also make sure that the salt from your food is not touching your lips, also make sure that you are not drinking very hot coffee or other hot beverages , because touching your lips with a hot cup, will aggravate the lips and that will slow the healing process.

Do not bite or pick on the flaky skin on your lips.

Not to mention every time you touch your lips with a hot cup or mug, its gonna be very painful, the same goes for very cold drinks too. Refrain from biting your lips especially if they are flaky. By biting or picking on the flaky skin on your lips, you will make things worse by causing more damage.

I know it’s very uncomfortable to have that dry flaky skin on your lips but just keep moisturizing your lips and let the flakes fall on their own, that way, your lips will heal quicker.

Do not share your lip balm with anyone. Sharing your chapstick or lip balm with someone else could cause you to expose your lips to germs or bacteria espeacially if they are cracked, so refrain from sharing your lip balm or any other lip care products.

Avoid activities that require you to open your mouth wide because if your lips are cracked, by opening your mouth wide you are stretching the cracks and making them even bigger.

Time to bring in the big guns lol

If after 4 days of noticing cracked lips you don’t see any improvement, and if you start noticing that your lips are swollen even after you have been taking the measures I mentioned above, then its time to go and see your doctor, because cracked lips are also prone to bacteria and they could get infected.


So there you have it guys, and don’t procrastinate going to the Doctor, as I mentioned earlier, if the condition is worsening rather than waiting until its too late, go and see your Doctor, that way you will get a prescription and things will get better.

Well, I hope after reading this article you will take better care of your lips, and i hope you will stop that bad habit of licking your lips, i don’t think it will be very nice for you to have dry, chapped or cracked lips, that is definately not a sexy look.

But if you take care of your lips, you will have amazing sexy kissable lips and I think that will be more appealing to the ladies, than painful cracked lips. And especially in winter months, you definitely don’t want to be licking your lips.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic

Please leave me a comment on this topic and tell me what you think, also tell me if you are one of those lip licking guys lol just kidding, I don’t wanna know 🙂 but I do want to hear your views on the topic.



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2 thoughts on “Lip care for men, how to care for dry chapped lips.”

  1. helpful advice and information, I thought men don’t need beauty treatments but I now know that it’s important to maintain appearance and health

    • Men too need to take care of their skin. We only get one body so its best to take care of ourselves. You really don’t want to let your lips get so dry that they start cracking, as I mentioned in the article, that is not a good look, plus its painful.


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