Ladies, What Is Your Freackum Dress?


OK, this is going to be super interesting if I may say so myself lol What is your freakum dress?  I heard this term on a show I was just watching, and it made me remember my freakum dress. It’s a black bandage dress I got for my 30th birthday. It used to make me feel like a goddess.

My Freakum Dress Betrayed Me Lol

Are you one of those women who live in denial? I sure am, I kept the dress even though I know it will never fit me again, The last time I tried putting on the dress it reminded me of a funny compilation of videos I watched on YouTube. in one of the videos, an elderly lady had called the fire department because she had ordered a pair of spanks from Amazon I think, and now she was stuck in them and she couldn’t breathe.

It was actually an emergency. So back to my black freakum dress. I took it out of the closet because on this particular day I felt as if I had lost a few pounds lol. Have you had one of those days where you wake up feeling lighter for some reason? I was so excited, to finally fit in my freakum dress. Well, I managed to get my head through the dress, and I got one arm through too.

But when I tried to put in the other arm, that’s when things got… shall we say complicated? 

Although I Some How Got In My Freakum Dress, I Was Desperate To Get Out

OK, so as I mentioned, it’s a bandage dress so it’s supposed to stretch, but after fighting for like 20 minutes to get into the dress, I was desperate to get out of it, I felt like my insides were being crushed lol. To Be honest with you, I don’t know why I kept the dress, I still have it, but I don’t think I will ever wear it again because I don’t think I will ever go back to being that size again.

So What Is Your Freakum Dress, And How Does It Make You Feel When You Wear It?


Lets first define a freakum dress. It’s a dress that makes you feel sexy, confident, beautiful, and ready to hit the streets, so to speak. Some say it has to be a classic little black dress, others say it has to be a firey red dress that screams passion, danger, and everything in between lol.

What would be your freakum dress? is it a tight-fitting short dress, or is it a long figure-hugging sparkling evening gown? Well, whatever it is, you must have one. Every woman must have that one dress, that when you wear it makes you feel like a superwoman.

But Can A Dress Really Make You Feel Confident And Sexy?

Absolutely yes, when my dress, my hair, and my makeup is on point, I feel fierce, as if I can face anything. I think it all depends on choosing the right dress for your body type, and your figure, a dress that hides what needs to be hidden and accentuates what needs to be accentuated.


Having a freakum dress is a must, that one dress that when you put it on, ”it’s on” Anyway, I am in search of my next freakum dress because as I mentioned, my 30th birthday dress doesn’t do it for me anymore lol.

But enough about me, what is your freakum dress, and how does it make you feel, please leave your comments below, lets discuss this further in the comments.

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