International Cupid review I met my Husband On This Site

This is a review of International Cupid, I have been working on this review for quite some time now because I wanted to make sure I do it justice because this site is very close to my heart, I wanted to make sure that I do not leave anything out. its been a while since I have been on the site because at the time of writing this article, marks six years since I met my husband on the site.

But for research purposes, I had to go back and check out the site and make sure it still offers great quality dating experience as it did in my time, I have to admit the visit brought so many memories, some funny ones and some very happy ones, and of course some that were not very pleasant, like one time I met a guy and within few minutes he asked me to get on skype.

I was very excited because if someone wants to see you on skype it can only mean two things one they are very interested in you and want to get to know you straight away and two they are real right? wrong! I got on skype and let’s just say that instead of meeting the person, I was instead met by a body part that I was not really interested to see so I closed my computer very fast 🙁

This Review is been a long time coming

And I made a silent vow to myself that I will do a review of International Cupid and share my experience with the site, I have to say that I was very happy with the site because it didn’t take me much time to meet some really interesting people, I was able to chat with very good people and during that time about a couple of months of joining the site, I got a very nice message from a very nice looking guy, we started chatting and the rest, as they say, is history I mean I married the guy 🙂

International Cupid is a site dedicated to connecting singles from all over the world, it is a great site because your options are unlimited, you can meet people from anywhere in the world. I Joined international Cupid after I had joined another site called Afrointroductions, which is run by the same company that runs the international Cupid when I found out that I can broaden my search by going international, I did exactly that and I am so glad I did.

Like any other dating site, I was able to connect with many singles but some were not my type and of course like with any dating site, there are people who are not really seriously looking for commitment, but  there are many members who are there to find a life partner and I am so happy that I was able to meet one of them who is my husband, we met 6 years ago and have been married for 5 years now.

So let’s get into the review

International Cupid

Category- Dating site/Matchmaking

Reach- Worldwide

Majority users- US, Europe, Asia, and Africa

Sign up duration- about 2 minutes

Payments- Gold member $29.98 or 59 which comes to about $20 per month for a 3-month package

Platinum membership will cost $ 34,99 but if you choose the 3-month package, it will 69,89 which will come to about 23,33 a month.

Who is International Cupid meant for?

This site is meant to connect international singles, its meant to connect people who are willing to break the race and the cultural barrier, maybe you would like to connect with people from other countries but you find it difficult to approach them in real life, you can easily do so by signing up on international Cupid, and you can try the standard membership just to get the feel of the site, and then upgrade to either gold or premium membership.

Features offered for Platinum members

Your profile will appear first in searches and it will be featured all through the site, this will increase your chances of meeting the kind of person you are looking for.

Bigger profile space

VIP highlight

Access to foreign ladies gallery or gentlemen


Ability to contact  and receive messages from any member standard or paying

Hide your profile

Translate messages

Disable Ads

Features offered to gold members

Well, you get most of the features that are offered to platinum but you will not get the translating ability and your profile will not be featured all through the site

Features for Free members ( standard)

Basic matching

Sending interest (hearts)

Seeing who viewed your profile

You can read messages from the paying members.

Click here to create your free account

How do they deal with scams and fake profiles?

Just like many other dating sites, international Cupid is not immune to scammers and fake people, but I have to say that they do a lot of work to screen profiles and uproot fake profiles, they also do a lot to prevent their members from falling in the cruel hands of scammers. But there is only so much a site can do to protect you, in the end, it’s your responsibility to ensure your own safety when on a dating site.

There is a feature on international Cupid that allows members to scan their identification documents like drivers licenses or passport, once you scan your document, your profile will be verified and there will be a badge that will appear on your profile picture, I think this is a very helpful feature, but it does not necessarily mean that all the people with the verification badge are trustworthy people.

I did once deal with what was clearly a scammer’s profile and it had a verification badge on it, so again take precautions when dealing with people on dating sites, International Cupid is a good site and it is possible to find love on this site, you just have to be patient, they do offer you all the tools you need to find love, with over a million members and the number is growing every day, they have a huge variety of members to browse through.

As a result of trying to get rid of fake profiles, you could lose your account if you don’t complete your registration by adding adequate information, you must add a profile picture and fill out the about me part of the profile as well as what you are looking for, signing up is easy, you just need your email address or you can sign up using your Facebook account.

 Sign Up Safety Tips

I don’t recommend signing up with Facebook because maybe you really don’t want your family and friends to see your dating activity, I also don’t recommend using your main email address for this site because the number of emails you will receive, could drive you crazy. My suggestion is you create a Gmail or Yahoo account specifically for this site and once you find someone you really like, you can give them your main email address.

Remember you must do a webcam with the person you are interested in to establish that they are real, do not give your email address or other contact information to someone that doesn’t want to do a web chat with you, and of course remember to ask them to do random things just to make sure you are video chatting them in real time, ask them to stand up, wave, or whatever you can think of.

Please read this article to get more safety tips, after you have established that the person is real, then you can start getting to know each other better.

My conclusion and rating of this site

I give it 9 out of 10, only because there is always room for improvement

International Cupid is a great site to meet and build relationships, they have been in business for a long time and they have connected many people just read their testimonial page to see for yourself. I will say that if you join as a standard member, there isn’t much you can do really apart from browsing through profiles, you can not communicate with other standard members, one of you has to upgrade in order to communicate.

So if you find someone you really like and they are standard and you are also standard, I suggest you upgrade to gold even if its just for a month, and that way, you can communicate with the people you have interest in, The site is very easy to navigate and I actually think its the best site for someone who is starting in the world of online dating.

International Cupid is very dear to my heart and I hope you will find love on this site, if you have any questions about this site or about online dating please leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to interact with you, thank you so much for clicking my website and I hope you will come back again, Thank you for your time.


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