How To Deal With An Online Dating Breakup

When you are dating online, one of the hardest things you will have to face is a breakup and that is why I want to talk about how to deal with a breakup when you are online dating. unfortunately, a lot of online relationships don’t go very far, and because your communication is mainly online especially if you are involved in a long-distance relationship. how to deal with an online dating breakup

People find it easy to just leave a long email in your inbox and then block you from their social media, and they might even change their phone numbers because they don’t want to explain themselves, which makes online dating breakups very painful. This could leave you with a broken heart and no closure and the worst thing is that your family and friends might not understand what you are going through.

How To Deal With An Online Breakup, When Friends Don’t Understand Your Pain

 how to deal with a break up when online dating

Because to many people, online dating is still not taken seriously especially when your friends and family haven’t met the person you are dating online face to face, they might not take your relationship seriously so when you tell them about your break up, they might not receive the news with weight that you would want them to.

And what this means is that it could make you feel alone and feel like maybe you are crazy for feeling the way you do about the break-up, but the truth is, your family and friends are not the ones who have been talking to the person you just broke up with. They are not the ones who have developed deep feelings for the person.

Before we go any further I just want to say that online relationships move very fast which means if you have been chatting with someone online for 3 months, that is a very long time, so if you break up after 3 months of being in an online relationship, it’s very painful, because you have been spending so much time talking, sending pictures and videos, having face time dates, basically you have been sharing your life with that person.

You Feel Alone And Lost

 how to deal with a break up when online dating

So when suddenly it all ends, you could be very devastated, my advice is if your friends and family don’t understand the extent of pain you are going through, then it’s better you stop talking to them about it, either try to find someone to talk to, or do things that will take your mind off the break up, go shopping, get involved in some type of sports. For women, book a spa appointment and pamper yourself.

Don’t try to get online immediately looking for someone else, you first need to heal from the break up before you start chatting with other people, when you get online too quickly after a break up especially when you were not the one who initiated the break up, you will be bitter and super suspicious, so you will just make yourself more miserable and you will make other people miserable too.

My Most Painful Online Breakup

 how to deal with a break up when online dating

I suffered a very painful break up a while back, I had met a great guy online and we hit it off straight away, we had talked for 4 months and during the 4 months we were working on spending our lives together, so when I got an email stating that he did not think things will work out for us, I thought it was a joke.

But it was not a joke, he told me that he did not want to waste any more of my time and his time so we should just go our separate ways, I tried to call him on Skype because I told him that I wanted to see his face when he tells me that it’s all over. He refused to come on Skype and told me that I was just making things worse for myself and that I should move on with my life.

He went on to tell me that there are millions of men online and that I can just find someone else, OK technically he was right but at that time I felt like my life was over, that’s how deep I was in that relationship. And then when I tried to confide in one of my friends, she couldn’t understand why I was so sad.

anyway, with time I was able to move on, but it was painful for a while, the moral of the story, online break-ups are real and they are painful just like any other relationship.

Time Is A Healer And You Will Survive An Online Breakup

 how to deal with a break up when online dating

I say take your time, cry if you have to, and then pick yourself up and move on with your life, one thing I will say is, be very careful of someone who is pushing you to delete your online dating profile and yet they are not deleting theirs. Chances are, they want you to be out of the site so you don’t see them chatting with other people.

For example there is a friend of mine a guy, he met a lady online and the lady pushed him to delete his profile from the dating site which he did, and he thought the lady had done the same, it turned out the lady was still active on the dating site and as luck would have it, she met a friend of the guy online, and that’s how we found out that she was still on the dating site talking to other men.

Yet she was telling our friend how committed she was in the relationship and saying that she deleted her dating profile a long time ago. I am telling you, there are all kinds of people online.

In Some Cases, it can be really serious

Well, there are some isolated cases where, people are not able to deal with the pain of a break up, and you might feel like you really need help, there is no shame in seeking professional help, if you really need someone to talk to and help you, deal with the pain on a professional level, then make an appointment with a therapist, these days you can even have an online session.

Just have a session or two and have someone help you put things in order and help you move on and find your happy place again, people these days are facing all kinds of pressures of life and going through a break up without someone to talk to can cause big problems, so please do whatever you need to do to find someone who will give you a listening year without judging.

And this goes mostly to guys because most men don’t usually share their thoughts easily, women we are talking beings, a woman could even meet a stranger in the plane and just start talking about things, most men, on the other hand, they hold things inside and they get depressed, and they don’t seek help.

So, guys, it’s time to get in touch with your emotional side and pour your soul 🙂 if it’s hurting you, don’t hold on to it any longer


Online dating is something that helps people from all walks of life to find each other, no matter the distance, people are able to connect and build relationships, however the same internet that makes it so easy to meet someone, it’s the same internet that makes it so easy to lose someone, because as I mentioned, its very easy to break up with someone with text or email.


But through it all, life must go on, if you have lost someone that you were dating online, my heart goes out for you. And now I want to hear your opinions, have you dated online? have you gone through an online break-up, and how did you survive?

Leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time


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