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The cat is out of the bag its not because I am so smart

Today I am going to finally share my secret with you on how to build a website free. In this article l am going to share with you my journey of trying to build a website, my failures, and finally how I succeeded.

I am going to share with you a program that will offer you every tool you need to build a successful website, and I will tell you that after all the failures I went through, this program was like a breath of fresh air for me, it felt like a resting place after all the chaos I had faced in the past.

Many friends have been complimenting me on how smart I am to have built my own website, and in such a short time, and I have to admit I have not been totally open as to how I did it, so lets see how to build a website free.

First of all let me just say that I am not smart at all and I am not tech savvy at all, but I have always been fascinated by computers and internet, and in particular the blogging aspect of internet. So I have always been searching ways to start my own website.

My failures at building website.
My first try was a disaster so I gave up

I first tried to do this back in 2013, I watched some videos on YouTube on how to build a website, did some research on Google and found a way to build a website, I was so excited, I bought a domain immediately and paid for web hosting and started creating content.

My website was about fashion so I wrote lots of articles and got lots of beautiful images and within 3 days my website was looking amazing, I was so passionate that I didn’t do anything else after getting home from work but to just work on my website.

All was going well until one day after about ten days of creating my very own website, I couldn’t login to my dashboard of my website. and when I tried to put the address of my site on my computer like a visitor would, it just gave me an error.

I was very concerned and I tried to Google what could be wrong, I did not find answers, I was very frustrated, I kept trying until I got a very rude message full of profanities, apparently my website had been hacked! so there was nothing I could do because I didn’t know what should be done in a case like that.

Second try did’t work out either

Sadly I gave up my site and gave up the idea of creating a website. fast forward to 2016, I decided to try again, so I went to WordPress and created a free blog site, this time I did not buy domain or hosting, and this was good because it wasn’t long until things went wrong and I had to delete my site because I could’t figure out what I had done wrong or how to fix it.

So I gave up the website building again, then I thought maybe I should take a web design course so I can finally achieve my dream of having my own website, well, I searched for courses I could take but they were too expensive and my budget didn’t allow me, so I was stuck.

Third time was a charm, I found a program that worked

Fast forward to 2018, I was on google again, and this time I was searching for something different, I had seen something on Pinterest about a woman who was making a living by blogging, I was very curious, anyway, on Google, I came across an article that changed everything for me.

The article described everything that I have been through, my failures every one of them was listed on that article, it made me feel like the writer of that article had been watching me ( paranoid I know) so anyway, the writer offered me a solution to my problem which I am going to share with you today.

The solution is simple, its a site called Wealthy Affiliate I joined this site for free, and as soon as I joined, I started a free training, and by 3rd day of training, I had my own website, and not only that, I was taught, how to monetize my site, and I was also given a tool to research keywords.

But I was still doubtful

But then I thought well, all this is good but what if I do something wrong on my site and maybe I don’t know how to fix it? I quickly found out that there are thousands of experts who are ready to answer your questions, I tried this by asking a question, a stupid one actually, and within seconds, I had 3 people responding to my question.

So let me walk you through wealthy affiliate, when you create your profile, for free, you can do that by clicking here  you will immediately start your training which will contain 10 lessons, that’s ten free lessons! within the first 7 days you will be given free full access to the wealthy Affiliate platform, community, support including live chat where you can chat with members and experts, and get help if you need it.


So you will have plenty of time to try out the program and see if its something that could work for you, I will say I found out within 2 days of being there that I did not want to go anywhere else.

What? did someone say money? I could make some money too?

I found out that not only can I have a blog site to share my passion, I could also make money doing what I love to do anyway, that blew my mind, I have to be honest, I have come across programs that claim to get you rich quick, Wealthy affiliate isn’t one of them.

As a matter of fact, they tell you up front that you will not get rich quick, the guy who will be training you, his name is Kyle, and he will share with you his journey and he will tell you that it will take a lot of hard work to start generating revenue with your website.

So everything is straight forward, I should also add that with your free account you will get hosting for two websites this means you can create two websites, you will also get protection from hackers, you will get web monitoring.

This means all the protection aspect of your website, will be taken care of and you just need to worry about creating content and growing your traffic to your website, which is awesome if you ask me. If you decide Wealthy Affiliate is for you then you will upgrade your account.

When you do this you will get more training and by the time the training is over, your website will be up and running, you might even have 2 to 4 websites by then because with a premium account you can create up to over 20 websites!

Imagine that, another thing that you don’t need to worry about, is being a perfect writer, having a website is about communicating with your readers and so if your readers are happy with your content and you are getting your message across, that’s all that matters.

No writing degree required

Even in your training at Wealthy affiliate, Kyle will tell you that you don’t need a degree in writing to be a great content creator, all you need is to write about something you love and your are passionate about.

So go ahead and pursue your passion, create that blog about cooking, fitness or whatever you are passionate about, share your recipes, share your yoga Technics, or just start a photography blog, whatever your passion is, you can make it happen.

I also wanted to mention that with Wealthy affiliate, you will get support from the community by getting comments and engagement to your website which will help you rank on google and other search engines easily. there are so many benefits, you will see for yourself.

That’s how I did it

So that is my secret, that’s how I created my own website, I hope you have found this article helpful and I hope you have now found out how to build a website free, as I said in my bio, if I find something good, I will share with you.

That’s my passion, just like I came across that article that helped me, I must pay it forward and help someone who could be facing similar problem like I was facing. Soon you will also be doing a post just like this one, sharing your experience.

Just promise me one thing, that you will indeed share your good news with your readers when you become successful online, and that you will tell them about my article and how it helped you.

Thank you so much for reading this article, please share your views with me by leaving me a comment, and I promise to respond, thank you so much and I wish you lots of success.

Thank You for your time


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30 thoughts on “How to build a website free”

  1. I would have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice for building a website.  I have been with them for about 2 1/2 years now.  I am, of course, always looking for other ways to build another site.  I just keep coming back to Wealthy Affiliate.  I have found no other that is even comparable.  Great review.

    • Hi Matt’s Mom, I think Wealthy affiliate offers the best deal, training, web hosting, website monitoring, support and community I don’t think you can find all that anywhere else. thank you so much for your comment.

  2. Your disasters creating your first few websites sound very familiar. I started my first blog or website on blogger. It was simple to use and I was going along great, but one day they closed me down and didn’t even give me a reason.

    I realized that I was going to have to find hosting and buy a domain name to avoid this happening again, but it was a long and confusing process to learn about how to work the C-Panel in my hosting account.

    I was also so relieved to have found Wealthy Affiliate, where my hosting was included and my domain name could be integrated seamlessly onto my site.

    Life is so much simpler now and I can concentrate on building up my website, and not worry about all the technical stuff.

    • Yes Michel, you said it right, life is so much simpler, we just have to worry about creating content and building our websites, amazing! thank you so much for your comment.

  3. Very informative  article , no matter how many times we try to figure out something and fail, is always good to try again, experience most  times make us always do the right thing, it was something you wanted to do and you finally was able to get it right, very impressive. Keep it up. 

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get all excited again and start having several sub-niches in fashion/beauty/etc! 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your journey to finally realising success in launching your own website. I can remember the first failure I had too and the difficulty of trying to do it without the support that a community like Wealthy Affiliate offers. And for the types of problems you encountered, it’s an enormous relief to know that you can just hob into members’ area and ask out loud for immediate assistance.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Hey, Rose, thank you for sharing your experience, especially the ones that failed. This proves that you are a sincere person. From your description, the Wealthy affiliate is a great program. They provide many training videos to help you to be successful! I think the great part is that they don’t say you can get rich overnight, but if you keep learning and practicing, you can succeed!

    • Hi Sam Chen, thank you so much for your comment, yes I like how the have videos and text, so its easy to follow the training. and if you don’t understand you can ask a question or watch the video again and again, I have done that many times.

  6. Hi Rose – This was a very engaging post about how to build a free website.  I appreciate you sharing your prior experiences and how they didn’t work out for you.  But you didn’t give up, which is great.  It sounds like Wealthy Affiliate was the solution you were looking for.  I would agree.  I recently joined and find that the amount of training and support you get for free is amazing.

    Nice job,


    • Hi Michele, thank you so much, I am so happy that finally after a long time of failures, I found a program that works, thank you so much for reading my article and commenting.

  7. Hey there Rose,

    I am very happy that You’ve not given up and continued to search for solution to Your problem and ultimately found an amazing way to learn website building and pursue Your dream in blogging, I am very proud of You! As far as Wealthy Affilaite goes, it is truly an amazing platform and in my opinion- after being a WA member for over a year as of right now, I can proudly and confidently say that this is the hands down the best place to fully learn affiliate marketing and everything that surrounds it. What I like the most about WA is the super active and very friendly community of this platform, which is always there to help and guide You, at any given time, which is absolutely incredible! I’ve never seen such support or even remotely close to it in my life, it’s mind-blowing! You always know that there is someone right now at this moment who is willing to help You and give some great advices and of course vice versa- You can become the person who will starting helping out others! 

    The second big reason why I found WA to be very effective are the very informative- both video and text lessons that it has to offer, which teach everything from ground up and do an a amazing job at covering each part of affilaite marketing & more in great detail & clarity. The lessons are also very user-friendly, so anyone can pick them up and fully understand them from A to Z. Everything, from content creation to working with SEO, to working with WordPress and much more is fully featured here and analyzed superbly. On top of this, WA also offers a lot of very useful and cool tools to improve Your website’s performance in every way! 

    All in all, thanks Rose for such detailed and informative article, best of luck to You and keep up the great work! 😉

    • Hi Evald, thank you for taking the time to write me such a nice and long comment, thank you so much, yes Wealthy Affiliate has been wonderful to me and I just had to share so other people can also benefit by the services offered by WA, I am so glad that I found that article on Google when I did.

  8. Hi Rose,
    Your story is similar to my story, tried to so many times, failed until I found WA late last year. I have learnt a lot and I dont think I can repeat the mistakes I first made. The community support and trainings you get at WA are great . Thank you for sharing this very well written, and detailed post. All the best

  9. Hi Rose
    This is an excellent tribute to your experiences and to WA.
    Telling us about your journey makes one feel comfortable in your presence and we can relate.
    All the experience you gained in the failures as you call it was never really failures it was huge stepping stones to your success and where you are now.
    Promoting WA in this way will bring you more success, it really is good.
    Thank you for a wonderful article.
    Bush Lady.

    • Hi Stella, its always wonderful to hear from you, you are a very wise lady, and I will be visiting you soon, you know how we do it, l love hearing your thoughts and advice. thank you so much for taking the time to read my article I highly appreciate.

  10. Hi Rose,

    Thank for sharing your experience with trying to set up your own free website. I’ve been through something similar so I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one. I see that you have recommended Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve seen a couple of people mention this online, so i think I’m going to give it a go!

  11. Hi Rose,

    Great write up regarding Wealthy Affiliate. Though I have not experienced what you had gone through when trying to start an online business but I would agree that I had known some people who had the same failures as you. I feel lucky that I will not have to experience those moments because my first try in building a website is with Wealthy Affiliate.

    However, before I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, I really did a lot of research about it because I really do not want to waste my time and effort. And yes, with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a lot of support from the members and from the hosts as well. There are lots of training that would guide you through.


  12. If I want something a little bit more powerful than WordPress, for example, Drupal, is it still possible to use all of the hosting and training options that come from Kyle? I’ve heard a lot of great things about WordPress but I have also read great things about Drupal when it comes to flexibility.

    If that’s not possible, have you found WordPress powerful enough to meet all your unique needs to build a complex site?

  13. using your personal story to explain it, made the post quite interesting and wonderful. I had suspected at first that you will end it up with wealthy affiliate, because this is the best community anyone can join and achieve their goals through blogging or website creation, with ease and convenience. Thanks for this inspiring post, more grease to your elbow.

  14. Thank you so much, Rose, for this write-up. You have just motivated me. I just registered on Wealthy Affiliate, and I hope to build my own website just like you did. As I was reading through your write up, I couldn’t help but feel that we have similar experience in our journey towards having a successful website. I am happy that yours is a success story. I am hoping that one day I will tell my own story to encourage someone. I have started training already and I am glad that I have somebody/people I can always ask for directive whenever I get stuck.

  15. Extraordinary review in regards to Wealthy Affiliate. In spite of the fact that I have not experienced what you had experienced when attempting to begin an online business yet I would concur that I had known a few people who had indistinguishable disappointments from you. I feel fortunate that I won’t need to encounter those minutes in light of the fact that my first attempt in building a site is with Wealthy Affiliate. Be that as it may, before I chose to join Wealthy Affiliate, I truly completed a ton of research about it since I truly would prefer not to squander my time and exertion. What’s more, indeed, with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a great deal of help from the individuals and from the hosts also. There are bunches of preparing that would manage you through.

  16. Hi Rose, 

    thank you for sharing this nice and inspirational post about how to create a website for free. 

    I am more than sure you are a successful blogger as you didn’t give up on your dreams having a site. That’s how the success happening you have to keep trying hard and one day it will work out. 

    I know Wealthy Affiliate very well as they helping me building my dream as well. Training is very good and all material well explained. Definitely, that’s the right place to start building a site and learn how to monetize it. 

    Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  17. I began my first website in the 90’s and had to learn HTML to do so.  What a difference a decade or, so makes.  

    I made tons of mistakes over the years as well but, I never gave up!  I was pretty clueless back then but, I knew I would never give up writing so the idea of future sites was always there.

    Here I am too many or, just the right amount, of years later.  I agree with your other reader Michel…I could hardly believe that I could have all the essential tools I needed all in one place.  The Wealthy Affiliate platform blew my mind, in fact it still blows my mind with every new year and every upgrade they make.

    WA isn’t ‘just’ an educational platform it’s part of my tribe, my family.  

    I was always a ‘wanna be’ techy, I probably still am, even though I do software testing and have my own websites that I built, I’ll always be a forever student.  The WA platform and, all of it’s mentors, explained things in a way that my ADD brain could understand.  

  18. I to also had a great experience with Wealthy Affiliate when it came to starting my own website. I was fortunate to never have the experiences that you have in regards to hacking. Anytime I did have a problem, their support team always got on the job of fixing my websites and seemed to have responded very promptly within the hour considering the amount of other websites they could be dealing with.

  19. Your struggles starting your online business is a common problem. I went through similar events as you. Trying different things, then just giving up for a while then start seeing something else that caught my curiosity. I guess it is the entrepreneur traits that keep bring us back, to keep trying until we find the right fit. Glad to see you didn’t give up and that you found Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson are amazing and always helpful.

  20. I could not agree with you more that Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to build a website. I bet it is not free if you want to get serious traffic, but the training and support is phenomenal. You can get all your questions answered there honestly. No one is going to trick you. Everyone wants to succeed there.

    I do have a question though. How long does it take most people to start earning money? Do you have any advice and thoughts on that? I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  21. Hey Rose, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences especially the ones that didn’t work easily. I would also like to have my own website and I am considering the Wealthy Affiliate you’ve suggested in the article but I wanted to confirm with you about a domain name. Do they offer a free domain name for newbies? Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Armstrong, yes when you first join wealthy affiliate you can create a free domain website, although later you might want to consider getting your own domain so you can have your own dot com or dot net whichever you like. thank you for your comment hope you join Wealthy Affiliate, would love to see you there and if you need help there are so many people to help, I will also be there to help if you need me to.


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