Dealing With Grief I Just Lost My Aunt


This week has been hectic and very challenging, I didn’t think I will be dealing with grief. The week started with me being diagnosed with anemia and put on quick-acting iron supplements. But That was not a shock since I suffer from fibroids that make me bleed more than normal during my cycles.

I will talk about fibroids in another post, today I just want to discuss how I am dealing with grief and how I am not able to travel to Kenya (that’s where I am from but live in Greece) to be with my family during these difficult times. I knew my Aunt was sick but I didn’t know that she was sick to that extent.

Dealing With Grief Far Away From Your Family Is Tough

When you live far away from your family, it’s difficult to get a clear picture of things, They called me about a month ago and told me that my Aunt was not feeling well and they have taken her to the hospital. Since then I have been calling and texting, just following her progress.

The last time I spoke to her on the phone she told me that she was doing well, and actually, she was about to return to work, I was very happy and I relaxed and went on with my business thinking she was well, then a week later I was called and told that she actually was not well and they are thinking of taking her back to the hospital.

On Friday25th of June 2021, I woke up, as usual, did my morning chores, and then sat on my desk to work on my blogs ( I have other blogs is just my personal blog) Then I got a phone call from Kenya, it was my cousin informing me that they were in the hospital with my Aunt, and I need to pray because things were not looking good.

Being Far Away You Get Frustrated And Anxious


They said that the doctors were running some tests but my Aunt was not talking and she had been put on oxygen, and Fluids were being administered by IV, I was shocked, so I asked what the doctors were suspecting to be the problem, they said it looked like a chest infection.

After about an hour, I got a text that simply read “she is gone” I reread the text because I thought it was a mistake, so I called and it was confirmed that my Aunt had passed away. Being so far away and not being able to join my family at this time, makes it very difficult for me.

As you all know I just had my first shot of the vaccine a few weeks ago and the next one is in August, I cannot travel until I get my both shots, so I am stuck here In Greece, feeling heartbroken and feeling as if I am failing my family for not being there with them as they arrange to rest my Aunt.

If You Are Dealing With Grief And You Live Far From Your Family, You Are Not Alone

To be honest with you, I don’t even know the point of this blog post, I guess I just need to write my thoughts down and see if the pain will ease. I have cried, I have talked a lot on the phone, and I appreciate my family for talking to me on the phone even when they don’t feel like talking.

It’s not easy being far away and dealing with this but I sure hope they will understand that if it were up to me, I would be there with them. So How I am I dealing with grief? Well, I cry when I feel like crying, and I think about my Aunt the memories we shared together.

I fear though because I feel like I will not have closure since I will not be able to attend the funeral, but my cousins have promised me that they will involve me virtually the best they can.


Dealing with grief is tough, and I think it’s worse when you are far away from your family. Well, I would like to read your comments on this subject especially if you’ve been through the same.

Thank you for reading and for commenting.


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